Thursday, December 28, 2006

Layout share

Hope that you all had a great Christmas. I realised this week, as I was tidying up that I have a few layouts that I haven't shared yet:

Journaling: When Jamie was born, Thomas and William asked their Mum about his relationship with them: "So, does this make him our Brother in Law then?", they asked. I had to chuckle. They're actually cousins. But there's a logic in their reasoning. Sort of!

Journaling: It was one of the first things your doctor noticed when you were born. "Look, he has a dimple!". And people continue to notice. Because it's so cute.

Journaling: Goal: Take one tired, outdated sandstone villa. Create light, modern, sleek home. Easy right?

By Feb! Not so easy!

Journaling: When we visited your Auntie Sonia in Perth recently, you spent hours by the sliding door watching what was happening in the garden. You'd watch Thomas and William playing footie or hitting the tennis ball around on the patio; you'd make friends with Molly through the grill; and all the while you'd throw me these glances as if to say "please Mum, can I go outside and play?". Soon, Rabbit. Soon

And one of a girlfriend's DD with her Dad.

Have a great New Year's celebration!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thirteen months

Dear Jamie,

As I think about what I’m going to write to you this month, the first thing that comes to mind is how busy you’ve been! Busy, busy, busy boy. You have learnt to do so many things.

First up, and most importantly, you’ve learnt where our noses are. You can point to them – Mummy’s nose, Daddy’s nose, Jak’s nose, teddy’s nose. It’s very clever. However, when you’re asked where YOUR nose is, invariably you point to your ear. What is it with that? You also know where your toes are. And you know that shoes and socks go on feet. You have taken to picking up our shoes and bringing them over to put on top of our feet.

You’ve learnt to point in response to simple questions. You can point to the photos of Daddy, Grandma and Grandad in your “Who Loves Baby” book. But you don’t seem to know the word “Mummy” yet, much to my disappointment. On the subject of pointing. You point at EVERYTHING. “Det!” you cry, pointing at the light. “Det!” you cry a moment later, pointing at the wall. “Det!” you cry, having now swiveled to point at the mantelpiece. I need a swivel head just to keep up with all this pointing! And each time, I try to acknowledge whatever it was you had pointed at. But, honestly, Rabbit, sometimes I just have no idea at all, what has caught your attention.

You’ve learnt to stack your duplo blocks and you’ve learnt to stack your donut rings onto their stand. Your co-ordination and dexterity has really improved. When you’re really pleased or proud about something, like stacking a block on top of another, you make this unmistakable sound. It’s a “Aaaaaaa-ah!” sound with a big wide open mouth and a smile. Then you sit back and beam at me with the pride of accomplishment. Never lose that pride, Bunnyrabbit. Pride in the things you accomplish is wonderful.

Your favourite toys this month are without a doubt those toys that make music. You play your musical gnome and the Jack in the Box all the time. As the music plays, you rock backwards and forwards with joy. When we watch Raggs on the TV after tea, you rock back and forth to the songs they sing. You are very musical and I like to encourage that in you.

Grandma was teaching you the hand movements to Twinkle Twinkle recently, and every now and then as the music plays I see you making the cutest little diamond by touching your two index fingers together. The first time you did that, my eyes filled up with tears at how clever you were. You looked so tiny, all hunched over your musical gnome, concentrating on making your diamond. I love you!

You are a loving little boy. You love cuddles and you’ve learnt what hugs are. You can give hugs when you’re asked. A “hug” consists of leaning your head against our shoulders and going “aaaaaah”. I just adore your hugs! You were given a huge blue teddy bear for your first birthday and you love hugging him. You lie all over him on the floor. He’s like a big cushion for you. If I say “Give Big Ted a hug”, you crawl over to him, lay your head down into his blue fur and go “aaaaa-ah!” Tonight we were sitting on the floor watching TV and you were lounging on Big Ted. Suddenly you roused yourself and hauled Big Ted over to where I was sitting. Still holding onto him, you scrambled your way into my lap, dragged him up there too and cuddled into my shoulder with him. The three of us sat there, cuddling and watching TV.

