Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sick again

.. or should I say still? Jamie and I were up half the night. He has gastro this time. Again. Sigh. OK, I'm not going to dwell on it here.

I have totally lost track of the scrapbooking world over the last month or so. Sorry, I know that things have been a bit light on scrapbooking wise on here. Truth is, I haven't done anything in over a month. And I don't know when I'll get the chance.


My sister arrives with her family from Perth tomorrow. They're here for a week. I'm so excited about their visit! It will be wonderful to spend some time with them. We haven't seen them since we visited Perth this time last year. I suspect they'll see a change in Jamie, lol.

OK, back to the scrapping. I think I have some layouts out this month (or is it already last month?). I have stuff in Scrapbooking Memories 9(3); For Keeps 58 and Scrapbook Creations 46. Are they already out? I also have something in CK's Aussie Reader Gallery Issue 12 (10). Is that out? Sigh. I haven't bought a scrapping mag for months.

I'm pretty sure that SM is out. Here's the layout:

Journaling: This is what we do every day when the weather's fine. We walk along the tree lined treets; we admire the gracious houses. We stop to watch trains go past; greet barking dogs and spot birds sitting on fences. This is our neighbourhood. This is our daily walk.

This layout is such a good example of my layouts where I've dipped into my stash and pulled out a whole heap of oldie-but-goodie elements. I love eclectic mixes of stuff! And even better if I'm using up my stash!

The coin envelope contains a map of our old neighbourhood, showing the route we took when we went on our walks. I want Jamie to know where he was born, and where he spent his first two years of life. I plan on doing a layout about our old house and all the things he liked to do there as a teeny tacker.

I have included a How To Make This here.

And just before I haul myself off to bed, make sure you check out SketchesOz - after a brief vacation, we're back in action. We've said goodbye to Sarah, who unfortunately had to leave due to other commitments, but a big welcome to Leeann. I have the next month off from contributing. Hopefully I can uncover my scrapping stuff in the meantime.

OK, I'm off to bed. Hopefully Jamie will sleep through - he's been a bit unsettled leading up to last night, and I'm hoping it was the gastro causing it. We'll see.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Twenty Two Months

My little Rabbit,

You are becoming the ever active toddler. You race around the house, always at a run. You explore your surroundings. You push things. You pull things. You open things. You drag things. You throw things. You hit things. Poor Jak now hides from you. I have lost track of the number of times I’ve rescued him from your over-zealous clutches. Lately he can’t even get respite up on the lounge. You simply push the cushions up against the back of the lounge and trap him there, all the while screeching delightedly.

That Jak is your favourite friend is obvious. You love giving him hugs; you’ll lie on top of him in his dog bed and hug him. Sometimes I’ll find you, tired, head snuggled into Jak’s bed, trying to fall asleep. You love playing with his squeaky toys. You love throwing them for him and watching him chase after them. You play tug-o-war with them. You are also growing very cheeky with him. Last night Daddy was feeding both of you Twisties. He’d give Jak and Twistie. Then he’d give you one. When you got one, you’d lean over Jak and screw your little face up with pure taunting: “haha I’ve got a Twistie and you haven’t!”

We moved house this month. It’s been a busy time for mummy and daddy. And, typically, as if things weren’t hectic and stressful enough, you have chosen this month to decide that sleep is seriously over-rated. You have been waking up to six times a night! Which isn’t so much of a problem if you’d go back to sleep. But you don’t always. Roughly every other night you decide that you don’t want to go back to sleep. It can take three hours to convince you to lie back down and sleep. And often I’ll tiptoe back to bed, lie down and just start to doze off, when you wake up screaming again. I’m almost to the point where my body simply will not sit up again. I’m so exhausted. You have slept more nights in our bed this month than ever before in your life. Because, by 3am in the morning, I just need to get some sleep. So to heck with bad habits and all that. At this point in time, sleep is the most important thing in this house.

I have been wondering though, if it might be the cows milk that is causing you discomfort. Because you always seem to have a pain in your tummy during the night. Just to see, I’ve put you onto goats milk (because you’ll drink that) and gradually I’m going to introduce soy milk into your diet. Gradually, I say, because I’ve given it to you before and you haven’t liked it. So we’ll try again. I hope it helps.

Living in a new house has given you lots of new things to explore and play with. You discovered with delight that the kitchen cupboard doors open in this new house. That has amused you no end. And it has frustrated me no end. I seem to spend half of my time chasing you out of the kitchen, or racing around putting things back in cupboards. Or taking things out of cupboards before you can get to them.

