Thursday, January 31, 2008

Favourite Quotes (Part III)

And finally, just for fun:

Someone once asked me what my best side is. I’m like, “I don’t know – the front?” Reese Witherspoon

I do wish I could tell you my age but it is impossible. It keeps changing all the time. Greer Garson

"My spelling is Wobbly. It's good spelling, but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places." from Winnie the Pooh

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me. Fred Allen

I'd be a butterfly, born in a bower, Where roses and lilies and violets meet. Thomas Haynes Bayly

Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often. Mae West.

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick. Gwyneth Paltrow

Love that last one! Every now and then I toss up doing a layout about the first and the last quotes here. I will, one day.

If you get inspired to use any of the quotes I've posted on your layouts, send me a link :)

Favourite Quotes (Part II)

More of my favourite quotes:

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm. Colette

The most important things in life aren't things. Unknown

Ask yourself, and yourself alone, one question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use. Carlos Castaneda

You’re never too big or too old for a hug. Unknown

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. Robert Brault

You’ve got to learn to accept the fool in you as well as the part that’s got it goin’ on. Tyra Banks

Dare to be wrong and to dream. Frederick von Schiller

When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go. Carol Burnett

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Favourite Quotes (Part I)

Shazz wanted to know some of my favourite quotes. Quotes that I can live from; quotes that I could share with Jamie.

LOL, do you really know what you're in for, Shazz? I have a zillion quotes saved on this little PC!!!

Here are some of my favourites:

Do you know who you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. Pablo Casals

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. Buddha

Stop every now and then. Just stop and enjoy. Take a deep breath. Relax and take in the abundance of life. Unknown

Have a place for everything and keep the thing somewhere else; this is not advice, merely the custom. Mark Twain

Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Mary Manin Morrissey

What lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny compared to what lies within us. Emerson

Enjoy! I'll post a couple more tomorrow. (Told you I have heaps!)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day!

Hope your Australia Day is being a happy one!!!

While I have a few spare moments, I'll throw these up here to share. Two layouts that were published this month.

For Keeps this month has this layout:

Happily Ever After

I don't think it has been returned to me from the publishers yet, and I don't have the journaling written down anywhere so I can't tell you what it says, apart from the fact that it's about the ups and downs in our relationship ;)

and Scrapbooking Memories has this one:

For You
Journaling: The photo may be blurry but I'd guess it's one of Grandma's favourites regardless. Your first posie - picked from the garden for her.

This was a product challenge for SM and is a little bit more monochromatic than I normally would have created. But I kinda like it anyway :)


26 months

Because so many of you have indicated that you enjoy reading them...

Dear Jamie

I am so loving watching your language skills develop. You use two word sentences now, and I see your mouth working so hard to get words out with the syllables in the right order. Oddly enough, many of your sentences are to do with Jak: “Wet Jak”, “Jak ‘tide” (Jak outside), “Jak wa-wa” (Jak’s water). You also say “mom seed” (mum sit), “Pot bait” (Spot Bakes a Cake – the name of one of your books), “Bob Bill” (Bob the Builder), “Wet mom”, “Wet daddy”, “Mom more” (One more).

You refer to yourself as “Ja-ja”. Finally, finally, I am mummy and not daddy. Well, actually I’m “mom”. I kinda like that. I’d kinda like you to keep saying “mom”.

You are existing almost solely on a diet of grapes. You love them! It’s all you ask for. “Gaitcsh” You don’t mind peaches either. Any fruit that is orange gets held up for inspection and you announce “Peatsch”. Rockmelon is usually “Peatsch” and only seldom is it “rock-rock”. You refuse to eat cereal for breakfast any longer. I tend to give you half a piece of bread and some fruit. At least you’ll eat fruit.

The other thing that you are obsessed about is books. You pile your favourite books one on top of the other and then pick them up and carry them around. You stand by the couch with your books open in front of you, studying them. The other day I heard you “reading” to yourself “Wawawawa Bee!” – the words to one of your favourite books. You insist on taking one of your books to childcare, and they tell me that you carry it around with you all day long. And you ask for a book in your cot when you sleep.

Your love affair with the Wiggles continues. You can say “Wowwil” now, which is a good imitation of Wiggles. You have several Wiggles DVDs and you watch at least one a day. You know many of the hand movements and activities. You can bobble your head around to “Smell your Way through the Day”, just like Captain Feathersword does. You can do the “Quack Quack Quack Quack, Cockadoodledoo” movements. You can do “Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy” and “Hot Potato, Hot Potato, Mashed Banana, Cold Spaghetti”. You enjoy it when I sing the words to your hand movements and I’ve had to learn to overcome my embarrassment about singing kids’ songs while we’re out in public. I am learning that there’s no point having a sense of embarrassment when you have a two year old child.

