Monday, October 30, 2006

Visiting Isaac

Today Jamie and I went visiting. We visited Nicole and Isaac this morning. What fun! I took a heap of photos. Unfortunately, I'm having a problem with my camera at the moment. Intermittently, and unpredictably, it is taking photos that are pink and slightly distorted. I don't know what's wrong! Aargh. I feel like a limb has been cut off. I can't take photos! Here are some.

All pink! Not good on a boys' photo....

And this is the one Nic took.

Just fine! ?? I'm starting to think that I have some electromagnetic charge or some electric aura that is ruining all my photos. Nic, I've emailed you. What did you do that was different to me?


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I was watching Jamie today. His favourite game is posting things. He has worked out about spaces, and is busily honing his skills on what fits where. He spent a good half an hour posting his teething rusk between the bars on the fire grate. Got disgustingly dirty and smelt like ash afterwards. But it kept him amused. Tonight, when sitting down to watch TV, I noticed that there's an empty soft-drink bottle in the grate. Wonder how that got there, lol!

Then, later, I was sitting with him while he was in the bath. As you do, when you have a one year old. I was kneeling against the bath and had my head resting in my hands against the rim of the bath. He decided that the little triangle between my head, shoulder and arm made a good spot to post his bath toy. We played that game several times. His face lights up in a huge smile when he puts his toy in the space and it stays there. Too cute!

OK, some scrapbooking now. Here's some stuff that I've done lately. These were further entries for the competition at Scrapboxx. Using one product in three ways. I chose to use Heidi Swapp Journaling Spots. So versatile!

One of my favourite wedding photos. You know, I've tried three times to scrap this photo. And failed miserably. I love this though. It's very me. Flower made from a crochet doily, handcut calico flower, button, feathers and chipboard flourish. I mounted the journaling spot on chipboard. Do you know that those long journaling spots fit perfectly on Heidi's widest chipboard strips? And the circle journaling spots fit perfectly on her chipboard circles. Very handy. I won't put the journaling, as it's just the vows my husband read to me at our wedding.

I made this next project for my sister for her birthday. Ten years of her boys. I took a photo of each of them from every year and made this little tag booklet. I've used the tab-shaped journaling spots as - well - tabs (!). Sandwiched two of them around a piece of cardstock for reinforcing and then used them for journaling and titles.

And I made this accent, well, just because! The story of Jamie's nick-name. I don't know what to do with it now though. Should I make a layout with it? I have half a mind to start a little book of funny little tales about him. One of those that I just add to when I feel like I have something to write about. Stick a couple of hinged rings down the side. Whatdya think?

Thanks for the advice on the party foods! I am grateful. I feel a bit better prepared now. And I think I can cope with those menus. Phew!

I rang around today for childcare centres. I have my name down at four. Most have a six month waiting list. Gulp! I may just have to extend my maternity leave. Now, wouldn't that be a shame. ;) :D

Oh, and before I go. I have news! I've been invited to join the Scrapbook Station Design Team. I'll be in great company - Janine, Steph, Lydell, Nicole, Kate, Sam, Susan and Jahnava. (I hope I got it right!)

See you!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Jamie is such a delight at the moment. His smile has changed. Suddenly. From a baby smile to a cheeky little boy smile. And he smiles often. When I walk into the room; when I feed him something that he likes the taste of; when I give him a toy; when we get home and while I’m opening the front door so that we can see Jak; when I walk into his room after his naps; when I point out Winnie the Pooh in the mobile above his bed; when he realizes that Winnie the Pooh is also on his socks; when he sees the little boy in the mirror; when I blow my nose (I have a cold); when I say “bless you!” after he sneezes. And probably a lot more. Ahh, it’s just wonderful. My days are blessed indeed.

Check out these
photos that Mum took the other day. This is Jamie, all geared up to eat lunch at Mum's house. He gets a "tablecloth" over his knees, lol. He looks like he should have been eating spaghetti or some other Italian food :D

I spent much of tonight finishing off Jamie's first birthday invitations. We are just having a family celebration with the extended family. Not anything huge. And seeing as Jamie loves Winnie the Pooh at the moment (and so do I!), I found some Pooh dingbats on the internet and created this little picture using Photoshop to add some colour. I just love those old illustrations. Not the new Disney ones, but the old ones in the original books.

Most of the relatives have little kids, so the day's going to be pretty full-on if they all turn up. I am clueless when it comes to kiddies' party food. I guess I should make some this time. Seeing as it's a first birthday party. Not for Jamie, obviously, because he won't eat much outside his normal food, except a bit of birthday cake. But for the others.