You are enjoying the tiled floor in our new living area. It is just great for pushing the dining chairs around on. Daddy and I can barely hear ourselves think, or communicate with each other, for the sound of chairs dragging over tiles. You’ve also finally grown tall enough that you’re able to clamber up onto the chairs. This combination has had a dramatic effect in our house. You can now drag the chairs anywhere you like and have access to all sorts of things that had been previously out of reach.

You are increasingly testing the waters of what you can and can’t do. I’m so tired at the moment that I have to say I’m not really looking forward to the battle of wills that is so obviously commencing. All I can do is be persistent. This last month has tested me though and I’m feeling slightly the worse for wear. Don’t get me wrong, Rabbit, I love you dearly. But right now what I wouldn’t do for a week holiday all on my own with no responsibilities and no demands. Sigh.

You are clever. Oh yes, you are clever. Yesterday we saw you fiddling with the cupboard under the sink. You had it open as far as it would open, given that it has a child safety latch. And there you were, reaching inside, fiddling with the latch, trying to push it open. You had worked out what held it closed.

Your vocabulary has increased slightly this month, but you still show no signs of really wanting to talk. You are really good at the word “more”. Usually uttered with a definite exclamation mark at the end. “Hoh” means hot and is usually said with a hand held up like a stop sign. Lately it seems to have extended to also mean “I’m not allowed to touch this!”. “Bobber” is definitely “Bob the Builder”. Monkeys go “eeh eeh eeh”. Snakes go “ssst”. Cows are so last year. They no longer do anything at all, it would seem. Dogs go “woo woo woo”, so fast that your chin wobbles.

You are happy to play away from me now and are more interested in interacting with other children. It’s wonderful to see. There for a while I wondered if you were going to be excessively shy, as you’d clutch hold of me whenever we were out. And, in this respect, childcare has been good for you.

However, you are still sick 90% of the time. Last week I had to take you to the doctor’s three times in two days. You had a terrible fever – nearly 40 degrees – all weekend. It turned out you had tonsillitis and an ear infection. No sooner had that started to clear up than you developed a little red rash all over your torso. Back to the doctor we went. He thought it might have been german measles, even though you’ve been vaccinated. Or it could have been any number of viral infections that cause a rash. In his learned opinion. It wasn’t until the next day when I was talking to another mummy whose children had had parvovirus, that I realized that was probably what you had. A fever followed by a rash over your torso and the tell-tale “slapped cheek” rash on your face.

You had a first this month. Your first hair cut! You were so good. And you look so grown up now. Not too grown up. Well, yes, too grown up.




Love you!

I have to say, that things have improved greatly with both sickness and sleeping since I wrote this a week ago. Touch wood! It may just appear that cows milk doesn't agree with him. Someone said today though that I should check out whether it's OK to give soy milk to boys - something to do with hormones in the soy beans? Anyone know anything about that? He does love goats milk but at $3.50 a litre, I'm interested in a cheaper alternative.

OK, that's enough for today!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh, and I forgot to mention...

...whilst on the subject of our new neighbours...

Yesterday while Jamie was asleep, I was sitting at the dining table looking out over the back yard. It was a warm day so I had the double french doors open. It was perfect. Peaceful. Jak was lying on the lawn in the sun, asleep. The birds were chirping. Etc.

You got the picture?


I heard some clattering at the back fence. Quite a lot of clattering. Ongoing clattering. And as I was looking, I saw a head appear over the fence. Then a torso. Then a couple of hooves.

A goat!

A goat had it's body half over our fence!!!!

Yes, they have a goat. It would seem that dad's away and the kids don't have the inclination to keep the lawn mowed. They have a goat.

And some idiot left something alongside the fence so the goat to clamber halfway over the fence. He was eating the new leaves on the tops of the shrubs that line our back fence, lol. And bleating plaintively. (Can they bleat any other way I find myself wondering.)

Amusing more than anything else. I guess if he does make it fully over the fence (unlikely), we could get to keep him. He'd save us $25 a fortnight on lawnmowing...

Not sure what Jak would think though.

Ok, that's it for today.

From the frying pan into the fire?

Those of you who have been dropping by here for a while now will know that one of the reasons we moved house was to escape from the busy church behind our previous house. This church had a back room that they hired out for functions - mostly late teens' parties, accompanied with much shouting in the street, drinking, and speeding cars doing donuts etc.

We've lived here now for three weeks and our new neighbourhood appears wonderful. Quiet. Pigeons cooing. Not much traffic up our street - and then its a 40kph zone anyway.

So imagine how impressed I was last night to be woken by a great clattering noise. It was so lound it woke me from a deep sleep. "What the Hell was that?" I asked Phil. I thought someone was breaking in.

