Monday, March 31, 2008

In the Spotlight

I'm in the spotlight here.

If you haven't yet tried a 1,2,3 Challenge, pop over there and see what the challenge is going to be for April. If you're early, you might even get to contribute to setting it! I love them and it's one of the sites that I check routinely, when I'm in search of a challenge.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Scrapware giveaway

Scrapware will be releasing a pile of gorgeous new products at SIA (industry show) this week. If you like chipboard and/or wooden scrapbooking embellishments, then I tell you, you're going to be in for serious spoiling!

Here's some sneaks to whet your appetite.

Gorgeous new wood/chipboard/acrylic mini-albums, little birds, seriously cute trees...

...journal blocks, date blocks, lotsa words...

...the most seriously cute animals....

And, thanks to the generous Ange at Scrapware, I'll have a free pack of Scrapware chipboard animals to give away to a reader of my blog. Just leave a comment to this post by this Friday (4 April 2008) and you'll be in the draw to win. (Open only to Australian residents.)

You'll be getting your hands on these goodies before they even hit the shops! Exclusive!

Good luck!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Come on down...


Email me your addy and I'll be sending you through a copy of Scrapbook Trends Mini Album Idea Book as soon as it reaches my post box.

I can't believe our weather. Last week we broke records here with our heatwave. Now, it's rainy and cold. Not only do I have a long sleeve T-shirt on, but also a polar-fleece windcheater! Crazy.

OK, check back soon. I have sneak peeks to post. And another blog giveaway.

Stay tuned.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On language development

Jamie is fast getting the hang of speaking; however at the moment many of his words sound the same. For example, I observed yesterday that "Wiggles" and "Bob the Builder" (his two great passions in life) are sounding very similar. I asked him to say one; then the other:

Me (enunciating): "Wiggles"
Jamie: "Bobbles" (with an extra emphasis, just for me, on the "s")

Me: "Bob the Builder"
Jamie" "Bobble-er"


This afternoon, before nap-time, he'd been a bit fractious. He didn't want to eat lunch:
"no boc-boc!" (no broccoli - not that there was any broccoli in there, lol!)

So, OK, he didn't need to eat it if he didn't want to. That's always the choice in our house. But there's rarely any alternative offered. If you don't want to eat what's on offer, that's fine. But you'd better eat, if you're hungry.

Then, when I gave him his Spot book to take to bed with him, he threw it on the ground in a fit of a toddler tantrum.

So, we went to the bedroom. I put him in his bed. He cried.
"no boc-boc!", sobbing

I reassured him. It's OK. Popcorn's in the bed. (Popcorn is the teeny teddybear he's had since he was baby). He calls him "boc-boc". As in popcorn, also known as broccoli.

I asked him if he was still hungry. Yes, snivel, he nodded.
So, we went back to the kitchen and he ate another few mouthfuls of lunch... maybe half a dozen or so, and then didn't want any more.

Attempt 2. Back into the bedroom we go. I put him in his bed. We load up the bed with Popcorn, Bunny, Teddy. The crying starts again. I hand him the Wiggles book.

"No boc-boc!" The crying gets louder.

I hand him the Bob the Builder book.

"No boc-boc!"
The sobbing's really in earnest now.

I hand him the Teddy Book.

"Teddy boo-ook" he sobs pitifully, by now the crying is heart-rending.

So I pick him up and we sit on the chair and he sobs into my chest. You'd think his heart is broken. Big wrenching sobs. Not just "putting off going to bed" sort of antics. This is serious.

Between the sobs, I try to work out what's wrong.

"No (sob) (sob) boc-boc!"

"But Popcorn's in your bed," I say.

"No boc-boc! (sob) (sob) (sniff)"

"Are you still hungry?" I ask.

"No-o! No boc-boc!"

At my wits end to understand what has this little boy so upset, I say "well, is it something you can show me? Get down and show me."

Back out to the living room we go....

"Boc-boc!" he says with relief... and runs to the Spot Book he hurled to the floor some half hour earlier.



"Spot Book". What was I thinking!

And with that he happily went back to bed. We lay the Spot Book alongside his pillow; he sighed a big sigh, smiled at me and went to sleep.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A little boy pokes his head out the back door this morning and announces with the certainty that only comes with being 2 years old:

"Jar-Jar get choc-choc"

It seems that the Easter egg hunt is still fresh in someone's memory.

Monday, March 24, 2008

This morning

We went to the park this morning.

