Monday, May 21, 2007

Like a Pig in Poo :)

Got home to two packages waiting on my doorstep. Jamie and I were both dripping wet, having got caught in a sudden downpour while walking back to the car at the shopping centre. So it was a welcome diversion to wrestle open the packages and uncover the goodies inside.

One box is from Scrapbook Trends (USA), for this layout which appears in the May issue:

Side by Side

Jeepers, scrapping gear must be cheap in the US. They say that their goodie pack includes $20 worth of stuff. I swear! It's easily $60 worth in Australian terms. I am in heaven! Although I must find some girly photos to scrap though because I have some amazing easter papers that are distinctly pink! Anyone got girly easter photos, lol? Otherwise I have to be creative as to how I can sneak them onto some of Jamie's page. Thinking, thinking, thinking...

The other package was from Designing Memories. I am guest designer for katja's July kit. Oooh, such delicious goodies :). But you'll have to wait a while for me to share.

So, I have just been sorting through lots of stuff. Pulling them all out of their little bags, sorting through them. Fingering the paper, running my hands through the ribbon, sniffing the flowers. You know, all the stuff you do when you get a pile of yummy new goodies to play with. I have been on a serious "use your stash" mission over the last few months, so new goodies is a treat :D.

We had the weekend off on the house. Perhaps that's also why I feel so upbeat today. Phil had done his back while he was interstate for work last week. So there was no working to be had at the Link household this weekend. Well, that is... I still had washing, cooking, vacuuming, mopping, dishes, baby caring etc etc. But I had no house renovations. A weekend off!

Well, I've got photos to print while J naps. No time to talk when there's fresh goodies on the table.


kerry said...

Kathie that layout is soooo cute ,
i can always give you plenty of girl photos to scrap i ahve so many i don't know what to do with them,i mean mountains.You lucky duck i can imagine the papers from over there to be divine.

Megan said...

Kathie this layout is so sweet. Congrats for the publication in Scrapbook Trends, and have fun with all those goodies!

Nic Wood said...

yippee scrappy mail!!! I know how good that is when your trying not to spend anything till you use what youve got!!!

Beautiful LO...I just adore that photo of Jamies toys.

Hope Phils feeling better

Nic xxx

Mel Diener said...

Told you the goodie boxes were great hey...SO worth the U.S. postage costs. Love this layout too..always have.

Hey, those girly papers...u owe me a layout remember rofl.

Allison said...

That is the most beautiful layout!! I just keep looking at it lol.....

TatumW said...

Gorgeous LO! It is amazing how much scrapping stuff you get for your US$...I have 4 easters worth of girls hunting for eggs if you feel like scrapping them??? LOL! Tatum xx

Mardi said...

Ohh Kathie...scrap parcels are the best arent they...and Im so relieved Im not the only one to sniff the products...they always look so good.

...and I love when you recieve a kit chosen by someone else....lots of products thatyou may not have seen before...or wouldnt have bought for yourself... lots of fun!

Enjoy your break from renovating...
Mardi x

Tammy Templeton said...

Sorry to hear that your DH has hurt his back :( I hope he is feeling better. Nothing worse than not being able to get around like you should (especially for a "bloke" LOL!!)
I totally love your LO with the toys and I love how you draw on your LO's too. Your so talented!
I think we all finger our new goodies...their like new minted gold coins :D
Take care