Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Crop for Kids

A group of scrappers in Victoria are organising a Crop for Kids, to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. What a great thing to do! It's on 6 April and as well as an all day crop, they'll be holding raffles, auctions and competitions throughout the day. Check it out. I'm donating a layout. I was rapt to be asked! And I'm such a dork, after I agreed to do it, I thought "jeepers, I hope someone actually *wants* a layout by me". Ah, so little confidence. Smack.

So, what else has been happening? Jamie has gone to sleep with barely a whimper for two nights in a row. Yippee!!!! Aren't they funny creatures? I have no clue what was wrong for the last couple of weeks. In fact, the last month really. I put it down to nasty molars. I didn't realise but they hurt with each of the four points that come through. So that's sixteen points that he grew in the space of a week. Poor little man.

Now, I forgot to update a little while back. I have extended my maternity leave. I'm lucky to work for State Government and can have up to two years off. Anyway, once we came back from Perth in October and decided that we weren't going to move over there, I put Jamie's name down for childcare in Adelaide. I thought three months notice should be ample, but all three centres where he's listed have a six month waiting list! Crikey! So now I'm due to return at the end of April. I just hope that I can get him into childcare by then. Otherwise I'm in trouble.

And we have no front garden. Nothing at all. No fence. Nothing. Just rubble. It looks like our house has been abandoned. We are planning a new picket fence, paving, and landscaping. Sometime. Soon, hopefully.

And lastly, I've been Tagged by the uber talented Lisa:

A - Available/Single? No, married for three years

B - Best Friend? Hmmm.... that's a tough one, I have so many friends and they all fill different slots in my life... probably Shelley, who I've known since I was, oooh, twenty one. She's like a sister to me. And great fun too :)

C - Cake or Pie? Carrot cake with that yummy icing.

D - Drink Of Choice? I'm a huge water drinker. Don't really drink much else. Boring, huh?

E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? Sunscreen

F - Favorite Color? Green.

G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? Gummy Bears

H - Home or Homesick? Home

I - Indulgence? Two hours to myself. LOL, I don't even know what I'd do with it.

J - January Or February? January.

K - Kids & Their Names? Jamie

L - Life Is Incomplete Without? Friends

M - Marriage date? 24 January

N - Number Of Siblings? One - my sister, Sonia

O - Oranges Or Apples? A good, cold, crunchy Pink Lady apple

P - Phobias/Fears? Too many to list! Clautrophobia

Q - Favorite Quote:

"Fall down. Make a mess. Break something occasionally. Know that your mistakes are your own unique way of getting to where you need to be. And remember that the story is never over." - Conan O'Brien

R - Real Hair Color? Strawberry blonde

S - Season? Spring - that first warm day when you can take off your sweater and feel the warmth on your bare arms. Mmmm.

T - Tag 3 or 4 people? Only if you want to... Mel, Nic, Katie

See you!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The death of romance...

I'm not going to name names.

He: "I don't know if I'll go to that investment seminar tonight. I don't know if it will be all that good. There's another one that I really want to do though. It's on Valentine's Day. But I guess we won't be going out, will we?" (looking at the baby)
She: (sigh) "Not with the baby".

He who is already in the bad books for forgetting a wedding anniversary last week.
He who has volunteered a vacuum cleaner as a suitable third wedding anniversary present.
She who could imagine coming home on Valentines Day to a clean house, baby tucked up sweetly in bed, soft music from the stereo, candlelit dinner on the table....
[...screatch sound of needle across vinyl record]

or at least cuddling on the couch with a DVD.


And bless you all for your posts from yesterday. Yes, I am fine. I am not sleep deprived, just time deprived. But seeing as he had a clean bill of health from the doctor (just a "dry" throat which could be the end of a bout of laryngitits) I began persuading him to sleep in his bed yesterday and I am so happy to tell you that he slept all night in his cot last night. Woohoo.

