Friday, November 30, 2007


I volunteered to be part of a display of "Been There Done That" products on the Aussie Scrap Source blog this week. I was assigned the "South Australia" range to work with, and I must admit that the colours did pose a significant challenge for me. After leaning towards bright colours of late, I have to admit that I found it really difficult to work with the muted brown and green colour range. And with the wine theme, given that I haven't touched a drop for about three years. But, nevertheless, I tried. And here is the result:

Where You'd Find Me
This is where you'd find me 6.30am, five days a week. Feet pounding out a steady rhythm on the pavement. Down through the golf course and onto the River Torrens Linear Park. Past the Captain Jolley Paddle Boats, still all chained up and then through Elder Park. Time to relax and focus before the hill up to Botanic Park and then shuffle past the Zoo. This was my morning run.

That was when I used to live in North Adelaide next to the golf course. It was such a beautiful area to live in and I adored my morning run. It was so scenic that I really looked forward to it - 5km around the River Torrens. For those of you that know Adelaide, thats from Calvary Hospital, down through the golfcourse, down to the weir, up to Frome Rd and back down to the Hospital again.

That was over four years ago now. It feels like it was only yesterday. But I could guarantee you that I wouldn't be able to jog even a tenth of the distance anymore! Sigh. One day....


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pampered pooches...

We have moved into the best neighbourhood. Quiet. Leafy streets. A playgroup just down the road. A toy library just up the road. A choice of five supermarkets all within five minute drive. A short drive to town. No church bells blaring out from behind our house ;). It's wonderful.

What I hadn't expected was the way that they treat their pets around here. Well, I guess I always suspected that Unley was a pampered pooch sort of suburb. There's a shop nearby that sells designer pooch gear. Ya know? The whole place just has that feel to it.

Then, when I tried to book Jak in to get his hair clipped recently, the place down on the corner of our street told me that they were no longer accepting "new clients". Yes, that's right. "New clients". They were fully booked. In fact, they had a waiting list of fifteen and now, even that had been closed off. Because the only availabilities would arise if existing "clients" were to pass away.

So I felt grateful when I finally did get Jak booked in to get his haircut. Even if it cost substantially more than the place that I used to take him to.

But when I picked him up.... Well....

Journaling: I guess I knew that Unley is a pampered pooch type of suburb. But the bow in your hair when I picked up up from the groomers? What a shock!

I had to leave the blue bow in his hair all afternoon. And every time I caught sight of him, I giggled. And when Phil came home he just rolled his eyes.

Go check out the other layouts on SketchesOz here.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The cupcake legacy

Jamie now has to blow whenever we spy a cupcake, or even a muffin. The fact that we're in the middle of a shopping center, the cupcake belongs to the stranger at the table next to us, and that there is no candle to be seen in the entire center is of no consequence. He sits there huffing and puffing. And looking undeniably cute. This is the cupcake legacy.

OK, now I have layouts in the last two issues of For Keeps that have come out.

In FK Issue 60:

This was your first trip to the beach. You paddled in the water with Daddy, marvelled at all the sand, crawled after the seagulls and collected shells. And Mummy ran around and took 100s of photos!

In FK Issue 61:


This layout is in the stitching gallery. It is an old layout of mine - the image I have of it on my computer is dated July 2005, so it is at least 2.5 years old. Just goes to show, you should never censor anything you send in to the magazines. You just never know!

The journaling is all about my dad and the things he's achieved. Yes, that little blonde cherub is my father!

Thanks for the tips about tanning. I think I've run out of time to go get a spray on tan. But I will try the lotion. And hope that I don't look orange :)

See you!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fake tan lotion?

Today Phil and I went shopping. For a new dress. For me.

Big smile.

We have a wedding to go to next weekend, up in the Barossa Valley and my wardrobe does not contain one dress. It used to. But it doesn't any more. My wardrobe is much more the wardrobe of a SAHM these days. Jeans. Tshirts. And that's about it. Oh, and a couple of outfits for work. Which. are. very. boring.