In fact, it’s all I can do to persuade you that you don’t need to watch Wiggles all day long. There for a few days you’d ask to watch the Wiggles when you woke up, after breakfast, after tea, whenever we came home from being out, and after your bath. You don’t ask that much anymore. I think you’ve learned what the rules are. Daddy and I have remarked how we both know many of the words to the Wiggles songs and find ourselves singing them quite often. Much to our consternation.

The Wiggles have taught you to skip. You love skipping back and forward across the room. You do it with huge giggles. You can jump now and both feet come off the ground. You love climbing. You hunt down Daddy’s ladder if it’s up. The other day we were at the playground and I turned my back for two seconds. When I looked back you were way up a tall ladder. I had to go running so that I could stand there in case you fell. You’re trying to climb up the kitchen cupboards by stepping up on the handle of the bottom drawers. That puts you in the naughty corner!

You like patterns and routines. You love packing things up. When I vacuum, you must have the dustpan and broom set and “help” me by sweeping at random spots on the floor. It keeps both of us busy, which is lovely. You know that you need your hat when you go outside and if I should forget, you tap the top of your head to tell me. If I forget a routine, you usually tell me.

You love puzzles and can do them in amazingly quick time. Well, I think it is amazing. I am having to buy/borrow more and more complex puzzles to challenge you. We joined the toy library a couple of months ago and it is wonderful being able to borrow a huge range of toys. We’ve also joined the library so that I can keep you from getting bored with your books. It’s hard to imagine that happening though, given that you have about fifty!

You still love looking through brochures and will sit patiently, flicking through a pile of them. Grandma and Grandad gave us a stack of old Readers Digest magazines the other day and you adore them. They’re baby size. Just right for you. And they have lots of pictures and photos in them. You like to turn the pages and look for pictures of cats and other animals.

You seem to enjoy childcare these days. You still fuss when I leave you there, but they tell me that you settle really quickly. You’re always completely absorbed with some activity or other when I arrive to pick you up at night and I have a hard time dragging you away. You have to hug Krystal, your carer, and you have to wave goodbye to all the other children. This week you pointed to the photos of the children on the wall, and started naming them all.

However, I do notice that on Saturdays you are clingy and want my attention. I guess it’s to be expected. And I don’t mind spending time with you, doing stuff. As long as you give me lots of hugs and kisses. When you give me lots of hugs and kisses, then you can pretty much get me to do anything at all!

Love you ..............this much!!!!.......................

Friday, January 25, 2008

My scrapping week

Kristine asked me about my scrapping schedule.

To be truthful, I find that by the time I look after a two year old and spend time with him and do all our weekly activities that we do, spend time with my husband, cook and clean, work two days a week, and catch up with friends... whew!... there's not really that much time left over for scrapbooking.

Added to that, my husband is not at all keen on it. He sees it as a rather pointless venture. He would rather that I was doing more productive things. Something that would contribute to the family income in a larger way than the $20 you get for a scrapbooking publication.

However, whilst I agree with him that it's not something that contributes to the greater good, and while I agree with him that it is never likely to earn an income to justify it having a "career" status, it is fun. And I enjoy being creative. It's my downtime.

So, I set Monday and Tuesday nights aside to scrap. Sometimes, when Jamie's asleep during the week and I've gotten all my chores done, I get a chance to sit down and print out some photos or look for inspiration online, or to submit layouts for publication. But actual scrapbooking only happens on Monday and Tuesday nights. Occasionally, when Phil's interstate on business, I might get some more time, but basically that's it. In reality I only do 1-2 layouts a week.

All this is quite a different picture to a few years ago. A few years ago I was obsessed. I scrapped for publication. I scrapped to mag themes. I don't anymore. And, do you know what? I still get just as many publications now and I probably have one fifth of the output I used to. When your heart is in it, it shows!

Have a great day.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Four years ago.
I wonder if he'll remember?

ETA: Yes, he remembered. He came home with a bunch of flowers :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008



It's the most frequently heard word in our house at the moment.

"What would you like for breakfast, Jamie?"

"What would you like for snack, Jamie?"

What would you like for lunch, Jamie?"

Peach-gate = peach, grape

He is existing on a diet of peaches and grapes. Loves them!