You learnt to wave when we’re saying goodbye. Your wave is a very distinguished royal wave, accompanied with a very serious look on your face. It is such a good wave and lots of people smile and comment when they see that you’re waving at them. Grandma and Grandad have taught you how to blow kisses too. You hold your hand up to your mouth and then blow. You must have learnt to blow at your birthday party last month. I didn’t bother to get you to blow out your candle because I thought you didn’t know how to blow. But now I regret it. Because the very next day you were blowing with all your might. You must have watched the other children blowing out your candle and learnt how to do it. What a shame I didn’t give you a try.

The other day you grabbed a piece of paper toweling off the roll as I was going to wipe something up off the floor. You can sit for ages, pulling apart a piece of paper toweling! But, this time you weren’t as interested in pulling it apart as you were in putting it to good use. You must have watched what I was doing, because the next thing I knew, you were making very effective wiping movements on the floor with your toweling. Well… that has got me thinking! I’m thinking of getting you started on the housework ;).

You went to the beach for the first time this month. Daddy took you into the water. At first you weren’t very happy with the waves rolling in, but you soon got used to them. You enjoyed putting your feet in the water, collecting shells, chasing seagulls and playing in the sand. I took about ninety photos in probably no more than half an hour.

While on the subject of firsts, you met Santa for the first time this year. (Last year you were too little.) You weren’t impressed with him at all though, and I had to sit between you and the big man so we could have a photo taken. You were very wary of him indeed. Oh, I’m so looking forward to sharing Christmas with you this year!

And, yes, how could I forget? You also had your first “babycinno”. Grandma started buying them for you when we went for a coffee, and now the owner of our regular cafĂ© shouts you one each time. How spoilt are you?

Well, Jamie, I think that next month I will be writing that you are now walking. You stand for quite long periods unaided. With a huge look of accomplishment on your face. You are very mobile and can walk around using the furniture to baland on or using your mobile toys as support. You look so uncoordinated as you stumble along behind your toy. But you get better and better every day and I don’t think it’ll be long until you’re walking without any help at all. Wow!
I love you................thiiiiiiiiiiiis much!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New post

OK, I couldn't leave for Christmas with that last post still up! Thanks for all your supportive comments. You're all the best.

I'm happy to say I'm feeling a bit better today. Mind you, I was up last night from 12.30am-2.30am and then again at 3.30 and then again at 6am. Grrr. I'm hoping it's just a phase. Jamie's a great sleeper normally.

I think part of it is that he's all gearing up to walk. Lots of navigating around using the furniture; lots of standing up and balancing all by himself (accompanyed by a very proud "aaaaah" sound, lol!). I predicted a while ago that he'd be walking by Christmas and it looks like I might be pretty close to the mark.

When he goes to bed, he looks like he's fallen asleep and then, at the last minute, just as he's about to go fully to sleep, he pulls himself up to standing and howls. Last night Phil ended up pulling all the cushions off the couch so Jamie and I could sleep together on the floor (can't put him on our bed, he just tries to crawl off). He went straight off to sleep without a whimper, cheeky boy.

I have nothing against controlled crying and we have done it several times in the past, but I can't leave him screaming at 2.30 in the morning. Phil gets too distressed. Not to mention that I run round the house pulling my hair out. Thank goodness for the Child and Youth Health Parent Helpline for restoring some sanity to a sobbing mum.

So, just as I was planning to take a break from online messageboards, Janine announced that the Scrapbook Station messageboard is operational. Yay! What fun. Come and say hi, won't you! And, I'm really rapt to have been asked to teach a few classes for Scrapbook Station early next year. Watch this spot for more news.

Well, there's nothing left to say but "Merry Christmas". I hope you all have a very happy and safe festive period.
Take care

Monday, December 18, 2006

No love for Santa

I suspected as much.... Jamie was less than impressed with Father Christmas. Took a look at all that white hair and screwed up his face. In the end, Mum had to sit between the big man and the baby, for the sake of a photo. And even a Tigger handpuppet failed to get a grin happening.

It didn't help that J had been up since 5am, and had refused to have a morning nap. So he'd been up 8 hours by the time this photo was taken. Much too long for a little fella.

I'm having difficulty getting him to sleep until a decent hour in the morning. Consequently, I'm feeling very sleep deprived at present. Yawn. And I have no Christmas cheer this year. I'm feeling decidedly flat and miserable.

