Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Random Facts

I've been tagged by Britta, Tatum and Janine.

Here are the rules:
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write down their seven facts and copy/paste these rules. You then need to tag 7 people. Don't forget to leave them a comment on their blog telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. When I was a toddler my hair stood straight up on my head.

2. I hate, hate, hate tomato soup. Eww, spew.

3. I turned down a fully paid Australian Scholarship to do my PhD in immunology. And earned the wrath of my professor, seeing as I'd duxed my honours degree. I haven't regretted it though. Although I do still sometimes muse how it would feel to be "Dr Link". It sounds like something out of Jekyll and Hyde doesn't it.

4. I taught tap dancing and ballet to put myself through Uni. Apart from that, I've worked as a medical researcher, a University administrator, an occupational health & safety adviser, an industrial relations consultant and a human resources manager.

5. I lived in Germany on a student exchange when I was 17. I went to school over there and spoke German the entire time.

6. I was born with a hole in my heart. It's between my two ventricles which means that some of the de-oxygenated blood mixes with the good blood before it pumps around my body. When I got pregnant I went and had my heart ultrasounded and found that it had healed over. Yahoo!

7. I used to run 5km (at least) five times a week. Nowadays I take a leisurely stroll around the block with the pram. But sometime I catch sight of a jogger and get withdrawal pangs. I must get back into it. I know it's gonna hurt though!

And now I tag: Nic, Lisa, Kate, Mel, Mardi, Megan, Katie.

See ya

Monday, April 23, 2007

I look like...

I found a link to this from somewhere. Another blog. Can't remember which now. Sorry if it was you!! Although I don't really think I look like any of them, lol. I suspect that they only have beautiful people in that database.

Just a mindless Monday post :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Seventeen months

My cheeky little Rabbit,

You are seventeen months old. I remember when you were a newborn baby, I would look at people with eighteen month old children and marvel at how big they were; at how many things they could do. And now you're almost there yourself. The time has flown.

You understand what’s going on in your world so well now. And you’re always investigating how things work. And delighting in stuff. The simple stuff. The stuff that makes me smile when I stop and see it through your eyes.

I am fascinated by how much you understand. One afternoon we were sitting in your bedroom and I was telling you a story. About a little boy called Jamie, who lived in a beautiful house and had a wonderful bedroom. This bedroom was complete with a lovely cosy cot [you looked at your cot] with Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger above it [you looked at your mobile]. Jamie had lots of toys, including a wonderful elephant that went “ehrrr!!!” [You looked over at your toys in the bookshelf.] Every morning Jamie and his mummy would open up the cupboard and have a look at all his clothes to decide what he was going to wear for the day [you looked at your cupboard]. Wow. It blew me away.

So then I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at how clever you were a few days later when you were “helping” me folding the washing. You’d knocked a whole pile of clean clothes onto the floor. I had one red sock, but its mate was on the floor. I asked you if you would get me the red sock. Now, I know that you know what a sock is. I didn’t think you’d get the red bit though. So I showed you the sock I had in my hand and told you that the other one looked just like it and would you please get it for me. You looked at the pile of washing on the floor and walked straight over to the red sock, picked it up and gave it to me. It blew me away. Again.

You are beginning to instigate imaginative play. The other night you were using your hairbrush to stir around in an empty ice-cream container. I looked over to catch sight of you lifting the brush to your mouth and “eating” your imaginary food. You were pretending! When I commented you held out your spoon for me to eat some too. We played like that for a bit, you and I. Then you offered some to Jak. Unfortunately, he didn’t understand the game.

When we read about people or animals eating now, you make little chewing noises. Or when something’s yummy, you look at me with a big smile and make little chewing noises. Similarly, when something’s all gone you throw your hands up in the air. “All gone!” You turn the TV off. Hands up in the air. “All gone!” Your drink is finished. Hands up in the air. “All gone!”

You are expressive. “What do fish do, Jamie?” results in you making little floating, swimming movements with your hand. You’ve been watching the fish on Grandad’s screensaver. You can also show us how birds fly – little floating, swimming movements with your hand. And how to shoo flies – little floating, swimming movements with your hand.

You are talkative. You babble constantly. You tell me about what’s happening in our world. “Errr!” It’s a bird while we’re walking. “Errrr!” It’s a bus driving past our car. If something is very interesting you exclaim “ohhhhh!” with an excited pursed mouth and sparkling eyes. Easter Eggs get an “ohhhh!” A sippy cup of milk gets an “ohhhhhhh!” The owner of the cafĂ© where Grandma and Grandad take you for “coffees” loves it when he brings your babycinno. He waits a while away from the table now, until you catch sight of him. Or, more exactly, until you catch sight of the cup he is carrying. He waits, because he knows that he’ll get an “ohhhh!” from across the room. And a big beaming smile.

