Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Things You Do

I stumbled across a list of things that Jamie used to do when he was eleven months old.
And it took me back seven months. It seems like ages ago. I would have forgotten many of those little things if they weren't written down. It prompted me to write a list of all the things that Jamie is doing now:

- he loves to feed himself yoghurt. I give him a spoon, a bowl of yoghurt and another empty bowl and he sits happily in his highchair "eating". Yesterday he upended the bowl on his head.

- when we empty the bath at night he likes to hunch over the drain and watch the water disappear. He tries to plug the hole. He waggles his left hand "bye-bye" to the water.
- when he falls over he screws up this mouth in an exaggerated "ooooh!"
- he's ticklish and giggles when I try to take off his singlet to have a bath
- he waggles his hand when he wants more
- he likes patterns - when he eats, his bowl, spoon, cup *and flannel* must be on the high chair. If the flannel's not there he points to it and complains until I put it on the table. Then he pats it with a contented mutter
- he says "doof doof" when the dogs across the road bark (which is quite a lot, now that he draws it to my attention)
- he loves stacking things. All things. Any things.

Have a great day

Monday, May 28, 2007


I was sent two copies of the May issue of Scrapbook Trends (USA), as I'm a contributor this month. It's gorgeous, but I really only need the one copy :). So, I'm gonna RAK a copy.

All you have to do to be in the draw is to leave a comment to this post. I'll draw one person's details out of a hat, ooooh, say in a couple of weeks. 8 June. My birthday.



Scrapbook Station projects

I finished this little mini album on the weekend. It's a sample for the class I'll be teaching at Scrapbook Station, just in time for Fathers Day. So excited about it. I love it when I adore a project that I'll be teaching. It makes it so easy to teach. Can't post it all, obviously, but here's a sneak:

We'll be inking, stamping and heat embossing. Should be great fun!

And this is my DT layout for this month. The theme was to use something as inspiration. Here's my inspiration:

And here's the page:

Journaling: Look at all those teeth! You were playing with Daddy on the couch the other night when I snapped this shot. What a beautiful smile. All those perfect little pearly whites.

LOL, when I saw the little shark on this onesie, I was inspired to scrap a photo of Jamie showing all his teeth.

I taught a short workshop at a retreat on the weekend. What a great class! Hi girls! Thanks for being so welcoming.

I have promised to post my class LO here on my blog when I've completed it. (Yes, rofl, I know that usually the teacher actually completes the sample *before* the class. However, I've never been known to do things the conventional way ;) ). I will post it. I promise. It's finished. I just need to scan it still.

Have a great week everyone

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Eighteen Months

Rabbit, you're now eighteen months old. You have developed such a little personality. You are wonderful to be around and I am so thoroughly enjoying spending my days at home with you. Next month I start working again and I'm really not looking forward to it. Even though it's just part-time, I really don't want to leave you for that amount of time. We've just started our orientation sessions at the childcare centre and my heart twists whenever we go there. I can't bear to think about leaving you there. I wish that our days could continue as they have. But I have to go back to work. And, probably after the first few days I'll be wondering why I was making such a fuss. But at the moment, I just feel like curling up and having a good cry when I think about someone else taking care of you all day.

I want to remember these things about you at eighteen months:

You are trying to form words: “doof doof” is woof woof; you can moo like a cow; you can say dog and duck, but only every now and then, never on demand. The strangest thing is that you love to hoot like an owl "wooh ooh" you say, when we turn the light down in your bedroom at night. "Wooh ooh".

You love your shoes. I think that’s because we always put on your shoes when you’re going outside and you love to be outside. I never have any problems convincing you to put your shoes on.

You have a fascination with brooms. You help Grandad sweep the leaves and now, whenever you go outside you make a bee-line for our broom. It's really so big for you, but you seem to enjoy "sweeping".

You love to talk on the telephone. If I’m on the phone, I’ll turn around to find you with something up against your ear – whatever you had in your hand at the time - a book, your brush, whatever. And you’ll be talking animatedly into it.

You have been really clingy this month. I love that you want to sit in my lap. You tap on my leg and I know that you want to be picked up and cuddled, or that it’s time to sit and read a book together.

