Friday, May 30, 2008

It's the weekend!

Yay, it's the weekend! What do you have planned? What's next week got in store for you?

DH has been interstate for business all week, so it'll be nice to have him back home. My parents are also interstate, visiting my sister in Perth (if you live in Perth make sure to pop into Pusey's Puffs bakery when you're in the Nedlands neighbourhood - the best food!). So I've been very busy this week and very lonely.

Next week I have to take DH to hospital for some minor tests on Mon; then we are catching up with Nic and the Blue Bazaar girls (yay!) on Tues; then we have playgroup on Wed; then it's work again... What about you? Anything exciting? Any trips planned? Any fun times?

LOL you girls. I guess my work does sound daunting. You have to remember though that I studied for years (five) at university to learn what I know. And then I've worked in the field for twenty years. So... it's just second nature to me. But I don't get so much satisfaction from it anymore. To tell you the truth, I prefer my days at home with my little ratbag. It's nice to have the mix of things though.

Have a fantastic weekend people!
I'll be back next week sometime with some layouts.


Anonymous said...

Not much in the way of excitment planned here this week end. Sleep, sleep and more sleep is what I really need. I've been working extra days and long hours so I could really use a whole week end of rest but not sure it will

Last week end was BIG for us as DD Amanda turned 8 years old and had a slumber party with 4 of her school friends. Lots of fun and laughter and fun was has by all.

Love these recent photos of Jamie you have shown here Kathie. He sure is growing up into a real little boy now. Totally adorable in every photo I see of him.

Have a great week end and wishing Phil all the best with his medical tests. I hope all is OK:)

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

Charmaine said...

hi Kathie.....nothing really exciting planned working at my LSS on sat then prob out to the old house to paint again. Sunday prob the same along with a bit of shopping, menuplanning and house work:)

Have a great weekend.....hope all goes well for Phil on Monday

Joanne said...

Not much planned for me next week, playgroup Mon and Thurs mornings and that's it. DH was on holidays last week and we went for a ride on popeye and had a great day. Hope you have a great week. Can't wait to see more layouts love to see what you did with the pink paislee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie...hope your husband's tests were all good news.

I love checking out your blog and layouts, you are a very busy, but talented lady.

Suzanne V