A Day in My Life

Hello everyone! I thought I'd start on some of those topics you gave me the other day. Whew that's a list and a half there. And some really deep stuff! I can see I'm going to have to put on my deep thinking hat for some of them.

OK, here's the first cab off the rank. My Day.

My daily schedule is firmly split in two at the moment. Work days and stay-at-home days. I tell you, work days make me appreciate my home days :).


7.30am: Wake up, stumble into running gear, hit the treadmill
8.00am: Shower, dress
8.30am: Wake Jamie if he hasn't already woken up, breakfast, dress
9.00am: feed the dog, unload dishwasher, vacuum, be on call to a 2 yr old
9.45am: walk to playgroup
10-11.30am: playgroup
11.30: walk home along leafy side streets in the sunshine :)
Noon: Lunch
12.30pm: Jamie's naptime
Bring in washing, fold, phone calls and other household chores
Emails, and if Jamie hasn't woken up yet, scrapbook admin
3.00pm: Jamie wakes up
3.15pm: snacktime
3.30pm: run down to the shops and pick up drycleaning
4.30pm: read books together and play
5.30pm: start making tea, be on call to a 2 yr old
6.00pm: Jamie's teatime
6.30pm: water the garden and outdoor play
7.00pm: Phil's home, tea, Jamie snacks
7.30pm: bath Jamie
8.00pm: milk and goodnights
8.30pm: Jamie asleep
Tidy up toys, stack dishwasher, clean kitchen counters, iron work clothes for tomorrow, other chores
9pm: Make hot chocolates, watch House or scrap (Monday and Tuesday are dedicated scrapping nights)
10.30pm: Bed cause it's work tomorrow.

Then there's my work days. These days are HECTIC!


6.30am: the alarm goes off
Hit the shower, hair, makeup.
Make lunch, feed the dog, pack my bags, pack Jamie's bag for childcare, pack fruit for childcare
7.15am: Wake Jamie
Jamie's breakfast, dress
Get me dressed
7.30am: Phil stumbles out of bed, showers and leaves the house in under 30mins (do *all* men do this, lol?)
8am: Out the door, drive to childcare
8.30am: Drop Jamie off at childcare
8.40am: Drive to carpark in city, walk to work
9am: Arrive at work
Check emails, work
10am: It's Friday so it's cappuccino club - real caps and chocolates! Love workin' the Friday.
10.30am: Strategy meeting for the rest of the morning
12.30am: Lunch
1.00pm: Research, report writing
5pm: Leave work, walk 15 mins to carpark, drive to childcare
5.30pm: Pick Jamie up from childcare
6.00pm: Arrive home, then as for Wednesday night - Jamie's tea, make our tea, bath, books, bed
10.30pm: Bed (although given that it's Friday night I might stay up later)

What are your days like?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Here's an extract of an email I got this morning from a scrapping magazine. I have been writing to them as I hadn't received two layouts back, or the compensation:

"Australia Post sent me a form for you to complete to receive a compensation valued at $100.00. Although this parcel was sent via registered post, they have admitted to misplacing the parcel. I’ll send you the form today and if you could complete it and send it to Australia Post, you will be entitled to the compensation."

Sigh. What value is a layout?

I really liked these two as they were about firsts - Jamie playing "boo" and walking.

I don't even have a large enough resolution image to print one out.

I guess I just have to be philosophical. This is one of the risks of submitting LOs for publication.

I've lost three layouts in the last two months and I'm waiting on probably at least $100 that I'll probably also never see...

Let's see, what can I learn from this?
1. Registered post isn't reliable
2. Mail redirect isn't reliable


Monday, January 21, 2008

Photo a Day?

Argh, this photo a day thing is killing me! I have never taken so many photos or felt pressure to blog like this week. OK, so I did it for a week. That's enough. Isn't it, lol? I'm now returning to normal programming. I seriously do not like feeling compelled to blog. I'm a fairly regular blogger, but I don't like feeling as though it's a chore.

So, I leave you with one last photo. I think it was yesterday breakfast time. I have not touched the camera today. I'd far rather live my life without trying to capture it on camera!

Breakfast time


Saturday, January 19, 2008

RAK results

Better draw the winners of the RAKs I'm giving away.

Here we go.....

Lusi Austin said...

HI kathie :)
Amazing work as per usual for dm! ANd congrats on your ST pub - it looks brilliant :)
I was very deeply moved by your miscarriage layout. Thank you for sharing that with us.