What are your tried-and-tested kiddy party foods? I need recipes!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

More of the boy

Two layouts that I forgot to post. Both were done for the competition running at Scrapboxx at the moment.

You love this game. All the animals and the noises they make – ducks, cows, pigs, horses, sheep, birds, cats and dogs. You listen intently and smile at your favourites – ducks and dogs!

I had downloaded these little ducks from the internet a while back and played around with colouring them using my MM paints. Just had to find the perfect excuse for using them.

This LO was for a layout on a budget challenge. The budget was $5. But it was a doddle. Because you only had to cost in split packs. Pretty easy to do a $5 layout when you only have to add in the cost of what you actually use.

Now, those challenges in For Keeps are the real deal. I don't know if you realise it when you look at those layouts - but the rule is no split packs. Whatever you use, you have to cost the full price of the pack. So, it rules out using stickers, rub-ons, paints (most of the time they add too much to the budget). Take your hats of to those DT girls, people! It's not easy. I did 2 layouts for the budget theme - one had a $6 maximum - think $1.50 for paper, $1 for cardstock and you only have another $3.50 to spend :0. Now *that's* a challenge.

You sit on your playmat in the window at Grandma and Grandad’s and play. Elephant and teddy keep you company. Elephant has no facial features but you seem to love him despite his shortcomings.

This one was a sketch challenge. Easy peasy! I did a fairly simple sketch and added a few "twists". That's how I figure a sketch is supposed to work. You give people something they can work with, to create something of their own, or to use as is.

Well, Bourne Supremacy is nearly finished. I'm going to miss the end if i keep typing and don't concentrate. Of course, I've seen it before. But I love the Bourne films! My kinda movie. Lots of action. A few twists. Not much thinking required. Good entertainment.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Eleven Months

Dear Rabbit,

This month you have started crawling with some earnestness. But in your own fashion. I think you are going to be an individual. You certainly have a unique crawling style. You rather remind me of a seal as you commando crawl over the floorboards, flippering up the corridor. You’ll get up on your hands and knees to examine things, or to sit up, but you prefer to flop onto your belly and haul yourself along when you want to get somewhere.

We’ve had to make sure the house is safe for you to enjoy your new-found freedom. You find everything down there on the floor and put it in your mouth. My heart leaps into my mouth at least five times a day as you choke on something you’ve found. I am always pursing your little cheeks and scooping things out of your mouth. Leaves, burrs from Jak’s coat, dried up bits of food that have fallen down between the floor boards.

You are fascinated with the floorboards. You sit in the kitchen and trace the gaps between them with your finger. Deliberately and delicately. You try to prise any bits of fluff or food out and into your mouth. My word for this month is “Yucky!” I now vacuum every day to ensure there’s nothing on the floor that’s likely to do you damage. And I have to pull all the cables up off the floor when you’re around because they fascinate you no end. So, there’s no more work on the laptop while you’re around, unless I can run it on batteries.

You are quite cheeky about your new freedom. If I open the freezer door, you shriek with glee and haul yourself as fast as you can across the kitchen floor in a race before I close it again. What’s the big deal with the freezer, Rabbit? Is it because it’s cold? Similarly, if you’re flippering off somewhere and I come up behind you, you grin determinedly and up your pace, trying to race me to wherever you’re going. I’ve got news for you, rascal. It’s going to be a while before you can outrun me!

Now that the weather’s warmer, I’ve been wearing jeans and a t-shirt and when I’m lying on the floor my t-shirt rides up, exposing my tummy. You think this is wonderful and crawl over to me with a sound of glee and start kissing my tummy and blowing raspberries. What a funny sausage you are!

Actually, now that I recollect, you’ve really developed quite a lot of new tricks this month. You’re trying to pull yourself up, using the furniture. You can sit up in your cot now, and quite often when I come in after you’ve woken up, you’re sitting at the end of your bed, crying woefully to poor old Popcorn. At Grandma and Grandad’s the other day you waved. I think it was at Grandad. I haven’t seen you do it since though. And you also clapped your hands for Grandma. Again, you haven’t done that since either.

Eating has become a fascinating business for you this month. You stick your hands in your mouth while you’re eating and try to scoop food out. Finger foods go in and out of your mouth numerous times before they finally get chewed up and swallowed. You eat really well still. When you like something in particular you give me the sweetest smile after you first taste it and open your mouth up big and wide for more. You started making a clacking noise with your tongue while you were eating, and once you realized that people would repeat it back to you, you have decided that is your game to instigate. Preferably not while you’re eating though, Rabbit.