So, I'm going to have a little holiday from blogging over Christmas. And from scrapping. Who would have thought that the time would come, lol. I think it's the combination of not having much time, not having a dedicated scrapping space, and being tired. Oh, and not having achieved any of the scrapping goals I set for myself this year! Time to do something else, I think?

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by here this year! I look forward to each and every one of you saying hi! I've found being a SAHM to be incredibly lonely. I'm feeling really dislocated from things at the moment and you have no idea how much you make my day by stopping to say hi.

Have a great Christmas

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Santa's Little Helper

I've been mucking around in Photoshop tonight. He he he...

I tried to take some photos of Jamie a couple of days ago with his cute little Santa cap on, and his Merry Christmas t-shirt. Most of them are like the last one here. Sigh.

Well, we're off to see Father Christmas tomorrow. Very excited, I am!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The art of pointing

Jamie has learnt to point with meaning. LOL. The meaning may sometime be a bit off, but it's there. When I ask him where my nose is, he points at my nose. When I ask him where his nose is, he points to his ear. (Why is that? Are ears easier to find spatially than noses?) When I go through his "Who Loves Baby?" book, he can point to Daddy, Grandad and Grandma. And get them right. He points to Daddy also when asked where mummy is. (Why, oh why is that?)

I have learned that the "Twinkle Twinkle" hand movements are quite indiscriminate and actually accompany any tinkly little tune. He sits there rocking backwards and forwards to the music and makes his little diamond and twinkly hands. And if he sees me watching, he throws me a big beaming grin.

This is my layout that's just gone up at Scrapbook Station.

Journaling: You sit out on the lawn, your back so straight. I watch you explore. You finger each blade of grass with delicate curiosity, pulling them and watching what happens. You chew on leaves and sit there, contemplating.

Actually I've added to it just a bit - I've backed it onto the brown paper since. And I've succumbed. I have added flowers to a boy's layout. But they're abstract enough that I can handle them.

I love all the layouts for this month's theme. You have to check them out here.

Nic's layout is so sweet. She showed it to me ages ago and I was really touched. I am blessed to have had such a sweet friend to share my first time at motherhood with.

Congratulations to all the girls who have been named as Scrapbooking Memories Masters, and also to those who got Honourable Mentions. What an achievement. Well done.

I guess that I can now share my entries. Here's my double page layout. About Jamie's first six months with us.

Journaling: Happy half birthday, Rabbit! Where have the last six months gone? Look at how you've grown. This afternoon I was watching you outside in your rocker. You were leaning forward to touch the grass and you looked like such a little boy already. Wasn't it just yesterday that I brought our newborn baby home? When did you stop being a newborn? Was it when you smiled up at me for the first time? Or was it when you said your first "ah goo"? Did it happen when you cut your first tooth? I want to soak up every special moment. I'm terrified of forgetting these times with you and find myself pausing frequently, willing my brain to implant a memory so firmly that I'll never ever forget. I love you so very much baby boy!" There's hidden journaling under the photos that talk about all the milestones we've celebrated in the first six months.

Well, Jamie had me up at 4.30am this morning, so I guess I should hit the sack. 'Night!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Remember this?

Remember this little guy?

I made it a while back. Well I decided to give him a home on a layout:

I have two pages in this month's SM. Britta, there's a layout of Mira in there! I must remember to put it in a bag and send it over to you. Along with the Angel Wings LO. I will do it! Promise!

And this one. Love these lyrics. I think I've posted this one here before. Love, love, love it.

So, what have we been up to this week? Kate and Nic came over on Monday. What fun! Georgia and Isaac are so much fun to have around. Three little babies following each other around, getting in each other's way, poking each other's eyes, pulling heads. Oh, so cute!

Man, I was looking through Kate's and Nic's layouts and I was drooling. So much dimension. So much inspiration. Love it. It makes me realise that my layouts have gone quite "flat" lately. There's hardly any 3D stuff on them now. I was reflecting that ever since we cleared out my scrapping room to make Jamie's nursery, my work has changed. For a start, I only seem to scrap babies now :). And my pages have gotten simpler. I just don't have the space to have stuff lying around for days. Or the time.

And I quite like this newer simpler me. Don't think the mags like it so much, lol! Not that it really matters, because I hardly ever have stuff for the themes anymore. Only so many times they have a "baby" theme! Ah, how life changes.

On that note. I'm off to bed.