I think he just has some bad habits as a result of the last month being filled with 12 month immunisations and the resulting yucky feeling, four molars coming through and the resulting yucky feeling, a bout of laryngitis and the resulting yucky feeling...

And it wasn't the refusal to sleep that caused me anxiety so much as the *screaming*. He's never done that before. This time he stood up in his cot and screamed like someone was slitting his throat. And when I'd come in, he'd be hysterical, waving his hands around and not letting me touch him. That got me concerned. That he was in pain. Or that he was scared. But maybe he just learned to do it. He's a lot better now at throwing tantrums when he doesn't get his way, so maybe this was just another aspect of it.

Anyway, I think (touch wood) that we're all OK again now.

Betta go. We're off to playgroup.

Monday, January 29, 2007

More layouts

I have two layouts in SC this month. Here they are:

Pause - Britta's daughter, in Germany. I think I already shared this one a while back.

Sunday Walks with dad.
Journaling: The regular trip to the deli for bread and the paper. Two little boys. One steep hill. Four little legs that tire easily. One strong rope that pulls little bikes up hills and controls runaways on the way down. One very weary Dad at the end of the journey.
I don't remember if I've put this up already or not. It's of my BIL and nephews. Sweet.

Not much else to report. I've had very little time to myself. Phil was interstate. Jamie's been very off colour. Don't know what the problem is. Just back from the doctor and nothing physically wrong. But he won't sleep. I resorted to taking him to bed with me while Phil was away. But it's been over a week now. Normally if it was a just a phase, he would be over it. He. just. won't. sleep. in. his. bed. He stands up and *screams* when we put him in there. Hysterical stuff. Thought it was the dark - but he does it during the day too. Just don't know. Anyway, I have no time to myself because he is not napping and it is taking until 10pm for us to get him to sleep at night - read here, that it takes until I finally collapse and drag him to bed with me. Sigh.

As I write this he is crying and carrying on in the next room. Must go.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So you thought I'd converted...

Got my Feb issue of CK in the mail yesterday. I have a special LO in there. My Grandma (you'll remember, she passed away last August) and Jamie.

Your Great-Grandma Lola is quite taken with you, Jamie. You are her tenth great grandchild. On this day she sat and admired you, then she waggled her fingers for you to watch, and patted you. Watching you two together, I'm struck by the cycle of life - she is ninety-seven; you have just been born. You were born almost a century apart.

I loved doing this one. It heralded a bit of a return to the ol' Kathie vintage style. I had been doing so many baby and cutesy layouts. It was quite nice to do something like this for a change and it came together really fast, which is a novelty for me.

Strangely, I'm finding myself doing more and more vintage LOs again. It probably has something to do with all the rich papers that are coming out, coinciding with winter in the US.

In the mag the LO looks like it's an 8.5x11 page. But it's not! They cut it when they were printing it. So, no, I haven't converted to the dark side, lol. Actually, considering that they totally mangled it and overexposed it when they photographed it, it doesn't look too bad. But here is a better pic.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Where will you be on 3 February?

LOL, hopefully taking a class at Scrapbook Station. My first class there runs from 1pm until 3pm. I'm booked to teach three classes for them. One a month until April. Hopefully, if I get enough interest in my classes, they'll ask me to do more!

Here's the sample layout.

You'll get templates to make the paper piecing. Don't worry - no freestyling :). Come along and join in. I'm thinking it should be a pretty comfortable class. Not too rushed. Just lots of cutting and pasting. What you all love.

Infomercial over.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Best Time

Lol, thanks to everyone who commented on my vent. It doesn't bug me too much... just when Jamie's sleeping!

I had the best time on Friday night. I did one of Zina's classes at Creative Edge. What a blast. I got to sit with all my girlie friends Nic, Mel, Michelle, Kate and Jane and just relax and create. It was so much fun! It got me thinking - I met every single one of those girls online before I ever met them face-to-face, but now they're such good friends. All because of scrapping. And I got to meet Mardi finally! So, Mardi, did you end up staying? I bet to you did! And hi to Jahnava, Allie, Wens and Louise . How lovely to be able to put faces and voices to the names. And a great friend of mine, Cherill, a new convert to scrapping, went to two classes. C, you have to ring me and tell me how it went, OK?