This month you fell of your Jolly Jumper (long story) and I discovered how much of a neurotic mother I was. I had visions all day of you developing epilepsy or having brain damage due to the fall. Of course, it was such a little distance that you fell that there was minimal damage – a few bruises is all. But I had horrors for a full day.

We visited Auntie Sonia in Perth this month and you had a great time meeting your Auntie and Uncle and your cousins. Thomas and William thought you were fantastic and loved playing with you. They were particularly amused at your penchant for hair-pulling. They offered themselves as willing sacrifices for hair pulling, in order to elicit your “evil laugh” as they named it. You do shriek when you get a good handful of hair! Poor Molly, their dog, didn’t know what to make of you. You, of course, simply adored her.

You had your first ever taste of cake while we were away. Uncle John owns a bakery and makes the best puffs. “Puseys Puffs”, they’re called. When we got to Perth we dropped in to the bakery and you got to eat your first Puseys Puff. A good start to cake eating!

Daddy came home a bit earlier than us and took the opportunity to paint your nursery. It looks stunning now. At last, you have a beautiful bedroom. New furniture holds your toys. Your teddies keep watch. Photos and canvases are on the walls. It looks so lovely. Your Dad is very clever like that.

I can’t believe that in a month’s time we will be having a first birthday party for you. Where has the last year gone? Surely you can’t be nearly one already!

Love you Rabbit!

PS. It seems that J has a respiratory infection. But after a day of fever and lethargy, he's made a remarkable recovery. It may be teeth too. I suspect his 12 month molars are starting to inch their way to the surface. Bye for now!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Child care

Thanks to Chris for the tip about choosing a childcare centre. I must say that I am totally clueless. Anyone who wants to give me some more tips, I'd be grateful.

So far I've just gotten some names out of the yellow pages. Now I have to work out where they are. See, the problem is that about three months after I go back to work, we are planning on moving across town. So, it's useless choosing a centre here where we live now, even though I have several really good recommendations. We really need somewhere half way between where I'll be working and where we'll be living. That way, I don't need to drive all the way across town in the mornings and then back to the CBD for work.

OK, seeing as SM is out, I guess I can load these up. They were for the challenge using the mag's paper and font. I was asked to create a layout and an accent.

Here's the Layout:

Poor Jak. With a newborn baby in the house, you're looking a bit neglected lately. It's been a while since you last had a bath. Added to that, drops for an ear infection have trapped the dirt in the hair on your ear. It's hard to believe there's a little white dog under there..... there he is!

This is the accent - a puppy coaster. I downloaded some clip art from and used the doggy shape as a template for my paper-piecing. I think he turned out pretty cute! The freebie paper is the paper I've used for his body. Don't you think it looks like someone's terrier?

Jamie has just woken up with a sore throat and a raging temperature. Didn't even touch his lunch; and wanted to go straight back to bed. Oh dear. Poor little guy. He just clung to me, moaning. I hope it's nothing too bad.

See ya

Thursday, October 12, 2006

More paper play

More layouts from my article in FK this month.

Angel Wings - uses patterned paper scraps to decorate chipboard letters for a colourful title. Hand-drawn flowers, hearts and wings highlighted with sequins and a touch of gold.

The little girl is Britta's daughter, Mira. I was just thinking this morning that I've done three layouts of Mira and all of them have been picked up for publication. She's such a cutie, that's why. Don't you think?

Twenty Three - patterns cut from patterned paper. Love, love, love these little birdies :D. I mounted them on some dimensional tape so they perch on the page. The RHS edge is scalloped - I cut all around that Scenic Route paper. Lovin' that effect at the moment!

~ about to backpack around Europe for three months ~ a medical researcher but about to change career after four years at Uni and another three at the lab bench ~ living in a share house with Uni students ~ about to buy her own unit ~ would soon break up with her boyfriend of five years. she had no idea how much her life would change.

Is the new SM out? Can anyone tell me if my doggie layout is in there - using the freebie paper? Now, that was a challenge! The paper looks like someone took a close-up of their pet terrier's tummy. And it's shiny. *giggle*

Well, tomorrow I have to start chasing up childcare centres. I can't avoid it any longer. I have to accept the fact that in January I will be back at work three days a week. My heart longs to stay home with Jamie, but it just isn't going to be possible. Ah, I wish....

I had put it off, because we didn't know if we were going to move to Perth or not. But after our trip to Perth last week, we have pretty much decided that we will be staying in Adelaide. So that's one big decision made.