You give us wonderful kisses and Eskimo kisses. Especially when you’re tired. You clamber up into Daddy’s lap before bedtime and give him kisses. When you’re looking through your picture book, you give the photos of Grandma and Grandad lovely kisses. And the photos of Mummy and Daddy. And the photos of Thomas, William, Auntie Sonia and Uncle John.

You’ve grown a heap this month. You can now reach up on the kitchen counters. To start with, we had a couple of near misses with chopping blocks and knives too close to the edge of the counter. But I’m used to it now.

You love to “feed” yourself. It’s more just banging against your bowl with the metal spoon. And always with such a look of glee on your face. The louder the sound, the bigger the "o" shape your mouth makes. You make me laugh!

You brush your hair – with the broom from the dustpan and broom set!

Your favourite game is to chase Jak whilst pushing your little push cart. You ram it into him and squeal with delight when he jumps into the air and runs away. Poor Jak! His peaceful existence is no longer.

Your next favourite game is riding on your ride-on car, which you have finally learnt to direct forwards.

What else... You love drawing with your crayons. Your favourite book is “Oh Dear”. You still eat really well. Grandma's biscuits and Daddy's chocolate are favourites.

To think that you're eighteen months already. Such a little personality. Such a character. I love you so much.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Like a Pig in Poo :)

Got home to two packages waiting on my doorstep. Jamie and I were both dripping wet, having got caught in a sudden downpour while walking back to the car at the shopping centre. So it was a welcome diversion to wrestle open the packages and uncover the goodies inside.

One box is from Scrapbook Trends (USA), for this layout which appears in the May issue:

Side by Side

Jeepers, scrapping gear must be cheap in the US. They say that their goodie pack includes $20 worth of stuff. I swear! It's easily $60 worth in Australian terms. I am in heaven! Although I must find some girly photos to scrap though because I have some amazing easter papers that are distinctly pink! Anyone got girly easter photos, lol? Otherwise I have to be creative as to how I can sneak them onto some of Jamie's page. Thinking, thinking, thinking...

The other package was from Designing Memories. I am guest designer for katja's July kit. Oooh, such delicious goodies :). But you'll have to wait a while for me to share.

So, I have just been sorting through lots of stuff. Pulling them all out of their little bags, sorting through them. Fingering the paper, running my hands through the ribbon, sniffing the flowers. You know, all the stuff you do when you get a pile of yummy new goodies to play with. I have been on a serious "use your stash" mission over the last few months, so new goodies is a treat :D.

We had the weekend off on the house. Perhaps that's also why I feel so upbeat today. Phil had done his back while he was interstate for work last week. So there was no working to be had at the Link household this weekend. Well, that is... I still had washing, cooking, vacuuming, mopping, dishes, baby caring etc etc. But I had no house renovations. A weekend off!

Well, I've got photos to print while J naps. No time to talk when there's fresh goodies on the table.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

All the little things

You know, all those little things that go in to making up our lives, but that make it seem like we're never actually doing anything?

Like sitting in Bob Jane Tmart for an hour today while one of the mechanics tried to work out why my tyre has a slow leak that sees us driving around at 10psi after a few months. It seems that there was a nail stuck in the tyre. At least I got to catch up on February's celebrity gossip care of the magazines in the waiting room. At least Jamie was at his Grandparents'.

Like the half hour I spent trying to put a keypad back onto my laptop this morning. Jamie gave it a bit of a vigorous typing test. Oops! Ever tried to fossick with minute parts wearing a thumb guard? Fun. Not. I will now be taking said laptop somewhere where a professional can fiddle with it. That'll probably be another hour.

Like ringing around to work out the best way of selling my antique dining table we no longer want. It would seem that auction is the best way. It took me half an hour to discover that, and to understand what I have to do to get my table to auction.

I still have a heap of things that I was supposed to do today. I guess it all just goes onto tomorrow's to-do list. Which was already long enough.

Do you ever have periods in your life where you just feel like it's one step forward and two steps back? I'm having one at the moment. Whinge. Whinge. Grizzle.

