Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Now that's what I call a competition!

How about the competition Creating Keepsakes is running?

"Creating Keepsakes is looking for the year’s most talented scrapbooker. You could win $10,000 as well as a prize package that is too good to believe. Imagine yourself in a new scrap space, with every product or tool you need at your fingertips. It could be you!
To enter, submit a portfolio of your 20 best scrapbook layouts. 12 of these layouts must be non-published and cannot have been posted in any online forum."

Did you see that there? In the top line? It says $10,000!!!!!!!!
Ten thousand smackaroonies!!
Ten thousand USA smackaroonies!!! "As well as a prize package that is too good to believe" I don't know about you, but I found $10,000 too good to believe on its own!

Ah, it makes the Aussie scrap scene blanch into insignificance. $20 for a layout just doesn't really stand alongside that kind of money, does it.

Of course, when you look at the competition rules, Aussies are not eligible to enter. Or NZers. Interestingly, this time people from the UK can enter. Strange. Why not us then?

On the home front, this morning we were at a seminar on suncare for babies. And there was a four week old baby there, crying. I was shocked. I had forgotten how newborns mewl. And I was sad. When did my baby stop being a newborn? When did he stop mewling?

Was it when he moved from newborn to infant nappies? Was it when he started sleeping through the night? Was it when he smiled his first smile? Giggled his first giggle? Picked up his first toy? Or was it when he....

....cut his first teeth!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right. You read right. Jamie has teeth! At the young age of four and a half months, the little fella has gone all out and cut his two bottom teeth. Imagine my shock. I was expecting this momentous occasion to take place in a couple of months' time. And to be accompanied by much crying and possibly sleepless nights. Instead, the little pearly whites just appeared. One day he had gums. The next day he had hard little white things where the gums used to be.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

a late night for Mum...

Here it is, it's 11pm and I'm still up! I've had a day today where I've rebelled against the motherly life that I've lived for the last four months. Today, the routine of it all, the being constantly on call, took its toll. It started with having to get out of the shower (again) with shampoo in my hair while DH was having a sleep-in, to tend to a whinging baby. And it continued from there. I really wanted to go to the library. Not something you can do with a baby. I really need to go shopping for a pair of jeans before Winter arrives. Not something you can do with a baby. I dunno, I just had one of those shitty days.

The relentlessness of it all just got to me. I never knew what other people meant when they talked about the demands of being a parent. I mean, I heard them. I understood what they said. But, until you live it every second, until you don't have a moment to yourself for months on end... well now I understand what they were saying.

DH came to the rescue and minded J for an hour while I went to the library. So I feel better now. But I don't want another early night. I know I'll regret it bright and early tomorrow morning. Oh well, I'll deal with it then.

Anway, Katie has tagged me:

What scrapbook lines/products, etc. do you dislike?
I don’t know that there’s anything that I really dislike. I’ll give most things a go. I’ve had to scrap with stuff that’s not been my style when I’ve worked for design teams or done challenges. And the pages haven’t turned out too bad, much to my surprise.

However, I just did get sent a mountain of fibres. And I do admit to turning them over in my hands and wondering what on earth I was going to do with them. They're somewhere in my stash now. I wonder if I'll ever use them?

What is the hardest thing you have ever had to scrap?
A layout dedicated to my Grandpa, who died when I was a girl. He didn’t want the grandkids to see him in hospital when he was sick, and I didn’t go to his funeral, as I was considered too young. So, I’ve always felt like I didn’t get to say goodbye. I wrote him a big long goodbye, telling him how wonderful I thought he was and all the things I remembered about him that make him special in my memories, and sealed it in an envelope on the page.

I have some journaling done from when we thought my DH was seriously ill a couple of years ago. I remember at the time I was doing a BOM workshop and the topic that week was to scrap a life altering moment. And there I was, right in the middle of one. It was too raw to do at the time. I mean to scrap it one day.

What technique do you use more than anything else?
That’s a hard one for me because I’m such a fickle scrapbooker. I get bored easily and dart from one technique to another. One week I might be “into” bright patterned papers; the next week I’ll feel like dragging out some old heritage photos and do a crazy collage in muted colours; the next layout will be clean and graphic. I wish I had a style. It would be easier. But, then I'd get bored :). I love to try new things. There for a while I inked everything. I don’t so much now, because I have less time. I guess the things that remain fairly constant are stitching, ribbon and handwriting.

What is the smallest scrap of paper you save?
Anything over half a page in size. I used to save lots of smaller pieces but I don't have much space these days.

Have you ever had any scrapbook related injuries?
Needlepricks from stitching, lol.

Finish this sentence, "If I wasn't a scrapbooker/stamper, I would spend my money on..."
Probably now it would be spent on Jamie. All those cute little clothes :). All those toys :).
Poor Jamie....

Give us your best storage or organizational idea.
Who, me? Snigger. I’ll pass on this one.

