Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy mothers day to all you hard working mums out there. Hope you had a great day.

Since I posted last I've been in bed with gastro. Urgh.

Only today did I feel back to normal again. And this morning Phil says to me "I don't feel too good". Oh oh. Yep. Urgh. He was sick all day. Poor baby.

So, after making sure that he had all that he needed for reasonable comfort - gastrolyte, telephone, wet flannel etc, I bundled Jamie in the car and we headed over to visit Janine at Scrapbook Station. I was after some Pink Paislee papers. Ooh they're sooo sweet. Big smile.

And this afternoon, while Jamie napped I did some creating. Happy happy me. Not what I was planning (there was mention earlier in the week of a shopping trip and a jacket that apparently I would love), but good anyway. And I'm hopeful that the jacket will still be there next weekend ;).


Belinda Venables said...

Oh no poor thing.
Glad to hear that you got some time to create. :D

Belinda Venables said...

Hi - me email is :D

Oh and I wish that i could go back into my comment and spell 'Paislee' the way it should be! lol

Yes - I am up late too. lol.
I should be in bed but I am waiting for a small load of washing to finish so I can hang it on the clothes dryer. (i know - it's a silly time for washing...but hey - i was up...why

Joanne said...

Hi, it still sounds like you had a nice mothers day even with a sick DH. Once someone has the bug it can go right through the family. I had a quiet day too but sometimes thats the way I like it.
I also wish sometimes that I could go back to fix the spelling when I leave a message lol.

kerry said...

Hey Kathie wish i new you were off to ss i would have come for a paislee is great isint it.I hope you still had a nice mothers day even though Phil was sick.take care Kerry xx

janinek said...

Twas great to see you on Sunday! You brightened my day and it was lovely to chat!