Saturday, May 05, 2007


Blogarithm isn't working at the moment, so I'm not getting my usual morning email telling me whose blogs have been updated. I feel adrift! I had no idea how I looked forward to that morning email with all its blog links. I feel like I'm stranded on a desert island with no contact to the outside world, lol. If I haven't visited you in a while, that's why. I still love you. Promise.

I had to tell my mums' group that I wouldn't be joining them any more because I will be working on the days when we meet. I'm so sad! That group has been my support for the last 15 months. I'm going to miss them so much!

I had to turn down an invitation to a picnic in the country tomorrow because we've got too much work to do on the house.

Phil wants to hold the first open inspection next weekend. If I had the energy I'd post some photos of the mess that we call home at the moment.

I feel so upside down and inside out. So many changes going to happen. All at once!

Anyone tried to do open inspections with an 18 month old? How do you keep the place looking like a display home? As soon as I get things looking nice he pulls it all down!

Grumpy face.
LOL, I'm OK. Just venting.



Kim G said...

Oh Kathie, what an exciting but challenging time you have coming up! As for inspections with a toddler in the house, I did it with a 3 year old and a 2 year old once. I think the trick was to keep as many doors closed as posssible and then you just throw the toys in a toybox as the prospective buyer walks up the driveway :). People are pretty forgiving about a little kid mess so don't stress too much.

Good luck with it all!

Nat-Mardon said...

Eek, KAthie, sounds like things are certainly busy your way right now! Make sure you take some time out for you too. And you can always catch up with your Mum's group girls on weekend, just a bit more effort huh.
All the best with the inspection next week!

Nic Wood said...

Im missing blogarithm too. Its usually one of the first things I do in the morning. Its only today that blogger would even let me comment on other peoples blogs again - I tihnk they must be having some issues!!

Sending happy thoughts your way for your open and the gruelling, busy, busy, busy lead up to it...I can hear that whip cracking ;)LOL Your house is just beautiful, and Im sure a couple of Jamies toys on the floor won't put anyone off.

kerry said...

Hi Kathie,
Yes i had an open inspection with an eigteen month baby.I just yook a lot of her toys and packed them away then kept one toy box out that i only had to quickly pick up what fitted into it.Much easier that stressing about heaps of toys.I konw how you feel about mothers group as i was in one for 17 mths then moved interstate with my little girl,i stoll here from them by email so we still catch up and they keep a check on my blog.We are going on holidays in June to Queensland so i will catch up with them all then.
take care Kerry

Mel Diener said...

Aww sweetie, I can understand you feeling so overwhelmed with everything that's going on, I really feel for you. Try to keep positive though, things have a way of working out, and you'll be moving on the better things. You'll see.

As for blogarithm, why don't you try bloglines. Thats what I use and I love it. You don't get the emails, but you can see your entire list and it hightlights those who have updated.

Mel xxx

Mardi said...

Best of luck with getting everything ready for the open inspection have worked so must be nice to see the end in sight... you certainly have got a lot of changes happening all at once... hugs to you..
Bloglines is fabulous too....I use it...and cant live without it...maybe its worth a shot.
Mardi x