Ok my post suggestion: who was your fave school teacher and why? i love hearing about how some special teachers made an impact on our lives :)

Hugs and love,
Lusi x

2:26 AM

Lusi! You've just got yourself a copy of the Oct Scrapbook Trends.

kerry said...

Wow i love this mag and you showed me this late last year it is a really cute little mag.

I thought maybe you could do what it is like living in your new suburb,and where you now like to hang out and shop.

Kerry, there's a package of scrapbook goodies here with your name on it.

Let me know your postal addies, ladies, by emailing me at the email shown in my profile.


Photo a Day 19.1.08

Coffee with friends

Friday, January 18, 2008

Photo a Day 18.1.08

I almost forgot! I was about to go to bed and I remembered. Hmmm... what to photograph. Here you go:

I've just worked two days in a row and looked after a little boy in the meantime. The mess can wait until tomorrow, can't it?

What never ceases to puzzle me is how one little boy can make soooo much mess when he's hardly even here all day!


The goat

I have been sifting through your suggestions for what I might blog about over the next few weeks/months. Wow! Great topics! So many great things that are inspiring me.

Remember that if you want to be in the running for a RAK from me, you have to join in by the end of today. Here.

OK, having said all that, I thought I might start the ball rolling by finishing the story of The Goat. As requested by Wendy.

This stems from my post here. About a goat whose little face appeared suddenly over the top of our five foot galv iron fence one day a few months back. And caught me totally by surprise. (This followed on from the story of our rowdy neighbours here.)

That goat. I have not seen it since. I have no idea what happened to it.

I have heard that the children had it on loan from friends (presumably to mow down some of the weeds that had taken over their back yard, because young adults don't seem to mow lawns. At least, these young adults don't.) Apparently, when the father found out, he told them to get rid of it back to where it came from. Good on you Dad!

So, nowadays I only hear birdsong. No clattering. No bleating. All is quiet in the Link neighbourhood.

Apparently there's a restraining order out on the unruly young adult who liked to thunk bottles on our roof in a fit of drunkenness or other medicated state. Apparently he is prevented from entering the property. Apparently. So we've been told.

Hopefully the peace will continue...


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Photo a Day 17.1.08

Home from work

I was actually intending on taking this:

but he came from nowhere and there he was, in the shot. Like so often happens these days. I guess it's my fault, for not realising that Teddy's arm was hanging out of the rucksack.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Photo of the Day 16.1.08

Joy at the Park

We're back from the park where we had a playdate with Tatum, Erica and Tammy this morning. Jamie's exhausted and in bed asleep. We have friends arriving in a little under an hour. Must go and tidy up!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Photo a Day 15.1.08

He got hold of my sunglasses today...

Apparently he needs reading glasses

Here's lookin' at ya

Can't resist me, can you?

Photo a day 14.1.08


Yes, he has a cold. No, I didn't photoshop out the snot.

Photo a Day 13.1.08

Katie suggested that I try the photo a day challenge that several people have going at the moment. My initial thought was "no way!" and then I thought about it. And, well, here goes...

Washing the car with Dad

Monday, January 14, 2008

New stuff

The new Designing Memories kit is up! Lots of KI Memories Pop Culture in this month's pack :)
Honestly, these kits are amazing. I was given the main kit and I managed to do three layouts easy. (I coulda done four easy, but I stuffed up on the background and had to use a new piece of cardstock from my stash ;) ).

So, this is what I put together:

Journaling: "mummy, daddy, baby, teddy, dak (Jak), wii! (Wiggles), ree (read), boo' (book), gop (dog), aw-bwee (strawberry), waa! (wet), war-war (water), dee (tea), ba' (bath), paper, choc-lor (chocolate), Bobber! (Bob the Builder), detty (dirty), bubble, cat, wiaow (meow),tv, poo, tigger, Ja-yee (Jamie), me"

Our Year 2007
Journaling: This year was certainly eventful! The first six months we spent working on the house. We sold it mid-year and moved across town, then I went back to work and Jamie started childcare. Phil worked hard with long hours and interstate trips. Phew! I would like a restful 2008.

Hey Sunshine
Journaling: After the events of the last few days, I'm reminded of how precious he is; how much a miracle he is; how incredibly much I adore him. Jamie and me on Christmas Day 2007.

And then I did this one. It's not part of the DT work I did, it's the fourth one. It's about my miscarriage.