So we went shopping. Because the dress I bought last week "isn't dressy enough" (read: sexy enough). But it was cheap. Cheap does not equal good. Apparently.

So this time I took my husband. I love going dress shopping with my husband. I love it because I know that when I get home and try it on he's not going to screw up his face in anguish and ask me if I'm shopping at Vinnies these days. (He does not share my love of vintage fabrics)

I'm happy happy joy joy to be the proud owner of a beautiful new dress. I would have searched it out on the internet and uploaded a picture for you. But that little baby below ate up 100MB of this month's internet quota and, yep, we're back to dial up speed again until the end of the month. Oops.

So, anyway, what I wanted to ask...

What's a good fake tan lotion?

You see, much to my horror I have discovered that, since I had Jamie the fashions have gone shorter. Nowadays you show your knees. Once upon a time I wore miniskirts with confidence. However, I find that today I am shocked at the sight of a knee (well, no not all knees - just my knees) peaking out from below a dress. And I am horrified to think that I am to attend a wedding accompanied by these flabby white pins that exist where my legs once were. I desperately need some tanning lotion.

Or at least six months back on the running track.

But that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

So, help me out. Anyone know a fake tan lotion that doesn't go orange?


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two tenacious candles

On Jamie's birthday he "got it". How to blow out candles. Now if only the candles had obliged, lol... The voices you can hear are my mum's and mine in the very background, laughing.


Well, this has taken ages to load and I have to be up again in less than six hours to go to work, so 'night!

Too Cute

A layout to share... Here is my layout from Scrapbooking Memories Issue 9(5):

A favourite photo of Jamie when he was crawling. In fact it's one of precious few photos I have of him crawling. Seeing as he only crawled for about two months and then started walking everywhere!

I've included a guide on making the layout here.

That's all for today!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What you do at two

At two you:

• Love Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine

• Love music. You bobble your head around to whatever music is playing. Quite often when I glance back at you in the car you throw me a grin and bounce your head around to the radio. Every once in a while, your body gets in on the act too 

• Can say “baby”, “bee” = biscuit, “miaow”, “toot toot!”, “bang”, “bump”, “wawa” = water, “baboo” = balloon, and you mimic lots of words as we say them, but apart from that you are really not a big talker. That’s not to say you’re quiet. In actual fact you never shut up. You just have your own little language at the moment

• Love to take me by the hand and “show me” things

• Prefer to be playing outside than anything else

• Your favourite toys are your Thomas the Tank Engine train set, Bob the Builder toolbelt and phone, and your musical dump truck, all of which you got for your birthday

• Love books, especially books with flaps and interactive panels

• Pretend to be a train, complete with train hand movements (you clasp both hands in front of you and move them around in a circle away and towards you)

• Love to play ring a ring a rosey on the rug in front of the TV and blow raspberries on my tummy when I fall down on the ground

• Have learnt to blow out candles and blow bubbles

• Love watching playschool and say “maw?” when it’s finished; lately I’ve even spotted you doing the hand movements to some of the songs. Very cute

• Are trying to jump “like a frog”, but haven’t quite got the hang of it. Every time you see a picture of a frog you get down on your haunches and launch yourself upwards with a shriek of glee. You are also trying to jump down off the garden borders.

• Read my cooking books and smack your lips “yum yum yum”

• Liesurely flick through advertising brochures while standing at the counter on your little red IKEA chair. This can occupy you for quite some time.

• Enjoy playing with the little fridge toy set I borrowed from the toy library. You stand on your chair at the kitchen counter and “chop” up carrots that I give you. You put your imaginary ingredients in the bowl and shake the pepper and salt shakers in on top. You stir it all up and say “yum yum”

• Host picnics for Mummy, Jak (the dog) and Teddy. We each get a spoonful of food all the while you’re smacking your lips and nodding your head at us.