You are cheeky. You are naughty. You have a little sideways glance that is cheekiness epitomized. Usually it follows me telling you off for doing something, and is followed by you immediately doing something else that you shouldn’t.

You think it’s hilarious when someone burps. Grandma has been teaching you very, should I say “grandma-ish” habits. It started off that when you burped you’d laugh and pat your chest. “Pardon!” Now you laugh and pat our chests for us, if we burp. Amusing.

You are loving. Hugs. Kisses. You pat our knees when you want to sit on our laps. You like nothing better than to sit on our laps with a book.

And today.... today for the first time I got beautiful kisses before your afternoon nap. Little pursed lips, blowing gently on my cheeks with little lovie noises. Aaaah. Sigh. I do love you!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Wedding Layouts

I have a couple of wedding layouts in print at the moment. The first is in this month's Scrapbook Creations.

You Me Love.
The journaling is my husband's wedding vows.

I have posted a "how to" for anyone who wants instructions here.

The other wedding layout is in The Heart of Design, a book out by Kate Mason and Debra Fuller. I received my copy this week and it's just gorgeous.

I won't post my layouts from it here just yet. I'm not sure what the etiquette is with books, but I feel like I should wait a little while before I post them.

OK, I'm off to watch Spooks. Just a short post tonight.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My scrapping space

This is my layout for this fortnight's portal at Scrapbook Station. The theme is our scrap spaces.

Journaling: Since my scraproom became Jamie's bedroom, I have been scrapping on the dining table. I keep my tools and day-to-day materials in my scrap-tote and bring it out at night when Jamie's in bed. All my other stuff is stored in a cupboard in the next room. Man, I wear a groove in the floorboards going between these two rooms!

OK, I swear that this is all straight IRL! Apologies for the wonky pic, the gingham ribbon is dead-straight IRL. Photos show before, messy laugh.gif and storage (from top to bottom).

I nearly didn't volunteer for this theme, seeing as I don't have a "scrap space". Sulk. But then I thought that it would be good to document this phase in my scrapbooking journey. Because, I keep reminding myself, it is just a phase. When we move, I hope to have a little space all for me.

Scrapping on the dining table with an eighteen month old running around is fraught with difficulty. Nothing is safe from those grasping little fingers. And his arms get longer and longer every day! I hate having to pack everything up to keep it out of his way. It just stifles my creativity. And I really have to feel inspired before I can be bothered unpacking it all again. Grizzle. LOL.

And I had a revelations as I was doing this layout. When I started out my thought was "goody! a layout where I can use flowers." And I couldn't! I'm so over flowers! After not having used them for so long, I thought I'd love it. But I didn't. I've gotten so used to thinking about other embellishments rather than just grabbing a flower, that now I find them sort of, er, well, boring. (sorry!).

And I now realise the reason for the unsettledness yesterday.... Jamie woke in the middle of the night with a river of snot running from his nose. He has a cold. He slept in our bed last night. And I use the word "slept" rather loosely. A better description is fidgeted. Or tossed. Or cried. Poor little guy.

See you!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


That was a quick post earlier. I got called away!

OK, I've added a "how to" for my Popcorn layout here. If you know anyone who is just starting out and wants an easy layout to copy - there it is!

After swearing that I was going to take it easy with scrapbooking (and largely achieving that to date), I have a confession to make. I have been tempted...

I'm excited to be part of a new blog, Scrapbooking Sketches (Aussie Style). Now, if you know me, you know that I *never* use sketches. Oh well, not never, but very very rarely. So it should be heaps of fun and a bit of a challenge for me. The fun kicks off on 1 May. But don't wait until then to check it out! Because we're searching for another design team member right now, and it could be you! Go check out the blog for details.

And another great blog that's just started up, if you're looking for inspiration for pages for boys. "Scrap the Boys". Great idea Sharryn!

Argh. He's crying again! He knows when I'm blogging.
Better go.


First, a layout for you. This is in this month's Creating Keepsakes Aussie Reader Gallery.

Journaling: You have become very attached to little Popcorn. You reach for him when you go to bed and cuddle him as soon as you wake up.

I spent most of my spare time this week visiting childcare centres. I've found one that I am comfortable with. You know, one where I found myself thinking, "I could leave J here happily of a morning." Unfortunately it's one with a waiting list. But it re-affirms that I'm wise to wait until a place becomes available there. They say he's at the top of the list; that I just have to ring every week to see whether a spot has become available.