Today I Cried
Journaling: Today I cried. I burst into tears in a hospital room when a doctor touched me on the arm and told me I was miscarrying you. I cried when Jamie exclaimed "baby" when we were reading his books. I cried because I'd already started to imagine what you'd look like; I'd already pictured you playing with Jamie.
When do babies get souls? My heart aches for you, my sweet little baby. I carried you around with me for 8 weeks. I loved you from the moment I knew you existed and I'll always love you and grieve for what might have been. Love you to bits little one. Mummy.

Wow! Three posts today. I think that'll do, don't you?

Go check out the Designing Memories site. As usual the other DT members have blown me away with their use of the kit.


From my journal

Because I feel like sharing:

This morning I heard you reading to yourself. Your favourite book at the moment is called “Tigger comes to breakfast”. It starts with:
Worraworraworraworra. One night, Pooh is woken up by a strange noise. Pooh gets out of bed and opens the door. “Who’s there?” says Pooh. “Me,” says Whatever-it-is.

(Of course, Whatever-it-is is Tigger, but we don’t know that yet in the story)

This morning I noticed you were standing at the couch, with your book open in front of you. You were hidden from my view by the back of the couch but I could hear you:

“Warrawarra. Beee!”

And I smiled to myself because I knew exactly what was happening.

You love the beginning of our book and always prompt me with the “Worraworraworra” bit at the start. Then you sit there with a smile of anticipation on your face. When I get to the “Who’s there?”, you cry out “Bee!” and laugh. “Me!!!!” You love that bit.

And lo and behold, there you were, reading the book to yourself!"

And this:

"We went to the chiropractor this morning. Now, I knew that you were pretty good with your puzzles at home, but I sort of thought it was just because you’d memorized where all the bits go. But, apparently you just have an amazing memory, or a good sorting ability. Because you sat in the waiting room at the chirpractor’s and did one puzzle after another. At least a half a dozen of them. Wack, wack, wack. In went the puzzle pieces. You barely looked at them. It was like they were magnetized. I was impressed. Very impressed."

Wow! What inspiration...

I think I have about a year's worth of blogging here folks.

Keep 'em coming. I'm inspired. Possible future blog topics, as requested by you:

- a fork in the road' tell us about a time in your life where you may have had 2 different paths to take and the outcome. (Chris M)

- favourite recipes. (Janine)

-where you find your inspiration... people's blogs you read, other things you do to get some "mojo". (Mel Nunn)

- What you love about your life right now (Sharmaine)

- Photo a day (Katie Toland)

- If you could be someone famous who would you be and why (Lis)

- The goat over the back fence you havent mentioned it for ages, did someone have it for dinner?(Wens - now this almost had me spluttering my coffee over the keyboard, as it totally caught me by surprise and made me laugh out loud. And yes, I probably do need to update that little story!)

- where you'd like to be in 5 years, in terms of family life, work, your house, scrapbooking etc. (Yvette Adams)

- What do you see when you type - as in, where is your laptop when you type? (Wendy/scrapwrap)

- I would love to know your scrapping schedule! "A scrapping week in the life of Kathie" (Kristine)

- your favourite feature of your DH (Kathryn)

- I've read stuff about your Dad, I've seen him in layouts but I'd like to know what's special about your Mum. I've met her and she seems like a lovely lady, but what's she really like? (Cherill)

- what you love about scrapbooking - what got you started and why you do it. (Kerryn L)

- your favourite quotes that you can live by. maybe you could make a mini album or a LO to share some of these with janmie. (Shazz)

- how about an average day in your life (Joanne)

- what values and goals do you and phil as parents want to instill in Jamie...besides honesty, trust, love, respect, compassion,truth.....pick one or two values you would like and tell us about it please (Charmaine)

- who was your fave school teacher and why? (Lusi)

- Snapshots of your home and your first scrapbook pages!! I also like recipe ideas, maybe your son's favourites (Meredith T)

- living in your new suburb,and where you now like to hang out and shop (kerry)

- what drives you, your hopes and dreams, your favourite places, and what makes you you (Marie)

And don't forget, you have until Friday to post in response to my post below, in order to qualify for the RAKs.

I'm off to draft some blog stories

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Loving this....

I got this magazine in the post this week. The October issue of Scrapbook Trends (USA). And this layout was in there:

My layout. On the cover for the gallery. Don't you just love the way they display the layouts in this magazine? All of the layouts are photographed like this. It's simply the most delightful magazine.

And I have a copy to give away. To register, simply leave me a comment to this post. Hmmm... let me think... leave me a suggestion for a future blog post I should write. I'll draw a name from a hat and you'll get the magazine!

