Monday, May 19, 2008

Dot points

No illness in the Link household this Monday morning. Yay!

Jamie spending the day with Grandparents. He was so excited to go this morning. Little fella loves his Gay and Gandy (Grandma and Grandad).

New toy library toys. To keep a little guy happy tomorrow.

Grocery shopping. Fridge stocked. Red cabbage in the oven on low, already cooking (organised me yay!) for tonight's tea.

Savouring Scrapbook Trends mini album idea book that was waiting for me on my doorstep. Yvette, yours will be on its way to you later this week :). Coffee in one hand; magazine in the other. Best way to wile away an afternoon!

New scrap goodness thanks to ST goodie box. Dream Street papers like:

Do we even get these in Australia?

Playdate tomorrow.

Playgroup wednesday.

Then work thursday and friday. Sigh.
Actually, it's not too bad. Got a parliamentary briefing note to write; a bit of research to do for my boss who has been invited to appear before a senate enquiry; a briefing to write for senate estimate committee; some info to collate on public sector policies. All interesting stuff.

Trying to pump out some layouts this week. Ever have those runs where your pages come together effortlessly? I had about five or six. And now... nothing works... everything is just effort, trying to get over the block...

S'posed to be cleaning house. Sigh. Procrastinating.

OK, I'm outa here and into the bathroom where there's a shower waiting to be scrubbed.
Have a good week!


Yvette Adams said...

Ooooo lucky me! I can't wait to have a look! Those new papers look gorgeous - I've never seen them before. :)

Charmaine said...

hi with you...i love the coffee in one hand mag in the love a day or two of that actually LOL.
Your work sounds very difficult.....but it definatley sounds interesting:)

glad everyone is well at your home....

kerry said...

Cathy your work sounds like to much brain matter for me lol.Cleaning mmmm rather be drinking coffee and reading a book lol.have a great week take care Kerry xx

Amy Teets said...

Yes! We have stores in Australia! Here's a link, I think most might be online :D
I'm glad you liked them!

Natti said...

Sounds like a great week in a nutshell... except maybe the work bit... hope it turns out to be a good one for you Kathie :)

Mardi said...

Loved your dot point post...think Ill nab the idea and do one myself..
Mardi x

Belinda Venables said...

A big yay for no sickness in your household this week...that's gotta be good!

You are miss organised aren't you! I love my 'slow cooker' nights. Nothing better than knowing tea is sorted - even before lunch time.

Love those papers too. I'll have to do a little searching myself.