We spent the afternoon at childcare yesterday. Jamie seemed to enjoy it. As long as I was there so he could clamber up into my lap and read all the new picture books, lol. More orientation sessions over the next couple of weeks.

This month's CK is out and I have a layout in the Aussie Reader Gallery:

Journaling: While you and I were enjoying ourselves in Perth with your cousins, Daddy had come home and was redecorating your room. What a wonderful surprise to come home to! Your room's so bright and airy now. New cupboards display your toys. Pictures hang on the walls. Teddies keep watch. At last, you have a proper nursery.

How-to instructions are here.

That's all folks! I'm off to grizzle into my hot chocolate.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This fortnight's layouts are up at SketchesOz. This time the guest artist is Chris Millar. Here's my take on her sketch.

More photos from Jamie's first trip to the beach. I only took, ooooh, about a hundred :). Lots more to come...

Check it all out here.

I'm still getting through my to-do list, although not as fast as I like, seeing as I have a guard over my finger...

clean oven... check
spot clean bedroom rug... check
vacuum entire house... check
wash all floorboards... check
dust skirtings throughout... check

See you

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Thanks for the comments about my heritage layouts. I do love them. I just feel so compelled to get Jamie's early days recorded, that I don't have the same enthusiasm for heritage pages that I used to. I do still love looking through all my old photos there. I have some amazing photos.

What's the difference between heritage and vintage? Hmmm... For me, it's about the era of the photos. Heritage would be 100 years old or so. So something like this:

But it's also about the colours and the elements on the page. Dark colours. Browns, blues, deep greens. Metal elements, mica, heavy laces, twine, hessian etc etc.

Vintage on the other hand is probably 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s (although the 60s may also be retro). So something like this:

More colour. Think vintage postcards. Think vintage picture books.
At least, that's my take on it.

OK, another layout share. This one's in Scrapbook Creations this month.

Look, the Train!
Journaling: Every day on our walk, we walk along the train track near our house. And yesterday, as a train rattled past, I found myself wondering “when did I get so into trains?”. Because every time we saw one, I’d carry on like an idiot: “Look Jamie, a traaaaain!!!!!!! Wow!!!! Look at that traaaaain!!!! Did you see it???? Did you see the big train???? Gee wiz!!!!!” And there I’d be jigging around on the street corner like it was the best thing that had ever happened to us. So, this is the start of stereotyping…

There's a step-by-step how-to here.

Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day.

I've spent most of the day grumpy. Unfortunately. Through jangling pain shooting through my left hand everytime I bang my thumb against something (which is often, I've discovered). Yesterday, after my vacuum cleaner snapped in half (another story altogether!), I decided to clean up the garden instead. I managed to get my thumb in the way of the pruning shears. I now have a slightly flatter thumb than before. And it hurts! All those nerve endings. Yeow! At the moment, I am sitting here with a big plastic guard over it. Which makes typing interesting.

So, we had a quiet day. But it was nice, nevertheless. Phil cooked tea :D.

Have a great week

Friday, May 11, 2007

OK, I'd like to break out of my "heritage scrapper" label now!

A layout I did for SM this month. It was a product challenge. The colours have come up shocking in the scan, but then they were pretty shocking to start with, lol.

Oh, they're lovely papers. Very Americana, patriotic, stars and stripes. But very dark; very rich; and very heritage.

I'M OVER HERITAGE!!! Did you hear me? I said "I'M OVER HERITAGE!!!"

Give me vintage and I'll love you. Give me bright colours and I'll be like a pig in mud working on pages for the little fella.

It would seem that I am still labelled a heritage scrapper. Because I always seem to get the dark, sombre papers.

I don't think that I did the kind of layout SM were probably looking for with these papers when they sent them out to me, lol. Oh well. You get that. The photos are of my uncle and his mates, sometime in the 1950s.

And this layout is the reason that I declined to participate in another product challenge for SM this month. I like to do the pages that I want these days, with the papers I want. Time to give somebody else the chance to be challenged. And they'll probably enjoy it...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


We have a reprieve!

No open inspection this weekend. Maybe in a week or two ;)

Whew. That is the sound of me breathing out. I have been seriously stressed!

Needless to say, we spent the day at my parents' place today and I relaxed and didn't do anything "housey".

