Thursday, May 24, 2007

Eighteen Months

Rabbit, you're now eighteen months old. You have developed such a little personality. You are wonderful to be around and I am so thoroughly enjoying spending my days at home with you. Next month I start working again and I'm really not looking forward to it. Even though it's just part-time, I really don't want to leave you for that amount of time. We've just started our orientation sessions at the childcare centre and my heart twists whenever we go there. I can't bear to think about leaving you there. I wish that our days could continue as they have. But I have to go back to work. And, probably after the first few days I'll be wondering why I was making such a fuss. But at the moment, I just feel like curling up and having a good cry when I think about someone else taking care of you all day.

I want to remember these things about you at eighteen months:

You are trying to form words: “doof doof” is woof woof; you can moo like a cow; you can say dog and duck, but only every now and then, never on demand. The strangest thing is that you love to hoot like an owl "wooh ooh" you say, when we turn the light down in your bedroom at night. "Wooh ooh".

You love your shoes. I think that’s because we always put on your shoes when you’re going outside and you love to be outside. I never have any problems convincing you to put your shoes on.

You have a fascination with brooms. You help Grandad sweep the leaves and now, whenever you go outside you make a bee-line for our broom. It's really so big for you, but you seem to enjoy "sweeping".

You love to talk on the telephone. If I’m on the phone, I’ll turn around to find you with something up against your ear – whatever you had in your hand at the time - a book, your brush, whatever. And you’ll be talking animatedly into it.

You have been really clingy this month. I love that you want to sit in my lap. You tap on my leg and I know that you want to be picked up and cuddled, or that it’s time to sit and read a book together.

You give us wonderful kisses and Eskimo kisses. Especially when you’re tired. You clamber up into Daddy’s lap before bedtime and give him kisses. When you’re looking through your picture book, you give the photos of Grandma and Grandad lovely kisses. And the photos of Mummy and Daddy. And the photos of Thomas, William, Auntie Sonia and Uncle John.

You’ve grown a heap this month. You can now reach up on the kitchen counters. To start with, we had a couple of near misses with chopping blocks and knives too close to the edge of the counter. But I’m used to it now.

You love to “feed” yourself. It’s more just banging against your bowl with the metal spoon. And always with such a look of glee on your face. The louder the sound, the bigger the "o" shape your mouth makes. You make me laugh!

You brush your hair – with the broom from the dustpan and broom set!

Your favourite game is to chase Jak whilst pushing your little push cart. You ram it into him and squeal with delight when he jumps into the air and runs away. Poor Jak! His peaceful existence is no longer.

Your next favourite game is riding on your ride-on car, which you have finally learnt to direct forwards.

What else... You love drawing with your crayons. Your favourite book is “Oh Dear”. You still eat really well. Grandma's biscuits and Daddy's chocolate are favourites.

To think that you're eighteen months already. Such a little personality. Such a character. I love you so much.


Chris Millar said...

18 Months! I can't believe it Kathie!! Where have those months gone?!!! Jamie is such a gorgeous little boy!

Nic Wood said...

The boys will be two before we know it :0

I hope your orientation days are still going well. Not long to go now!

Nic xxx

janinek said...

Its great to record all the little day to day antics of them as you can forget so quickly. Loved reading all about 18mth Jamie!!

Tam said...

What a beautiful, chubby, clever little grown-up boy he is! I've got so much to look forward to, hey?!

Mel Diener said...

Where has the babiness gone?? Jamie is SUCH a little boy now isn't he. And a gorgeous little boy, I might add.

I can't believe how quickly he has grown.

cherill said...

Yeah he's a cute little character. And that's such a lovely age. That's a nice pic of you two out somewhere.

Mine are growing up too fast. L was 5 this week. Starts school soon. And I'm not ready!

Have a good week.
Ch xx

Mardi said...

Kathie...this is the first time Ive actually noticed what a boy Jamie is growing into..... he is going to be an absoulute heart breaker with those eyes!
Enjoy this last month at nome with him...
Mardi x