I was playing with Exposure priority on the camera. Trying to capture Jamie on the swing and slide. But I'm getting pretty frustrated at the lack of focus options on my camera. Grrr. I am just waiting on the tax refund cheque to arrive and I think that I'll be finally, finally getting my DSLR. I've been wanting one for, oooh, two or three years. But I've been good and have focussed on our priorities. This year, I think it's time...


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Jamie went on his first Easter Egg hunt this morning.

I think it's fair to say it was a success.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy 30 000 visitors to me!

Wow, I don't believe that my blog has received 30 000 visits since I started counting them. But today, in the flurry of about 200 hits, we passed the 30 000 mark.

Thanks so much to each and every one of you who visits. And a huge hello to those of you who stop to leave a comment (Yes, even with 200 hits today, I only got about three comments, so I do love you for that. Otherwise I start to feel like I'm talking to myself.)

And, I get it. You like inspiration :)
I've noticed a sharp spikes in visitors when I post my inspiration each month.
Yes, I do notice. I hear what you're telling me.

OK, now, I do want to celebrate 30 000 visits. But I have nothing to give away atm. Unless you want a couple of half eaten packs of letter stickers, lol. Or an Easter egg. I have lots of them lying around the house right now. But not for much longer.

So here's what. I'm due to be published in the April Scrapbook Trends Mini Album Idea Book next month. I expect that I'll get two copies of the magazine as usual. And ST is gorgeous. Simply delightful. So, if you're interested in a copy of the April ST Mini Albums magazine, leave a comment to this post over the next week (until midnight Friday 28th march) and I'll pick someone at random who'll get a copy of the magazine. (Please pray they don't make a liar of me, and that I get two copies, lol!) This way, as soon as it reaches my mailbox, it will be on its way to you!

As long as you don't mind waiting a few weeks.

Do I want you to comment on something specific? Hmmm. What to do...

Yes... I think I do.

I would like to know what's inspiring you atm.

Leave a link to something that's inspiring you online. It could be a link to a layout by another scrapbooker, a favourite artist, a print you found online, an article of clothing in an online catalogue. Whatever. Whatever has you inspired.


Have a relaxing and safe long weekend

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Pages

The theme for Shop and Crop's DT this week is Easter. I got to play with the WeR Memory Keepers White Out Promenade line. So different to what I would normally choose. That's the fun of working on a design team, I find.

Anyway, once I got over my fear of working with pastels (and pastel *orange* at that; shudder!) I got to work and here's what I created:

Look at Me

Lovin' these photos of Jamie in a rabbit suit. I have a layout in FK this upcoming months with some more photos from this shoot. Just too cute :)

You and Me

The baby in the photo here is me! Yes, in 1965, or early 1966, I'm not sure which. With the fluffy rabbit that belonged to my father when he was a boy. I loved that rabbit!

Have a happy and safe Easter.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Designing Memories creations

This month's Designing Memories kit is now available here. Gorgeous Daisy D's and K&Co papers. I got to play with the main kit and the add-on kit this month.

Journaling: When I was a tiny little girl I loved visiting Grandma and playing with Violet - the rag doll.

Love these huge Bohemia blossoms from MME!

Follow your Bliss
Journaling: These are my favourite photos from my birthday last year - Jamie and me cuddling on teh couch just before he went to bed. There's something about them that just makes me smile.

Journaling: You have accumulated quite a collection of trucks. By far your favourite though is Scoop, as in the yellow truck in the Bob the Builder series. "Koop" you call it, as you push it around the back yard.

Sadly, this is my last series of layouts for Designing Memories. I'll miss getting my monthly kits, but I just can't fit everything in that I'd like to do, lol, and had to make the difficult decision to resign my position on the DT. I have really enjoyed creating pages with the goodies Katja sent to my doorstep every month. She just has a knack.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Seamstress challenge

Every month the girls on the Shop and Crop messageboard set the DT a challenge. This month our challenge was the seamstress challenge: to use denim or fabric, and lace on a layout.

Journaling: I'll be a, I'll be a teacher and play with flashcards... no, I'll be a nurse and wear a cap... no, I'll be a pianist in an orchestra... no, maybe I'll be a ballerina... no, I'll be a geologist... no, I'll be a doctor... no, I'll be an engineer and to to uni... no, no, here's what I'll do...
These were my thoughts from the time I was the little girl in this photo. In the end I became a scientist, then an OHS adviser, then an HR manager, then... and so it continued!

So, I hunted through my fabric stash and found this gorgeous pink gingham. Then I found green and white stripe fabric that's just perfect as grass. I also added some muslin, torn and knotted along the bottom.