I'll draw another name from a hat and the second person will get this - a selection of stuff (most of it never even opened) that I have culled from my stash as I don't think I'll ever use it. Hopefully you can make better use of it than I would :)

Leave a comment to this post by 5pm this Friday 18/1 to register.

I actually did some scrapping this week. One I love. One I'm not so sure about. One is simply depressing. But therapeutic. I'll share soon.

Take care

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two word sentences

Slowly but surely we're getting this language thing:

"mom more" (requested most seriously with a little nod, most often at the end of a Wiggles or Thomas DVD, with index finger held up) = one more;

"weeee booh!" (said enthusiastically at the top of one's voice, with book open before him) = read book.

On occasion we have a variation of the last sentence and get "booooh wee!". However, it comes with a struggle of the lips and tongue.

We're working on "waa Jat!" accompanied with a maniacal giggle = wet Jak.

Poor Jak.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Etsy Inspiration

Continuing with my inspiration theme, I thought I'd share with you some of my inspiration from etsy. I totally love browsing etsy stores. So much inspiration there. Here are a few of my favs:

The Tallest Tree by One Good Bumblebee

Sampler by Betsy Walton

A Wish in a Heart by CourtneyP

Cuttings by Lucie Summers

Single Love Bird by Brownington Forest

*All images attributed to the original artist.


Water Play

There's nothing that this little guy likes better than going outside with his daddy after tea and helping water the garden with his bucket.

It was our water night. Phil had been watering the garden with the hose. So we were obeying the water restrictions.

Do you know what I miss though? Really miss? The sound of sprinklers in our neighbours gardens. Ever since I was a little girl I've loved that sound. It's the epitome of summer to me.

And this is what it looks like when you're running backwards away from a shrieking 2 year old with a bucket of water he is intent on dumping all over you (and the camera)... but still want to get the shot!


Monday, January 07, 2008

My Inspiration

I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a summary of what scrappers are inspiring me now. And maybe look back next year and reflect. Because, see, I'm fickle. I guess I'm just an ordinary Gemini. But my inspiration changes constantly.

Here's who's inspiring me now. Ten scrappers. In alphabetical order. I've blatantly stolen the images of the layouts from the respective artist's blog/gallery:

Clair Bremner

I love Clair's photography. I love her quirky pages, her use of paints, the way she constructs her layouts, how they always look fresh and airy, the mix of vintage style papers she chooses and that gorgeous handwriting - my writing is too neat, I feel, so I love her less structured script. And she's Australian.

Iris Babao Uy
This is the first page that really drew my attention to this talented scrapbooker. Since then, I've bookmarked nearly every one of her pages. They're rich and textured. Again, she's a big user of vintage-style papers. I love the way she seems to effortlessly throw things on a page and have it look stunning.

Jill Hornby
I have admired Jill's work for a long time. She inspires me with her use of frames on her page. I think it was Jill's work that introduced me to using scallops actually.

Jolene Pienaar
Jolene continually comes up with new looking work. I love looking at her stuff. It never gets old. She's not averse to trying something new, and I love that. And she's Australian :)

Kelli Crowe
I love the playfulness in Kelli's work. The vibrancy. The colours. The shapes she uses and how she cuts her patterned paper. Her work is bold. It's childlike sometimes. Innocent almost. And always playful.

Linda Albrecht
To me, Linda is the master of the classy layout. The paper layering, the inking, the embellishing. All so perfect. This lady has been one of my favourite scrappers for such a long time, and I never tire of seeing her work. No wonder she's on a gazillion DTs.

Lisa Garay
This woman can colour match! She makes colourful layouts look easy. I never cease to catch my breath. Each and every layout she posts.

Lisa McGarvey

I have admired Lisa for a long while too. She makes beautiful boy layouts. I love her clustering and layering. And her use of a variety of fonts on a page. She uses dark backgrounds with such style. Many of her pages incorporate some kind of vertical element, which I admire as I tend to structure my pages horizontally. Mental note to self: try vertical this year!

Maria Grace Abuzman
Love this woman's style. And her personality shines through her pages. You have to expect the unexpected with this woman's pages. They're never predictable. I like that. Except for those big, bold, colourful titles! And her pages are just so, oh I don't know.... interesting!

Zina Wright
Zina is by far and away my favourite Aussie scrapper. She blows me away with her work. Love the way she combines papers and colours. I love her handwriting, her doodling. Beautiful.

There you go! Ten of my favourite scrappers.

I'd love to hear about your favourite scrappers, and what it is about their work that inspires you. Do your favourite change with the seasons, as mine tend to? Or have you loved your favourites for eternity?