Friday, May 11, 2007

OK, I'd like to break out of my "heritage scrapper" label now!

A layout I did for SM this month. It was a product challenge. The colours have come up shocking in the scan, but then they were pretty shocking to start with, lol.

Oh, they're lovely papers. Very Americana, patriotic, stars and stripes. But very dark; very rich; and very heritage.

I'M OVER HERITAGE!!! Did you hear me? I said "I'M OVER HERITAGE!!!"

Give me vintage and I'll love you. Give me bright colours and I'll be like a pig in mud working on pages for the little fella.

It would seem that I am still labelled a heritage scrapper. Because I always seem to get the dark, sombre papers.

I don't think that I did the kind of layout SM were probably looking for with these papers when they sent them out to me, lol. Oh well. You get that. The photos are of my uncle and his mates, sometime in the 1950s.

And this layout is the reason that I declined to participate in another product challenge for SM this month. I like to do the pages that I want these days, with the papers I want. Time to give somebody else the chance to be challenged. And they'll probably enjoy it...


Tam said...

LOL. Um, yeah. I'd find those papers very 'challenging'!! You did a good job though, and good for you for turning the next one down! We need to say 'no' occasionally to maintain our scrapping sanity ;o)

Jahnava said...

is there a diff between vintage and heritage lol, i wouldnt even know.....ill giv u bright colors little pig .. and i think youve done a great job with yout layout :-)


kerry said...

That layout looks great Kathie.
Anything that you put your hands on looks great.
take care Kerry

TatumW said...

Just wait for your Rasberry PP's girl...retro! Maybe I'll send you some pink princess ones just to be tricky LOL!!!

I love the LO, it was one of my faves in the mag!

Have a great weekend, Tatum xx

Mel Diener said...

Hey, I totally understand you being over heritage, but you seriously rock at it, which is obviously why they keep giving you heritage papers.

charmaine said...

Kathy you have done a terrific job here....i too dont know the difference between vintage and heritage....can you give us a lesson LOL

Nic Wood said...

LOL I dont think they actually put that much thought into what they send out in the challenge packs :)

It doesnt matter what you scrap with, it always looks wonder your in demand!!!!

Nic xxx

Britta said...

Es sieht toll aus - auch wenn du von Heritage allmählich genug hast - dafür war es eine Challenge - und du magst doch Challenges ;-) Einen schönen Muttertag wünsche ich dir!

cherill w said...

Hiya. Like they've all said, your just a natural at all genres. I love saying that word, breathily. Zhaahnraahz. Love your new lounge too. Mmmm. Keep those sticky little mits off it J :-) Hope you and P make a killing on the RE market.
cherill xox
PS Happy Mothers Day.