Then there's the lace: green lace for more grass, lace braid left lying around that I'd died pink sometime in the past that was perfect for a couple a little flowers, and some new Prima braid for the teeny pink row of flowers.

Oh, and the stitching up the side and along the bottom and for flower stems. Whew! And have I mentioned that I love Fancy Pants? Love this patterned paper!

ETA: Joanne (sorry, blogger won't tell me your profile, so I can't get any contact details), the paper is from the Fancy Pants Botanical line released in 2007 - newish, but not spectacularly so! This paper is called Pansy.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fashion Passion

This week's theme for the Design Team at Shop and Crop is Fashion Passion. This first layout uses one of my tops for inspiration:

Lots of flowers and gemstones. And here's my layout:

I tried to recreate the little square block in the centre of the top for my title/journaling block. I wanted to paint it, but chickened out and sewed it instead. And then, typical, afterwards wished I'd been braver and pulled out the paint. Nja.

I hand lettered the title - attempted to mimic the lettering on the top - I don't know how successfully, lol. Ah, it's all about the creation, the trying something, isn't it?

Now, I have to confess to cheating somewhat for the next layout. The inspiration didn't come from inside my house. I've had this pic on my PC forever. I don't even know where I got it now to credit it. This was the perfect opportunity to get it out and use it.

And here's the layout:

It's gonna be forty degrees Celsius again tomorrow! We are all reeling under this weather. Plus, they reckon that petrol is going to reach $1.50/litre by Easter. Eeek! Hot hot hot.

See you!

We just broke a record

From the news:

"No Australian capital city has ever been hotter for longer than Adelaide.
As extreme temperatures spread into other states, the South Australian capital notched up its 11th consecutive day of 35 degrees Celsius or above to claim an unwelcome record.
And it can expect no relief for at least another six days."

It's expected to hit 40 degrees here today. It's going to be 38 or 39 right through the weekend.

Crazy stuff.

I have layouts to share, but I'm at work at the moment so it will have to wait until tonight or the weekend. Or pop over to Shop and Crop and check out the DT gallery.

Stay cool.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Designing Memories

Busy creating in front of the air conditioner :)

Here's a sneak peek from the Designing Memories kit due out soon.

Katja's away at Stitches & Craft all of next week and so the April Kit will be available on the website on the 17th Mach. Orders placed between 10th and 16th March will ship 17th of March. She's put a sneak peek of the add-on kit on her blog.

Til later

Monday, March 10, 2008

OK, you can pack the blowtorch away now!

Geepers, but it's hot! We're sweltering down here in Adelaide.

It's supposed to be Autumn and we've just boiled our way through a week of close on 40 degree temperatures. (I think it did get to 40 at least once. But I'm ignoring the weather forecasts in case I feel even hotter.) The hot weather is supposed to continue all this week, right through next weekend too. Thank goodness for airconditioners.

We spent this morning at a first birthday party, outdoors. I was glad to get home. Jamie, being a typical two year old, didn't appear to notice the weather. There were other more important things to take his attention. Like funny face biscuits, piles of presents in colourful wrapping paper, and a Scoop ride-on (for the Bob the Builder followers).

Have a good week. Stay cool!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

And another one.

And last but not least, I have a layout in For Keeps Issue 64:

This was done over eighteen months ago, and it documents our struggle with colic from when Jamie was 5 weeks old until he was about 3 months. Seven weeks doesn't sound very long, but when every waking second is spent with a crying baby, or stressing that the sleeping baby is going to wake up and start screaming again, it's an eternity, as any new mum dealing with colic will tell you.

The entire top section of this LO opens up to reveal hidden journaling. Here's the journaling in all its entirety

To look at this photo no-one would realise that you were suffering from colic. It started on Christmas Eve - you were five weeks old. You would just cry and cry and cry. Only when you were asleep did the crying stop and then we would get blessed relief.