We started making the cutest little album; I can't wait to find some time to finish it. Maybe during the evenings this week. Itching. Itching. Itching...

Janine and Karen at Scrapbook Station did a fantastic job putting this weekend together. I wish I could have gotten to more classes. Next time :).

And speaking of Scrapbook Station, the messageboard is now up and running. We're having fun. Come and join in! Just scroll through the portal until you get to the blue "messageboard" heading. We're all in there :). Lisa popped in yesterday. And Mardi's gonna come by, aren't you Mardi!

OK, I gotta cook. I'm making up some batches of food for Jamie, to put in the freezer. urgh. It takes up so much time. I can't wait until he can eat what we eat all the time. In the meantime, I swear, he eats better than me. I bought a cookbook the other day and I'm going through and making each recipe - Paprika Pork, Moroccan Lamb with Couscous, Tagliatelle with Broccoli and Ham, Crunchy Chicken casserole, Fish Pie, Baby Dahl.. etc etc. Ummm. that reminds me it's lunchtime. Boring ol' cheese sandwich for me.

OK, enough drivvle. See ya

Friday, January 19, 2007

Why I don't like Fridays

LOL, in the spirit of Lisa's blog entry on venting, here I am :)

Jamie is teething at the moment, so getting to sleep and staying asleep is an issue and is usually accompanyed by much crying, shushing, panadol and teething gel. This morning I started to put him down for his nap at 9.50am. It took until 10.15am for him to fall asleep. It's now 10.50am and in the last 40 minutes I have held my breath as follows:

- the bells of the church behind us chimed for a minute
- the garbage truck went past
- the bells of the church behind us chimed again
- the old lady who lives next to us decided to drag her garbage bin down the side of her house. Yes, you read right. D.R.A.G. She hasn't worked out yet that you can tilt the bloody thing and wheel it. She drags it all the way down the length of her property. Right past Jamie's bedroom window.
- the dog barked at someone walking on the other side of the road past our house (how dare they!)
- the mailman came
- the church bells rang again (what aaaare they doing at that church???!!!)
- the garbage truck went past again

Oh give me some peace! This is why I want to move....

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fourteen months

Hello Kim and Janine! I remember you girls from ol' ASC days :).
Hi Louise (wave) and Tammy! Thanks for delurking.
And a big hello to everyone else, all my lovely friends who regularly stop by to chat and keep a SAHM sane :)

Well, our little Rabbit is fourteen months old. Wow!

Dear Jamie,

My prediction last month was spot on, wasn't it? You are walking!!! You can walk clear across the room. First you started standing unaided. Then you could squat down to pick something up off the floor, and stand up again. Then you took your first tentative step. Then three. Then five. And now you can walk, ooooh, twenty steps or so. Arms out, feet planted widely, knees all wobbly. Totter, totter, totter.

(Yeah, I know - he's holding on. I just realised that we have yet to capture walking unaided on film! Yikes. Please excuse the nappy background)

Your favourite thing to do is to trundle around the house behind your doggie walker. You’ve learnt to maneuver it so that you can go clear around the house. You trundle up and down the hallway and as you catch sight of me, you beam me a huge smile.

(Note our beautifully painted hallway!)

Grandma measured you against the wall today and you are 76cm tall. You have grown an amazing 25cm since you were born. That’s half your birth length! This month you have cut three of your 12 month molar teeth. Three all together. At the same time! There were many restless nights while they were coming through, but considering that you were cutting lots of big teeth, you did amazingly well. We’re still waiting for the fourth to appear. Judging from your “irritability” score at the moment (lol, I love that word – it sounds so innocuous; nothing like it really is!) it’s imminent.