The tilers have been in this week, tiling our new bathroom. It's going to look really nice. They stuffed the bath up though. Phil wasn't impressed. They tiled and grouted the bath in the same day, before the glue had dried. All the tiles shifted and it looked disgusting. Phil spent an hour last night peeling the tiles off the bath before the glue dried. Not happy! The tiler will have to come back and fix it, but we'll have to buy more tiles now. Grrr. They were rushing and trying to get the job finished. Why do tradesmen always under-estimate the job and then try to cut corners?

That's it for today. See ya.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Paper piecing

I had a craze on paper piecing a few months ago. Three of my layouts in this month's article "Paper Play" in FK contain paper piecings. Sorry in advance - they're all a bit over-exposed. I lightened them thinking they were really dark and have since realised that it was just the angle of the screen on my laptop. *derr*

Under the tree - inspired by the applique work on toddlers' clothing at the moment. Look at my little poppet :)

You love sitting outside. Sunny afternoons find us both out under the tree in the back yard. We watch the sunlight playing through the leaves, listen to the birds, gaze at clouds and play with Jak. I see and hear everything anew, seeing you observe it all for the first time.

Little Clown - I traced around Jamie's little clown and used it as the template for a paper-pieced clown.

Little Clown is a favourite of both you and the dog. You throw him on the ground and Jak runs off with him.

Pepe - think paper piecing is just for cutesy kiddy pages? Think again. By choosing vintage papers and old text papers, I've created a paper pieced cat that fits perfectly with this photo from the 60s.

When I was a little girl we had a cat, Pepe. She was the most beautiful little tabby cat. I loved her so much. I patted her constantly and played with her when she'd let me. Pepe taught me to be gentle - she had a mean scratch if you weren't! Pepe taught me how to care for another animal. She was my first pet.

More tomorrow. I'm off to bed now. I tell you, this crawling has me exhausted! Jamie banged his face on the ground this morning while he was trying to crawl away instead of putting on his t-shirt; then he fell backwards and banged the back of his head; something has bitten him on his thigh and he has a huge red welt there the size of a clinker; he choked on something on the dining room carpet - I thought it was vaccuumed! - and he keeps on crawling right under my feet so that I'm continually walking over or around him. I wonder what adventures we will have tomorrow?


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Here's some photos from our holiday as promised.

This would have to be my favourite shot of the entire holiday. Jamie and I would take a walk every day. This day we were sitting under a big tree in the park. I had just bought the hat he is wearing. I had to scour the CBD for a hat with a tie, as he now pulls off all his hats. He hates them!

Jamie at my sister's house. He would skitter across to the doorway and just lie there, watching the goings on outside. Like he wished he was older and could go out and join in.

Making friends with Molly. He loved her just like he loves Jak.

Hmmm... getting into mischief. There was a train set under our bed and that was what he would head for every time I put him on the floor. It didn't matter what toys I laid out on the floor to tempt him, he wanted to get at that train set!!!

With Auntie Sonia and Thomas and William.

And, finally, a layout. This is one of the layouts in my article "Paper Play" in this month's FK. Of my girlfriend's little girl, Brooke.

It was inspired by this bracelet.

Can you see the inspiration?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Long time no hear!

Hi guys,

Yes, we've been away. We were in Perth for two weeks (or thereabouts) visiting my sister and her family. Got back late last night. Have a zillion things to do now - unpacking, washing, sorting, downloading photos, all the little bills and odds and ends that need seeing to... You know how it is.

And Jamie is crawling now, which is making life a bit fun because I realise how far he's developed in two weeks, now we're back home. Aargh! I need safety gates, I need everything up off the floor, Phil needs to find the cover for the telephone port in the wall, etc etc etc. And we're getting the new bathroom done, so there's tiles and workmen's stuff everywhere out the back of the house.

When I say crawling, he's not actually *crawling*. Well, in his own style he is. It's more like commando crawling on his belly, pulling himself along with his arms. Occasionally he gets one leg hooked up under him and looks like he's going to crawl for real. But for the most part he looks like a little seal flippering his way up the corridor :).

Phil came back to Adelaide a week earlier than we did and painted the nursery! It looks fantastic now. Almost like a little baby's room. Except for the running treadmill standing folded up smack bang in the middle of the room, lol! It does look nice though. And now we have a double bed leaning up against the walls of the corridor. Aargh! We seriously need more rooms in this house. How many times have I said that I can't wait to move?

Well, just a quick hello. Thanks to all of you who left comments and/or sent me emails to check whether I'd dropped off the face of the earth.

I have photos to share. I have layouts to post.
I also still have washing to do, food to cook, unpacking to do, baby-proofing to do.

More lata!