And on Friday we're going up to Nic's for the morning.

Weeeheee! I'm free!

I know I've still got heaps to do. But now I have a reasonable timeframe to work within. Bless my DH. He does this to me all the time. He's a dreamer.... Has no idea of timeframes.

I have to take some close-up photos too. Those ones I posted yesterday are really washed out and don't show the warmth or the textures. It's so dull at the moment and our house doesn't have a lot of available light. And the flash kills colours! So.. more photos to come...

Louise, I have no idea the origin of the shower screen. DH got it off Ebay. I do know that if we had've bought it retail it would have been close to $1k. (No way we paid that... DH likes his Ebay bargains!) It's really heavy, double thick glass. And I mean *really* heavy. I had to help lift that little monster in place and hold it steady while DH bolted it together. My biceps were bulging! (LOL, I have no biceps. But you get the idea ;) ). I'll ask him tonight if he knows who the manufacturer is and email you if he knows.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seriously making me happy

This is seriously making me happy :D

A quick progress report:

source and buy large pot for loungeroom... check
clean out old bathroom... check
return blank canvases to BigW... check
buy rattan baskets.... check
buy cushions and throw for sofa....check
grocery shopping.... check
clear up all Phil's tools in laundry.... check
clean laundry.... check

Thanks for all the lovely comments :). I was feeling so low and depressed this morning. I'm feeling a lot better now though. Onwards and upwards.


Monday, May 07, 2007

The cleanest street in Adelaide

I suppose I should be grateful that the Council comes around regularly to mow our verges and keep our street tidy.

But I'm not.
Not when they come around just as Jamie has laid his head on his pillow for a nap.
Not when I have a zillion things to do (that I'm procrastinating about by being here.)

I suppose that I should be grateful that the Council brings around the street sweeper to clear up all the lawn clippings and weeds afterwards.

But I'm not.
Not when it takes them 7 trips up and down the street.

7 trips! Our street only has, like, twenty houses, for goodness sake!
How many times do you need to sweep a street in order to clean it?

Of course, you can imagine the scenario in our house for that twenty minutes or so it took the mowers and whipper snippers to do their thing and then for the street sweeper to amble past every two minutes or so.

One very scared and distressed little boy who had just fallen asleep.
One very frazzled mummy.

buy rug for lounge... check

And it looks good :)

We're off to buy some scatter cushions and a throw rug after lunch.
Procrastinating BADLY on the rest.


Sunday, May 06, 2007


roses pruned..... check
front garden weeded.... check
back garden weeded.... check
back garden tidied... check
flagstone pavers bought and transported... check
back patio area paved.... check
big shed cleared... check
miniskip bin completely filled.... check
dining buffet stained... check
bedside cabinets stained... check
old lounge suite moved to shed... check (geepers that thing's heavy!)
new sofa unwrapped... check
print hung over sofa... check
mirror hung over dining buffet
dining buffet stained.... check
Jamie's room tidied... check
Master bedroom half sorted...
tea cooked.... check
Jamie collected... check
Fall into bed... zzzz

To do this week:
drop a *stack* of stuff at Goodwill
store several old pieces of furniture in shed
take a *stack* of stuff to storage unit
secure kickboards in kitchen
buy rug for lounge
buy rug for Jamie's room
hang canvases in Jamie's room
source and buy large pot for loungeroom
finish installing vanity in new bathroom
move cosmetics, towels etc into new vanity
clean out old bathroom
clean up new bathroom
clean oven
clean all stainless steel sinks and appliances
spot clean bedroom rug
return blank canvases to BigW
rattan baskets from Kmartbuy cushions and throw for sofa
vacuum entire house
wash all floorboards
dust skirtings
grocery shopping
clear up all Phil's tools in laundry
clean laundry
clean outdoor table setting
rearrange outdoor entertainment area
buy pots and plants for outdoor entertainment area

There's probably other things that I've forgotten. Do you think we'll make it?

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Blogarithm isn't working at the moment, so I'm not getting my usual morning email telling me whose blogs have been updated. I feel adrift! I had no idea how I looked forward to that morning email with all its blog links. I feel like I'm stranded on a desert island with no contact to the outside world, lol. If I haven't visited you in a while, that's why. I still love you. Promise.