You just won a week long scrapbooking cruise for 5. Who is going with you?
Oh my goodness. OK, so I don’t offend anyone I actually know by leaving them ashore, here are some USA girls that I’m never ever going to have the good fortune to meet:
Jennifer Johner, Hanni Baumgardner, Lisa McGarvey, Elsie Flannagan, Wilna Furstenberg.
Whew! We'll scrap up a storm. Well they will, and I'll just be stage-struck.

When you received your first publication notification, who did you tell?
I can’t remember! Isn’t that terrible? Probably my Mum, followed by my DH, followed by anyone else who would listen.

After answering the questions, tag four of your buddies
Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck! Returning the favour to Sam Dorn. And Janine, Steph and Katja (who's just started a blog).

That's it from me for tonight.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Jamie is developing an expressive repertoire. I can now tell the difference between
hungry (waaah! come get me out of this basinette and feed me woman!)
bored (moan.. moan... I'm really bored looking at this same patch of ceiling Mum...)
uncomfortable (moan.. fidget.. you really should have changed this nappy half an hour ago)
discomfort (a louder version of uncomfortable - this wind is sitting right behind my breastbone, Mum!)
tired (well, pretty much the same as bored... just the timing's different)
happy (smile... giggle... - have I mentioned that he has the cutest little baby giggle?)

But yesterday I heard fear for the first time. Our walk around the neighbourhood takes us along a busy trainline. Yesterday, a train rattled past as we were walking alongside, and tooted its horn (is that what it's called on a train?). Well, it made me jump. It was so loud! And as it continued trundling past and I could hear other things again, I could hear this wail from inside the pusher. Poor little boy. Obviously it wasn't just me that jumped. He got a fright! I had to pick him up and console him. Poor little rabbit.

Here's another photo to leave you with.

Gotta love that big drop of drool on the end of his chin :P


Thursday, March 16, 2006


I just had to share this photo with you. It cracks me up everytime I look at it. I took some photos of Jamie yesterday, because I have been wanting to capture his smile on film (well, digital, but you know what I mean!). I am finding it impossible to do on my own though. He just won't smile for a camera lens. Whenever I disappear behind the lens, he gets all serious, obviously pondering where mum is hiding. Only to smile hugely when I pop out again. Of course, this is absolutely no good to me, in my quest for the perfect smile on film. But, I perservere. And these are the kinds of photos I get. In some ways, even better than the most perfect smile, don't you think?

We've been busy, given that it's a short week here this week. Yesterday we went and learned about baby resuscitation. Just in case. They took us through choking too, which was good. I feel a bit more relaxed about it now. I was in St Johns Ambulance from when I was 11 until when I was 21, so I know a fair bit about first aid. But it has been some twenty years. So a refresher was good.

Today we were supposed to go to a park nearby and catch up with some other mums. But, it looks like it's about to rain, so I decided not to risk it. We went for a quick walk around the block instead. At the moment Jamie's on the floor doing his tummy time exercise. Jak is trying to lick his fingers. Bewtiful. Actually, Jamie appears to delight in Jak licking his fingers. There are a few things that he will move his hands towards at the moment (a new trick). Jak is one. Or Jak licking. I'm not sure whether it's just a fascination with Jak, or wanting to be licked. Anyway, I have given up on my battle to train the dog not to lick the baby. Anyone would think the baby has been rolled in liver treat sprinkles. I do draw the line at more than a minute of face licking though. You see, I have learned to pick my battles.

'til next time.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Seven years

But, before I start... what a sad, troubled song you're saying to yourselves. And I can feel your concern for me already. So, before you get worried. I have been experimenting with putting music on my blog. And finally cracked it! Yeeha! And this one's for my Dad. I grew up in a mad Johnny Cash household. Grew up on the music. Love it. Have always loved it. Friends could never understand it. But, they didn't see Johnny Cash live at Apollo Stadium when they were five years old ;). I'm so glad that he's in vogue now. I can come out of the rock I have been hiding under...

So, now back to what I really wanted to say today.

Phil's home from interstate for a few weeks. Yippy! It's been a hectic few weeks for him. I came home from shopping at lunchtime to find him zonked out on the couch. Totally out to it.

Today marks seven years since we first met. Yes, that's right - 7 years ago we were standing near each other at a seedy Adelaide nightclub. It was a Thursday night. I was about to head home (it was only 11pm but I didn't plan on it being a late night). Then we got talking. And all ideas of an early night went flying out the window.
Happy seven years Babe!

Phil says Jamie's put on weight while he's been away. Yep, I think he might be right. I'm expecting the little guy to have a growth spurt any tick of the clock. He's such a little Michelin Man at the moment.

And he's developed a good voice. Since yesterday he has been chatting away to me at the top of his voice. No more shy, coy "ahgoo". Now its "AHYEEE!!!" and "AHYRRRR!!!"

And what a little giggler he has become too. Oh so terribly cute. Look at that little lopsided grin :)
Well, I'm going to stay inside in front of the aircon today. It's going to be 37 degrees outside. Yikes!!