So the man of the house got up and went to investigate. We put it down to a banging door. He came back to bed. We went back to sleep.

And it happened again. Up got Phil again. This time he investigated for a bit longer. I got up too.

It turns out the house behind us is inhabited by unsupervised teenagers. Their father works away. They stay in the house. We had already been warned that they occasionally have loud parties. OK. We weren't thrilled. But we thought we'd cope.

But last night we had glasses, beer cans and beer bottles lobbed across our back garden and onto the roof of our house. OMG!! We called the police. They came and investigated. Nothing they can do. Unless we catch them in the act. Then we can get a restraining order. A bit hard in the middle of the night when its raining cats and dogs out. Yes, did I mention it was pouring rain?

We have broken glass in our backyard. Jamie could get injured.

Phil spoke to the father of the house this morning. Hopefully he will sort the situation out over the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed.

Take care!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The things he does right now...

Jamie's now 22 months old. Although I have started his monthly "progress report" (lol) I'm not finished it and can't post it atm. However, I do want to jot down a few things about him right now:

* he likes to carry his drink cup around with him. In fact, if he wakes in the night and I give him a drink of milk, he'll fall back to sleep clutching it. I can't get it out of his grip. He falls asleep with it cuddled under one arm, teddy cuddled under the other arm

* yesterday, as we were leaving childcare I heard him say "bye bye" to the other children. He always waves goodbye. This was the first time I heard him say "bye bye". He said it all the way down the stairs too: "bye bye bye bye".

* earlier this week as I entered an underground carpark and went over a particularly rough patch of bitumen, I heard this little voice from the back seat go "bump!". So cute :)

* he can say "dirty". It just sounds so cute when he says it. With the "t" emphasised. He thinks it's hilarious when I refer to his "icky sticky dirty nappy" and repeats "dirty!" with a big giggle.

- he had his first temper tantrum last night - lay down on the floor with his head on the ground, bum in the air and cried because I took away the mail in order to open it. (He had brought it inside from the letterbox)

* he "washes" himself in the bath; actually he does a good job of it too!

* he is interested in trying to dress himself - he puts his socks over his toes and he helps pull his pants up.

* he is soooo good at matching shapes - he can do quite advanced wooden puzzles now.

My little guy is developing so rapidly!

Have a good weekend people. We're thinking we might head out to the zoo on Sunday. It'll be Jamie's first zoo trip :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Just got this back in the mail...

My entry for the SC Colour Experts competition. I was rapt to find out that I was one of 30 finalists. Haven't seen the winning entries yet - they will appear in an issue of SC soon I think.

Journaling: You are such a little boy now - constantly on the go exploring your world. You love being outside bet of all - on this particular day your Dad was outside renovating the front of our house. You just sat there, at the front door, calling to him plaintively. Little boy, where did my little baby disappear to?


Friday, September 14, 2007

F is for...


And along with that comes F is for fake tan lotion.
And F is for Freckles.

I hated being “lily-white” at school. Mum would never let us sunbathe. We had to stay out of the sun, wear sunscreen and hats. Now, I’m grateful. I’m grateful that I have good skin. I'm grateful that I still look (relatively) youthful. And I’m grateful that I haven’t yet developed skin cancers. Because, being fair, I’m just the ideal candidate for melanoma. Especially living under the Australian sun.


Friends have always been important to me. I love spending time with my girlfriends. I love nothing better than a coffee and a good natter. Of course, these days it’s all done whilst doling out enough snacks and food to keep a toddler content at the same time.

Happy Friday people. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yes, I'm easily amused...

and I just had to jump back on here to share the wording on Jamie's sick certificate (which I needed in order to take time off from my job). It says:

"This is to certify that I have today examined:

James Link etc.

In my opinion, he will be unfit for his normal work/study from 12/9/07 to 14/9/07 inclusive."

... for his normal work/study...

Hee hee. I know it's just a form letter, but it amused me. I guess childcare is his "work" or "study".

Yes, indeed it is.

Have a great evening!

E is for...

E is for Easy-Going

I’m pretty easy going. I think living in share houses for five years after I graduated Uni helped. I have met all sorts of people and shared my home with some really odd personalities. From goths to kleptos. It taught me to relax and be tolerant.

E is for Exercise

I used to be an exercise junkie. Before I had Jamie I would run five times a week and then still hit the gym at night. Looking back, I can’t believe that I had that much time! I would really like to get back to some serious exercise.

In reality though, my knees have seen better days. Probably a walk around the block and a yoga class here and there will be about as good as it gets from now on. I love my walks with Jamie in the pram. We walk along the train line and keep a look out for trains. We still have a train track that runs in the vicinity of our new home, it's just a bit further away.