I had to tell my mums' group that I wouldn't be joining them any more because I will be working on the days when we meet. I'm so sad! That group has been my support for the last 15 months. I'm going to miss them so much!

I had to turn down an invitation to a picnic in the country tomorrow because we've got too much work to do on the house.

Phil wants to hold the first open inspection next weekend. If I had the energy I'd post some photos of the mess that we call home at the moment.

I feel so upside down and inside out. So many changes going to happen. All at once!

Anyone tried to do open inspections with an 18 month old? How do you keep the place looking like a display home? As soon as I get things looking nice he pulls it all down!

Grumpy face.
LOL, I'm OK. Just venting.


Thursday, May 03, 2007


It is confirmed. Childcare on Thurs and Fri from beginning of June. I am returning to work!

I have incredibly mixed feelings about this.

I guess I'm just like any other mum who is contemplating leaving her child in the care of others.

I don't like it!

But I guess it will be nice to be back at work, doing "grown-up" stuff, interacting with people about stuff other than childcare, having a bit more balance in my life. That will be good.

won't it?

I just don't want to leave my baby! He looks at me with his mischievous little face, with his cheeky grin, with those new curls of blonde hair around his face (yes, he's getting little curls around his face) and my heart cries. I don't know how I can leave him for 8 hours a day.

OK, I'm off to distract myself.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I love a challenge

I just saw this challenge on Janine's blog. To post our first ever layout, our first published layout and our most recent layout.

Ok here goes. I don't know that this is my first layout; it's certainly in that group of the first few though. I don't have scans of anything earlier.

I still love this photo of my nephew, William. I just might re-scrap it one of these days.

This was my first publication; in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 6 No 2. It's still one of my favourites.

And this is the latest LO that I can show you - it's my latest layout for Scrapbook Station DT.

Here I am at my third Birthday. Gooby smile on my face. My tights hanging down 'round my knees. Having an absolute ball!

The theme was stitching - I've machine stitched around the circle frame, then handstitched the felt "balloons" and the felt title.

Thats all for today!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sketches are up!

Our first lot of sketches are up on the Oz sketch site. The first guest artist was Kim Archer. Go check out her fantastic sketch and our interpretations of it. Here's mine:

Journaling: You are mischief. You are sunshine. You are delight. You are joy with blonde hair and a cheeky grin.

I take more portrait photos than landscape, so I turned the sketch around to suit. Unfortunately the LO wouldn't scan without the edges getting chopped off and it just plain looked unbalanced. I hate that! So I had to take a crappy photo instead. But you get the idea.

Love these photos I snapped one night while Jamie was playing with Phil just before bedtime. What a little face :).

It's an unusual colour combo for me, but I really like the vibrancy. I'm on a use-my-stash kick at the moment. So it's a matter of going through my stuff and seeing what's gonna work. It's a great challenge. I'm still trying to work through the stack of BasicGrey papers I won a while back, lol.

I have lots of scrapping to do this month. I don't put my hand up for much these days, so why do I suddenly feel swamped? I'm sure I'll get through it all. One step at a time.

Our garage sale was successful on the weekend, but we still have heaps of gear we need to get rid of. We have probably another two weekends work on the house (I keep saying that!). Phil came home and worked on the outside kitchen area tonight. We really do need to get it finished. It's dragging on and on. And now that it's started to rain, there's even more urgency to get the house on the market. We just don't want to be selling in Winter. We're already talking about whether we've missed the opportunity and whether we should now hold off until Spring.

On Friday I got a letter from a childcare centre to say that there's a spot for Jamie from the end of June. Only been waiting 9 months! So, I'm taking another month off work, and possibly another one after that, if no other places come up before then. Today was supposed to be my first day back to work.

On a more relaxing note, we had a scrap get-together at Scrapbook Station on Saturday night. What a blast! I had such fun chattering away non stop. I did get some scrapping done. Not much, but some. It was just so nice to be out of the house, and with good company, scrapping without any interruption. Yeeha!

Way past my bedtime, but otherwise you wouldn't have heard from me. 'Night!