• Get excited when Grandma and Grandad pop by to visit

• Cry inconsolably when Daddy drives away in the car

• Get shy when strangers smile at you at the shops, but wave goodbye once we've had a chat with them

• Are as cheeky as, with the absolutest cutest giggle

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Picture story

He had a beautiful day. Seven little friends came over for a party at lunchtime. The weather was glorious and we spent the time outside where the kids played on the gym equipment Phil had managed to track down on ebay. Our little boy was thoroughly spoiled, which was so nice to be able to do.

I find it hard to believe that this time two years ago I had only been a mum for 8 hours. I was trying to sleep but was so high on adrenalin and wonderment for this little baby that was lying in the crib next to me. Snuffling away in his stripey wrap. So miraculous. So very special.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Our little guy turns two tomorrow. I find it hard to believe that it's already been two years. And yet, he's so much a part of our lives now that it's hard to remember a time when he wasn't underfoot, err I mean, around.

Happy birthday Rabbit! Love you to absolute bits.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas pages finally :)'s only, what?, six weeks until this Christmas and I have finally gotten around to scrapping the photos of last Christmas!

This month I was given the mini kit from Designing Memories to design with. A gorgeous little chipboard accordian album and beautiful Christmas papers. Here's some pics:

The kits Katja put together this month are wonderful and the DT have created totally inspiring layouts with the materials. Go have a look here if you want some inspiration.

See you!

Friday, November 09, 2007

New sketch up

There's a new sketch up on SketchesOz. Check it out. Here's my version of it:

Journaling: Auntie Sonia and Uncle John bought you a special treat when they were here recently. A big, sweet, colourful treat. And, boy did you enjoy it!

LOL, what a mess! Not to mention the biggest tummy ache that night. But who was I to spoil the fun at the time?


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More published layouts to share

I have completely lost track of what magazines are out currently. Anyway, I think that SC 48 is already out? I had two layouts in issue 47:

Journaling: When our camera broke and we had to resort to the old point and shoot, I knew I was in trouble. However, I had no idea how difficult it would become to take photos of you once you were walking. Poor use of available light inside, incredibly slow focus if the flash is needed and only 3 megapixel means that half the time you're barely even in the shot! Ah, I need a new camera!

I still don't have that camera. The point and shoot works OK outside. It would be nice to have something better for inside photos. I have promised myself that when I do my tax (for the last financial year still!) I'll get my camera from the refund :). Still, I'm struggling to get to it, even with that nice fat juicy bribe for myself.

Peek a Boo
Journaling: At first we were the ones doing the peek-a-booing. But these days you prefer to be the one doing the boo-ing. You hide behind anything - from the couch to Daddy's legs; even the flannel we use to wash your face after lunch. And if all else fails you simply lower your eyes and then peek up cheekily for our "boo!".

I used ordinary ol' squared paper on this. You can use anything on a layout, right? I do ;).

See ya

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Too Little

Journaling: Look at you with the rucksack we bought you for childcare. You look so grown up. And yet so tiny! Rabbit, leaving you at childcare when I went back to work was so hard for me. At first you hated it and wailed the whole time I was gone. It broke my heart to leave you; to turn my back on your howls and walk away. I felt like crying myself when I came to pick you up and saw your red-rimmed eyes and tear-stained cheeks. I had to fight the urge to snatch you up in my arms and never go back.

Have a great day.

Monday, November 05, 2007


I'm still here. Just a bit quiet and not motivated to post at the moment. Lots going on and not all of it fun.

But here is something that definitely is... No 6 of 20 LOs I'm aiming to do using up my stash.

It turned out super messy, but I wanted something bright and the photo was already busy so I guess it was inevitable. This captures the first time Jamie met his "superhero" (lol), Winnie the Pooh. He was smitten. And I forgot the camera!

"Your first big concert and I forgot to take the camera! Duh. Luckily Leanne was there and snapped this shot of us as we got up on stage to meet Pooh and Tigger. These guys were your favourites at the time and you were captivated. You couldn't take your eyes off Pooh Bear and kept reaching out to touch him. Here he was, larger than life and you couldn't believe your eyes. Yes, you were definitely Spellbound"

Enjoy your week.