As well as walking, this month you have also started saying words. First you said “toes”. You said it perfectly, while holding onto them, just so that there was no misunderstanding. It made my heart stop. To catch the sound of your voice. To hear you say a word with that beautiful baby voice. It made me catch my breath. I wanted you to repeat it. I wanted to listen to that baby voice for ever. I guess I’ll laugh about that in years to come, when I will probably wish that you’d shut up and give me a moment’s peace!

Now, in addition to “toes”, you can say “nose” and “Jash”, which is Jamie-speak for Jak (or indeed any dog). At the beginning of this month you were very interested in our noses. Now you regularly point to our noses, eyes, ears and mouths. And you understand shoes and hats. When we leave shoes lying around you bring them to us and put them on top of our feet. And if you get hold of a hat you try to put it on your head.

(Rubbing noses. A favourite game.)

Talking of putting things on your head, you have also learnt to instigate peek-a-boo. After you’ve finished eating, you hold your flannel up to your face and then whip it away and grin as we call “peek-a-boo”. Sometimes you forget to hold the flannel up and simply drop your eyes to the ground. Then you raise them again with a brilliant smile and expect us to cry “peek-a-boo”. You hide behind Daddy’s legs or around the corner of the couch and peek out, expecting me to play.


You understand light switches now and loving turning the patio lights on and off. That light switch is the only one low enough for you to reach. You know you’re not supposed to, but you still like to. The other night you were playing with the power point in the passageway. I came out of the lounge room to see what was occupying you. And there you were, sitting at the power switch, toggling the switches up and down and pointing up at the passageway lights, “errr!, you protested. You must have figured that the switches in the passageway skirting board would work the hallway lights. You seemed quite puzzled that they didn’t.

When Grandma rings on the ‘phone, she often has a quick chat with you, so it’s not surprising that have learnt about telephones. I often hear you babbling away and, when I look over, I see that you have your toy ‘phone up to your ear and you’re talking away animatedly. You even punctuate your “conversations” with laughter. “Hahaha!” you laugh. It must be a good approximation of what I sound like when I’m on the ‘phone.

You are a great mimic. In the morning when I’m brushing my teeth, you point to your little toothbrush and cry out “dis!” and I have to get it for you so that you can brush your teeth too. You stand there with your toothbrush in your mouth and jiggle it up and down, just like Mummy.

You’ve started to master using a spoon when you’re eating. But you much prefer to squish the food around in your hands, feeling it ooze between your fingers and trying to shove great handfuls in your mouth, hand included. You are still a brilliant little eater and eat a huge variety of foods.

You adore books and just in the last couple of days have started to bring me a book and want to crawl up in my lap and read with me. You point to all the animals and cry “dat!”. And I have to name them all for you.

Daddy was on holidays for a couple of weeks this month and you became quite attached to him. Now you cry if he leaves the room, when you have to say goodnight to him and when he goes to work in the morning. I think he’s quite moved that you love him so much. It's a wonderful thing to watch your attachment to each other grow.

Love you!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

D is for Jash

Prepare for catch up news, lol. But first, I read that it's delurking week! So.... hello? who's there? I have no idea who is interested in our little life, apart from the 20 or so people who stop and say hi. I'd love to know who the rest of you are. And now you have the perfect excuse to stop and say hi :)

OK, on to some photos from Christmas. About time, I hear you say?

Please excuse the chipmunk cheeks on that last photo. Mum wanted a photo, like now!, and we didn't even have time to chew and swallow. We just had to clamp our gums together and grin. Ah, don't you love Christmas?

So, lots new in our house.... our little cutie is walking and talking!

Jak = Jash
Well, actually any dog is Jash. A walk in the pram results in one excited little boy everytime a dog walks past. He flings his little arm out of the pram and squeals "Jash!".

Toes = toes
Said in the most perfectly enunciated baby voice. I just could sit and listen to that little baby voice forever. It truly is a miraculous moment when you hear your baby's voice for the first time. When they say those first words.

And he's walking. First one step. Then three. Now he can make half a room before dropping to his bottom. It's such a drunk little totter :).