When we moved, Phil put the running treadmill in the living area. Previously we didn't have room for it and it was folded up in the corner of Jamie's room. Now I have no excuse. Except for a distinct lack of time. But once Jamie's well again and once he'll sleep in the evenings, I'd like to start to get fit again. It will be at the expense of scrapping time (what little I had of that in the past), but it will be much better for me I think.

Well, Cherill just mentioned to me that her kids had parvovirus last week. I had no idea what it was, so I googled it (bless google). Im positive that it's what Jamie's got - the fever and malaise over the weekend, the red-lace rash all over his torso and now the slapped cheek look. I'm somewhat relieved to have a name for this thing that's been plaguing us all week. Jamie's asleep at the moment but appears to be picking up. He's back to his mischievous little self and his appetite has increased almost back to normal.

But there will be no work/childcare for us this week. Do I sound disappointed? Not really.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And today we have a....


All over his little tummy. I just don't believe it. When people told me he would "get everything under the sun" when he started childcare, I had no idea. I had no idea that he would have something every flippin' week! I had no idea there were so many bugs out there. Well, yes I did. Just not that he would get each and every one of them. Like he's working through the A-Z of bugs.

The doctor assures me that it's nothing serious. This was on our second trip to the doctor today. Yes, lol. We had already been there once, to check on the tonsils and ear. They are mending nicely. Then we came home and noticed the rash. And so we turned right around and went back.

So, it might be an allergic reaction to the antibiotics; it might be a rash associated with any number of viral infections (did I mention that he also now has a cold?); or it might be... German Measles.

Enough to cancel our date with Nic and Isaac tomorrow morning. So once again we will be home here. At home. Sick. Bored. Grizzly. And that's just me. lol. At least I'm still trying to laugh.

OK, next post, I promise to do a catch up about happier things. I might get back to my A-Z of me. Oh and I've disabled comments, because really your support has been wonderful, but even I'm getting sick of my whinging. So you don't feel that you have to give me hugs. I'm OK. Really.


Monday, September 10, 2007


After 48 hours of a temperature nearing forty degrees, a grizzly, tired little boy who wouldn't eat, and who wouldn't sleep except on top of me, and then only fitfully, I finally called in the doctor last night. Tonsilitis and an ear infection. Oh dear. Will this round of illness ever end? It's been three months.

I had a major meltdown last week. I'm just not coping with the move. I am not coping with living in a house that's not toddler-proof. I'm not coping with a sick baby who grizzles and clings and won't let me do anything.

The sleeping problems continue too. In fact, I am so sleep deprived, and I've been so worried about his temperature that he's slept with us for the last three or four nights. Just so that we can all get some sleep.

Poor Phil who's had to go back to work after a weekend filled with a grizzling baby and a weeping wife.

I will be sleeping when Jamie sleeps this week, so don't expect to hear from me. Again... Still.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Finally, some photos

Finally those photos I promised. These are from a few weeks back, before we'd moved in. Obviously, lol. I haven't had a chance to unpack the camera yet.

Love the big kitchen, family room. It's huuuge! At the moment we rattle around in it. But we have plans to modify the ceiling levels and put in a few structural pieces of interest to break it up a bit. The kitchen will be replaced completely. The tiles will go too - at the moment I'm tempted for large porcelain tiles and dark floorboards.

The bathroom is so not my style. We have agonised over whether to gut it and start again but at the moment we're thinking that we might leave it as it is and just tone the rest of the house with black and white. I love houndstooth and the black and white patterns around at the moment.

We have painted all the walls in the front (old) part of the house. Neutrals, tending toward green (the feature walls almost look Kraft!) and will have lots of red accents everywhere.

The back yard is great. We have our outdoor setting out in the pergola and it's just beautiful sitting out there at the moment.

I have boxes everywhere still. There's so much to do. I still haven't found my favourite black boots. There's one place left to look. Cross my fingers they're there.

Jamie's become very unsettled. He'd begun to get that way before we moved. The move has just made it worse. Waking 5-6x a night. I'm tired. But I must unpack boxes while he's napping in the afternoons so there's no rest for me. By the time I settle him in the evenings and get the hosue sorted it's usually 10pm. So, sorry if I haven't been in touch.

He also loves a house without any doors and without locks on the kitchen cupboards. I have them all tied up with string at the moment. After not having been particularly interested in the fridge/freezer at our new house, he has now discovered that he's strong enough to open the freezer door. Grrr.

We're off to the post office. I have a LO to mail that was supposed to be at the publisher's yesterday. oops.

Gotta go and rescue a coffee table that's somehow ended up on it's side and is being pushed around the tiles.

Have a great week!