Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Six monthly updates?

Despite deciding eighteen months ago to let blogging fall off the bottom of my to-do list, I have a hard time letting my little blog just languish. So, here I am! A six month update :)

January was wonderful. My sister and her husband were visiting from interstate. The weather was warm, and we had beautiful balmy nights. Phil started an alfresco room out the back of our house, and we spent many evenings out there with friends; eating, drinking, chatting, laughing.

Jamie played cricket in first term. I don't think it is his favourite sport. Not enough action to keep his attention. My son was usually the one turning cartwheels instead of fielding :).

I continued to work three days a week. However, the unit I work in is destined to close sometime this year. No-one can give us a definite date. I have no idea what I will do next. I really don't know what I want to do when I grow up!  

February also saw lots of outdoor weather. Pool dates. Play dates. Coffee dates. Summertime is wonderful!

We got invited to a fancy dress party in March. A clown party! What a fabulous idea. 

Jamie is in year 2 this year, and was placed in the same class as his two best friends. He settled straight back into the swing of things. He loves maths, is good at spelling, but doesn't really like writing. He tells me that there's too much work at school....

He became quite interested in drawing there for a while. Now he's into folding up paper into books, and creating his own narratives, complete with illustrations.

The weather was still beautiful in April. Our local pool closed and I decided to let Jamie take a break from swimming lessons for a term. Instead, he's playing soccer and football.

Football practice on Friday nights. He plays with several friends, and we usually hit the club rooms after practice. 

 I have Wednesdays off, and I do love my Wednesdays! I walk with a friend straight after school drop off, then go to the gym straight after with another friend. Often we go for a coffee or out for lunch with the girls afterwards. Occasionally I might squeeze in some housework ;).

Phil and I have been trying to renovate on the weekends, but it's slow going as we are trying to do it all ourselves. Each of us has our own idea about decor and finding a common style that we both agree on has proved challenging. We have been struggling for balance this year as Phil works incredibly long hours and is often interstate. We are looking for a babysitter so we can get out, just the two of us, a little bit. 

So, here we are in the middle of 2013 already. It flies by so fast. I wonder what the next six months holds?

Kathie xx

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hello all my blogging friends. I'm just popping in to wish you a joyous festive season. How was your 2012? I can't believe that almost a year has passed since I wrote my last blog post. Although I don't plan to blog frequently again, I thought I would write you all a quick hello, and bring you up to speed with some of the things that we have been getting up to in the Link household. Here is a snapshot:

Phil built a house in his spare time

Jak continued to be his naughty self, chewing all our shoes even though he is 9 and should know better.
 Phil and I even got into the same photo as each other a couple of times!
We continued to renovate our house (I use the word "we" loosely as Phil did most of it!)
Easter fun.
 We went on a short break to the beach

 House extension happening

My sister visited from Perth
Phil threw me a surprise birthday party
Jamie lost some teeth
Sports day at school
I went to my high school thirty year reunion. Everyone still looks the same.
More renovation work. There's a cement truck in our front yard!
We went on the most amazing cruise toNew Zealand
We all got dressed up
 Jamie got a chance for a quiet chat with Santa.He must have said all the right things, as he got spoilt for Christmas :)

We spent time with close friends.

Sending you blessings for 2013.

Kathie xx

Friday, February 10, 2012

Six Years of Blogging

Six years ago I started this little blog.

Since then I've written over 1020 posts!

But time moves on. Increasingly I've started feeling like I'm talking to myself. And it's not felt like the fun it used to. Even worse, I feel like I've got nothing to write about.

So, I am posting my last post tonight. To say goodbye, and to thank my readers for walking with me in friendship for the last six years.

Take care
Kathie xx

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Happy birthday dad!

Today I'm sending out happy birthday greetings to the best dad in the world. Happy birthday Dad!

And, while I'm here I have a couple of scrapbook pages to share. These were in the Aussie Reader Gallery of Creating Keepsakes magazine a couple of months back. 

Journaling: This is what makes you happy - a good set of play equipment. You rate everything based on the quality of the play equipment. Childcare fails miserably; kindy is fabulous. You even relate everything to the available equipment - one nearby school is the "Shrek School" as it has a wooden bridge like the one in the the movie; another school is the "Pencil School" due to the large wooden pencils in the playground.

My happy, smiling son. Jamie is such a happy child. Always smiling. Always bouncing around the place. Always chirping on excitedly about something. Singing. Jumping. Running up to me "Mummy, mummy!" and telling me some new conclusion about the world around us. Ah, I love being a mum :).

Since this page was made, he has mastered the monkey bars with excellence. Here he still needed his dad's help. Nowadays he can speed across the entire monkey bar in a couple of seconds.

And this page:

Journaling: Forty five – it sounds so, well – so middle aged! I don’t feel middle aged, but sometimes these days I see it in the mirror. I look at these photos and reflect how I’ve grown as a person. At 45 I’m comfortable with who I am and where I am in my life. 45 is a good place to be.

I used a heap of photos from when I was a baby through until now. I kinda like them all grouped on the one page like that. It's true, I don't feel 45...well I've had another birthday since I made that page... so, 46. Do we ever feel our age, I wonder?

Every now and then I catch sight of myself in the mirror and see the new lines on my face and the onset of crepiness on my neck... and I realise that I am indeed becoming middle aged. Well, OK, have become middle aged :).

I hope I can grow old with grace. Somedays I think I can. Other days my vanity gets the better of me.

Kathie xx

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Published pages to share

I had two layouts in the December issue of Scrapbook Trends (US). I do love this magazine. 

This is the first page. A real Christmas page!

Journaling: Know what it is to be a child? It is to be so little that elves can reach to whisper in your ear. Francis Thomson.

That little face. Nawww. It just makes me smile.

And this page. I created this page when I started working more days a week last year, because I was struggling with the general lack of time.

Journaling: Now that Jamie’s started school we have all new routines. I’m working more and trying to squeeze everything else in too.

I found it a real challenge to get the balance in my weekly schedule. I almost can't remember the relaxed, pleasant days of being  stay-at-home mum. We seem to rush everywhere these days.

I am grateful though. At least I'm not fulltime! I still do get a chance to do my housework during the week. And get to the gym once or twice. Gotta be grateful for those little things :).

Kathie xx

Sunday, January 29, 2012

School holidays

Jamie goes back to school tomorrow, to Year 1. We have had such a fabulous summer holiday. It's been just how a summer holiday should be. Lots of sleep-ins. Lots of lazing about watching cartoons. Lots of friends over. Lots of visiting. A sleep over at Grandma and Grandad's... It was good.

 Bayblades was popular

 Lego with Dad

 Trips to the beach

 Visiting friends

 Indoor fun when the weather got too hot

 Lunch out with friends

 Friends sleeping over

 Bouncy castle in the back yard

 More fun with dad

 Time to laze about playing electronic games

 Talking the latest Wii games with friends
 Flying a kite at the beach

 More friends over

 Pool parties

 Hanging out at the swimming pool

 Picnic lunches inside, just for something different

Beachside fun parks

I have gotten used to my boy being home with me for the last six weeks. I've gotten used to the lazy pace of summer days, to beautiful weather, to friends and activities to look forward to every day.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow.
It feels like Jamie's starting school all over again.

Kathie xx