On the scrapping front, I decided in honour of having reached around 150 accepted/published layouts, that I'd collect them all in one spot. Check the link in my side bar. Ever wondered about my first published page? lol No? Oh well. It's there if you're interested.

This is a layout I have in this month's CK Aussie Reader Gallery.

I don't think I've told you how much I'm missing you at the moment. Your new job takes you interstate for at least a couple of days every week. I didn't think it would bother me that much. It's only a few days at a time. And yet it does. I don't know; maybe it's because I'm pregnant; feeling vulnerable. Maybe it's just been a hard few weeks. But I'm missing you. Missing you just being here. Missing being able to just look up from what I'm doing and say something to you. Missing you hugging me when I fall asleep. And when I wake up. Missing the sound of your voice. Your kisses. Your smile. I miss you!

The layout was done in September 2005. Little did I know that it was going to get much, much worse during 2006.

Gradually Phil's company is pressuring us to move interstate. They've just given him some pretty harsh options for his future in the company. He's one of their best performers and they desperately want him to move to one of the larger states. They have kind of a way about them.... Hmmmm. So we're a bit stressed at the moment. It's been such a tough 12 months and we were really hoping that this year would be a bit more relaxed. Grrr.

And this layout is one of two I did for Scrapbook Station this fortnight (yeah... I got a bit carried away with the theme, lol!). The theme was transparencies. I printed the photo onto a transparency, used some of the Chatterbox transparent letter stickers, and some transparent epoxy stickers.

I'm so tired. Too many nights of broken sleep tending to a new baby. Too many early morning feeds. I know I should get to bed earlier but I've never been good at that. There's always just that one last thing that I find to do. And besides, there's that 11pm feed to do. I'm clumsy. I'm forgetful. I'm lethargic. I snap at tiny little things. I vague out in the middle of doing something. I don't remember things Phil's told me. Aaah, bring me more coffee.

And this is the other one:

So in love with this squished up little face; those sweet snuffly noises you make. Look at you! You're three days old.

S0, haven't been doing much else I can share. I've been helping paint our house. Mum and Dad have been looking after Jamie a bit, so that I can help Phil to get all the painting finished. We're on the home run now and can see that "For Sale" sign on our front lawn. But there's still a lot to do.

And, just when I said that I wanted to take a little scrapping break, I realised that I had to do my class samples. So I've been plugging away on them, and they're now all safely delivered to Scrapbook Station. He's a sneak of my February 3 class.

Yep! Paper piecing :). It's a fun, bright layout perfect for a little boy or girl (or a bigger boy or girl!) who loves their pet dog. The LO is on display in the shop so go check it out. I'm so excited about teaching again. Especially layouts that I love!

Whew! Over and out!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What a difference 12 months makes

Happy new year! I hope that 2007 brings better than best things for all of you!

Well, today I was reflecting on the passage of time. I was reading my journal from a year ago. Jamie was only six weeks old.

Here's my entry from this time 12 months ago:
I am so tired and depressed. Grandma has been helping me out. But I am so tired, Bunny. It’s not your fault. I love you to bits. But the breastfeeding problems on top of the colic. I just don’t know what to do!

And here's today's entry:
You rascal! You didn’t want to fall asleep tonight. You cried for ages when I put you to bed. In the end I came in and cuddled you for a while. But you didn’t want to sleep. You lifted your head up off my shoulder and started pointing.
First you stuck your finger in my ear; “Dis!, you cried”.
Then you grabbed the hair at the nape of my neck; “Dis!”.
Then you patted the hair on my fringe; “Dis!”.
Then you poked your finger up my nose; “Dis!”.
And, finally, to finish your repertoire, you poked my eye; “Dis!”.
I tried so hard to ignore you. But by the time you stuck your finger in my eye, I couldn’t help but giggle. You are learning well. Too well. Our lessons on hair, head, nose, mouth, eye and ear are coming along very well.

Life's good :D