Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seriously making me happy

This is seriously making me happy :D

A quick progress report:

source and buy large pot for loungeroom... check
clean out old bathroom... check
return blank canvases to BigW... check
buy rattan baskets.... check
buy cushions and throw for sofa....check
grocery shopping.... check
clear up all Phil's tools in laundry.... check
clean laundry.... check

Thanks for all the lovely comments :). I was feeling so low and depressed this morning. I'm feeling a lot better now though. Onwards and upwards.



Rach Wyndham said...

It looks sensational Kathie!

So good to see what you have been working your butt off doing!

kerry said...

Hi Kathie,
wow i don't know wether i could sell after all the hard work you have put in.It looks fresh and bright you will have know worries selling this by the look of things.
take care Kerry

Nic Wood said...

WOW, it looks awesome!!! LOVE the new couch and all the accessories!!!

Nic xxx

Mel Diener said...

Kathie, it looks fantastic. You guys have done a fab job. Love that new couch too...it's gorgeous.

Sounds like you've been very productive in crossing things off your list. Bet it doesn't look so daunting now?

Me xxx

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Lol, this looks so much better! I was feeling a bit for u the other day! Wow you do so much girl and you should be so proud of yourself!

I love the abstract picture and I love the 'modern' fresh feel to it all! Glad things are going along for u now (a bit) :D

Love wesa!

Louise said...

Ooooh Kathie
Your interior does look sensational!!!, This is a really daggey request, but......Please Please could you email me where you got that shower screen from????

Cheers Louise :)

Mardi said...

Well Kathie it looks absolutley FABULOUS!!! ....all your incredibly hard work has paid off....just beautiful.