I spent all day yesterday washing windows. My oh my, what a difference clean windows make!

Uh, oh. I can hear a sleepy voice from the nursery. Better go. A little mouse has woken up from his sleep.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone.

A couple of photos from the garden the other day. My little Jamie-Tigger :).


Helping Grandad with the gardening (and sweeping).

Thanks for all your suggestions about daycare too. It appears that there's a lack of family day care in the area we will be living in. They "have difficulties getting women to provide family day care" there. So a centre it must be.

And, yes, it is long day-care for under 2s where the problem is. If Jamie was over 2, I would not have spent every spare minute on the 'phone this week.

But I think that I may, I just may, have found a childcare centre. We are going to have a look on Tuesday. I am a bit worried because they have *no* waiting list, and wanted to arrange the finances there and then, over the phone. Hmmmm....


Monday, April 02, 2007

Scrapbook Station class, and what's bugging me atm

Cherill reminded me that I haven't posted details of my next class at Scrapbook Station yet. So, without further ado, here is a peek:

Too Cute
Scrapbook Station, Thursday 26 April 7-9pm
Flowers don't have to be solely for girls' pages. We'll be making these simple ribbon flowers that will look equally at home on a boy's page. Add a further touch of whimsy with hand-lettering and doodling. Class Cost $15. Materials supplied.

And while on the subject of Scrapbook Station, our next blog challenge has been posed by Nic. To post pictures of things in our home that are driving us crazy.

Oh my. To choose, to choose, to choose ;).

This is the huge pile of "stuff" that my DH is supposed to be sorting out. Heaven help us, most of it needs to be thrown out and that's why its in this pile. Because he is a h.o.a.r.d.e.r. And I'm not. So it keeps things interesting. But piles like this bug the crap out of me.

And piles like this too.

Hahaha, I know there's a few of you that will be nodding your heads. Piles of newspapers and magazines! This is just a baby one. Wait a few weeks and it will be a towering skyscraper.

And, finally, here's something that's bringing a smile to my face today.

J's finally worked out how to pull along his little toys. He trundles around the house with all manner of things trailing behind him at the moment. So fun.

That's it for today's post.
Have a great day!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Adelaide Scrapping Retreat

I am going to be running a little workshop at a Scrapping Retreat being held at the end of May. Here's a sneaky peek of the class layout:

Make it Personal
Telling your story. In your own handwriting.
Join me in this workshop and jump start your story telling. Learn how to get your journaling flowing onto your page. In this practical session, you'll have fun experimenting with different hand lettering styles and create a layout that has your personal style written all over it.

This will be such fun. Steph Devlin will also be taking a class. The retreat is over the weekend of 25-27 May at Glenelg North, Adelaide. Accommodation nearby can be arranged for people coming from interstate. There's going to lots of fun, games, great prizes, heaps of scrapping and a PJ party on the Saturday night. More information on the retreat can be obtained from Lea Adcock, by email or 0412347808.

Well, thanks for all your comments about my last post. Childcare.... grr. I'm not amused. I spent quite a lot of time ringing around last week. All the other centres are fully booked for the next 12 months at least. They are suggesting you put your child's name down when you first conceive. The earliest it seems that Jamie can get a place is July.

One of the centres where I have had his name down for six months told me on Friday that they'd taken me off the list, because they hadn't heard from me for four months. And yet, I distinctly remember ringing them early Jan to let them know that my return to work had been delayed by three months, from late Jan to late April. Grrr. What can you do? The director of that centre is on leave for five weeks and no-one else can deal with my query. Well that's just fabulous. Seeing as I'm due back at work in four weeks!

I will ring around family day care providers. However I have a problem with trust when I don't know the person. I figure there's more checks and balances with a centre - there's more staff etc. to keep an eye out that the children are OK. I don't know. I feel awful even saying that because I know some family day care providers and they're fantastic. Just too far away.

I'm interested in your opinions, those of you that have used family day care. (Although even that may be a moot point, if I can't get him in there either.)

And the sad thing is that I had finally come to terms with going back to work. I'd had discussions with them about my job and was looking forward to the work that they had lined up for me. And they'd agreed to me going back two days a week. I was looking forward to it! Oh well, I'll just keep plugging away and keep my fingers crossed.

In other news, I finally got our new front fence totally painted yesterday. yay! That was a big job, but it looks great. Phil has finished off the little details in our new kitchen (like door handles, lol). One of the bathrooms is painted. We have our new rugs down. The new couch arrives in Adelaide sometime in the next week or so. Woohoo! It's all systems go. Still heaps to finish off though.

Hope you're all having a sunny Sunday!