Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sketches are up!

Our first lot of sketches are up on the Oz sketch site. The first guest artist was Kim Archer. Go check out her fantastic sketch and our interpretations of it. Here's mine:

Journaling: You are mischief. You are sunshine. You are delight. You are joy with blonde hair and a cheeky grin.

I take more portrait photos than landscape, so I turned the sketch around to suit. Unfortunately the LO wouldn't scan without the edges getting chopped off and it just plain looked unbalanced. I hate that! So I had to take a crappy photo instead. But you get the idea.

Love these photos I snapped one night while Jamie was playing with Phil just before bedtime. What a little face :).

It's an unusual colour combo for me, but I really like the vibrancy. I'm on a use-my-stash kick at the moment. So it's a matter of going through my stuff and seeing what's gonna work. It's a great challenge. I'm still trying to work through the stack of BasicGrey papers I won a while back, lol.

I have lots of scrapping to do this month. I don't put my hand up for much these days, so why do I suddenly feel swamped? I'm sure I'll get through it all. One step at a time.

Our garage sale was successful on the weekend, but we still have heaps of gear we need to get rid of. We have probably another two weekends work on the house (I keep saying that!). Phil came home and worked on the outside kitchen area tonight. We really do need to get it finished. It's dragging on and on. And now that it's started to rain, there's even more urgency to get the house on the market. We just don't want to be selling in Winter. We're already talking about whether we've missed the opportunity and whether we should now hold off until Spring.

On Friday I got a letter from a childcare centre to say that there's a spot for Jamie from the end of June. Only been waiting 9 months! So, I'm taking another month off work, and possibly another one after that, if no other places come up before then. Today was supposed to be my first day back to work.

On a more relaxing note, we had a scrap get-together at Scrapbook Station on Saturday night. What a blast! I had such fun chattering away non stop. I did get some scrapping done. Not much, but some. It was just so nice to be out of the house, and with good company, scrapping without any interruption. Yeeha!

Way past my bedtime, but otherwise you wouldn't have heard from me. 'Night!


Lisa Le-Ray said...

I just got u email kathie :)
Love ya girl, u are the best!

That is one awesome LO!!! I love love the litle circle element and lion > way to go go Kathie girl, this rocks!

Mate grrrr to houses! lol!

Tam said...

loved this when i spotted it on the sketches site! beautifully unexpected colours!

good luck with the house stuff - we are possibly the slowest renovators in the history of the world, so i sympathise ;o)

and, *yay* to two more months at home with j!!

Mel Diener said...

Kathie, this layout ROCKS. Love, love, love the colour combo, so unique and all works perfectly together.

Yay on the house nearly being finished, what a relief that will be hehe.

Me xxxx

Mardi said...

Fabulous layout Kathie.... and fabulous colour combo too...and Im hearing you on the use up the stash thing.....I am doing the same at the moment.

Didnt all the skethces look fabulous together...all different...but all the same...Mmmm doesnt really mnake sense...but you know what I mean.

Gee...the SS scrap get together sounds fabulous...Im sure you had an awesome time..even if you werent very productive...just to be out of the house and chatting with like minded people is great for the soul.

Megan said...

Kathie your layout looks excellent - I agree with the colours...they look unreal together.

I am so pleased there is a spot for Jamie at the daycare, even though you've had to wait this long. And it must be nice to know you've got another couple of months at home with him before going back to work too :-)

Nic Wood said...

awesome LO babe!!! The photos of Jamie are just beautiful. Youve captured his mischievious, playful little grin perfectly!

Nic xxx

Angela said...

OOOhh, I need to get in a "use my stash" mode!

I just loooove your style! Gorgeous work!

kerry said...

Kathie,this layout is so cute and great to use alot of shots as well cute bubby too.