Stay cool.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

a doggie haircut

Jak went for a long overdue haircut yesterday. It's amazing. I prepare myself for the shock each time, but every single time he has his hair cut, I'm amazed at how he suddenly becomes half the dog he was. I leave him at the counter this big unruly, fluffy, straggly, bearded dog. And I return to this neat, cute little.... well... rat, really. And I remember how big his eyes are. Actually, that he has eyes to start with.

It's like this - an old page I did of him last year. While I was on the Blue Cardigan Design Team (hi Daphney and Ange!!) - they're all BC papers.

Before is what he looked like yesterday. After is today. What a little cutie! And here's what I wrote on it:

It happens every time... I take you for your haircut. When I leave you at the counter, you look like a little white fluffy bear. When I arrive back, they place this little scrawny terrier in front of me.

Is that my dog?


“No surely!”, I think. “That’s not my dog! It doesn’t look anything like my dog.”

The first time was the worst. The first time, I actually asked if they were sure you were mine. They assured me you were. I ask you each time, “Jak?”, just to be sure. Relieved when you prick up your ears to my tentative query.

I take you home, looking at you in the rear vision mirror all the way.. This neat, orderly little dog occupies your place on the back seat. What happened to my little round shabby fluff ball? You look so much smaller. So vulnerable without all your hair. Like a little puppy all over again.

I get home and let you inside. You race off to find your favourite plastic bone and bring it to me to play. And that’s when I’m sure. Ah yes, you are my dog after all.

Have a great day everyone.
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ah, sweet...

I can't believe that this photo is already a month old. Taken 7 Feb at Dad's birthday. Sweet.

Milk drunk - lunchtime yesterday :)

That's all for today.


Monday, March 06, 2006

I finally updated my gallery

Whew! I have finally updated my 2peas gallery (see the links on the right). I have been so slack getting my layouts up. But, I just did! All the while feeding my little man. Talk about multi-tasking! Here's another one:

I did this one while Phil was away for work. He is travelling sooo much lately! He's hardly ever here. I was finding it difficult even back then, in Sept. last year. Now, with Jamie here, it's even worse. I keep telling myself I'll get used to it. And sometimes I don't mind. I get some time to do whatever I want (read: scrapping, lol!). But other days I really struggle.

OK, enough of that. I challenged myself in this one to use up some old KI Memories Blox and Art Warehouse Stickers. The layout was actually inspired by a greeting card - I've posted it on 2peas so you can compare. This was one of my entries for the For Keeps Awards for Excellence competition. I've posted another three of them on 2peas - the fifth one I can't show you yet, because it's in the book that's coming out.

Hope you all have a great day. I haven't decided what we'll do today. I'm feeling a bit sleep deprived - three night time feeds last night! I'm not used to them anymore. I am just hoping that when Jamie has recovered from this cold he'll go back to sleeping through the night. Fingers crossed!


Friday, March 03, 2006

Sunshine eyes

And then there's the sunshine that comes from your eyes
It lights up the world from inside
I can see me smiling.

Paul Mac

I was listening to a song on the radio the other day and the lyrics inspired me to scrap a page about Jamie's blue, blue eyes. Eveyone comments on them. I hope they stay this blue, but just in case they don't I had to take a photo and get them on a layout, lol. Jamie was actually lying on the ground outside, under our huge apricot tree - you can see the reflection of the leaves in his eyes. See, I promised you some layouts. And this one's recent; only a few days old.

See ya

hack, hack

We've all been sick with this cold. Jamie and I slept most of Wednesday, just feeling too yuck to get out of bed. Phil got home from Darwin last night, so at least I have someone else around the house now, which will help. Because Jamie's been sick, he's been feeding roughly every 2 hours (with the occasional 3 hourly feed thrown in to give me a rest, lol!). And waking up a couple of times during the night as well. I'm exhausted! Being sick and having to get up to feed a child in the middle of the night is torture! But I think we're on the mend now. I just have this awful hacking cough. So does Jamie. But, on him, it sounds kinda cute. On me it just sounds gross.

Onions, yeah. It works. I had a look on the net and its a homeopathic remedy. Apparently it has phytochemicals - sorry, I was a medical researcher after graduating Uni - can't you tell ;) - anyway, what was I saying.... - phytochemicals help the body clear bronchitis and other infections. Onion vapours are effective in clearing up congested airways and helping the nose to run. (Just think what happens when you try to chop one up to put in the evening stew!) I even found an article that described a common Indian treatment, where fresh onion bulbs are sliced and then made into a necklace. I stop slightly short of that, rofl! And, as Britta says, (for those of you German speakers), you can also make a tea out of it. I will believe her when she says it tastes disgusting.

Well, I have not been out of the house since Sunday, due to being ill and having scrapping deadlines to meet. I had lots of things lined up this week, so I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't get to them. I think Jamie and I might venture out today. It's going to be 35 degrees though. Thank goodness for airconditioned cars. We might go up to the shopping centre and have lunch with my parents!

Have a great day!