He won't sleep. He cries as soon as I lay him flat. At his worst he won't even settle in the baby sling. A walk around the block in the pusher is greeted with blessed silence, but the crying resumes on arriving back home. Even a ride in the car doesn't help sleep arrive.
"He has colic" says someone.
COLIC: more than 3 hours of crying on three or more days in a week.
Yep, he certainly does that. How about 7 hours straight?
"He's hungry" says someone else. "He wants more frequent feeds"
"Don't overfeed him if he has colic" says another adviser. "No less than three hours between feeds".
Meanwhile my heart breaks to look at his unhappy little face, his legs pulled up into his belly then flying straight out.
"It's something you're eating" says someone. "You have to cut out dairy".
Nuts, fish, dairy, coffee, and chocolate may all cause wind in babies, I read on the internet. So might cauliflower, broccoli, onions, cucumber, capsicums and garlic.
"Don't eat fresh fruit" says someone.
"Tomatoes are too acidic" says someone else.
"Stay away from salads" someone else warns. "Eat steamed veg instead".
Good grief! It's enough to do your head in. And in the meantime the baby cries.
Finally we find a Gripe Water that he'll swallow. And gradually we learn what helps. Jiggling, warm baths and tummy massages.
"He'll grow out of it by the time he's three months old" someone tells me.
I hope it's sooner, because that's still 6 weeks away!!

Shudder. It still brings back memories of gnashing of teeth, wailing, and tearing of hair.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Creating Keepsakes layouts

I am so behind the times. I have layouts in the last two issues of Creating Keepsakes (Aust reader gallery):


Sixteen Months
Journaling: You understand more and more every day, nodding your head to my simple questions. You dance, you spin, you almost-run. We play chasey around the lounge-room until we're breathless with running, shrieking and laughing. Your almost-run totally cracks me up. You love being outside the best, exploring. These photos were taken down on the River Torrens one Sunday afternoon.

There's a big pocket on the RHS of the layout that contains a big letter to Jamie (the one that I posted on my blog at the time).

Cheeky Monkey
Journaling: Look at you - you really are one CHEEKY little boy. Daddy snapped this photo at just the right moment as you jumped out from behind the meatsafe. PEEK-A-BOO!!

I just played with felt on this one. Did something a bit different. I must try it again.


An Interesting Career
1. Researcher. Armed with a brand new BSc(Hons) I eagerly entered the workforce. I was to research the triggers for cancer cell growth. It all sounded terribly exciting, but the reality was tedious and boring.
2. Uni administrator. I needed a job with more people contact. I found a position co-ordinating the research component of the medical degree. And in my spare time I went back to study.
3. Safety adviser. I was headhunted for this role after I graduated from my post grad studies. I advised on things from farm safety to chemicals, to IT.
4. HR Manager. They kept promoting me and I ended up here! Busy, long hours and demanding. Apparently I was "good" at dealing with employee "issues", arguing with unions and terminating staff.
5. Mum. I never thought I'd be so lucky! This is my favourite job. It has the longest hours, the lowest pay and I don't get the respect I'm accustomed to. But after years of dealing with all the negativity of HR problems, I just love staying at home playing with my little munchkin.
6. Injury prevention adviser. I now work 2 days a week developing strategy for the public sector. It's interesting, can be left behind at the end of the day and is a great balance to being a mum.

I am totally loving teeny index prints at the moment. Expect to see more of this style from me!

Birthday Boy
Journaling: Fifty family and friends gathered to wish you a happy first birthday. You sat on Grandad's lap under the shady apricot tree and greeted all your party guests like a little prince. You unwrapped your presents and admired the beautiful wrapping paper. You ate fairy bread and birthday cake. Even a 2 hour power blackout couldn't spoil the festivities. As the sun went down you sat on your Dad's lap and soaked up the fun.

I had a ball making this one. It's so bright and cheerful. Love those little patterned paper clowns :)

Well, I'm almost all caught up with shares.

Bye for now!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Drumroll please....

I can finally spill the beans...

I have just joined the design team for Shop and Crop!!!

To say I'm excited and looking forward to being part of this community would be an understatement. I join some super talented ladies and admit to being a little nervous to be working alongside them: Deb Godley, Fiona Leehane, Jaimie Emmerton, Janine Kaye, Julie Stone, Karen Scrimes, Tania Davey.

I've been scrapping up a little storm for them over the last month, so it's lovely to finally be able to share. Here's my introductory layout for the shop:

Ten of the things that make me smile right now.

I used some gorgeous Fancy Pants paper and lots of other bits and pieces. even got out the Queen and Co beads - can you see all the little beaded stems? LOL, they were a labour of love... Lots of glitter. It doesn't show up on the scan though.

I bought a new scanner last week and it seems to be scanning really contrast-y, which is a pain in the proverbial. And my computer decided this week to have major problems and I simply haven't had time to play with the settings - so it'll have to do for the moment.

I have some more layouts to share, so check back soon. And in the meantime, come over and say hello at Shop and Crop :D

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Layouts to share

Well, I just got a couple of cheques in the mail so I must have some layouts out in the magazines at the moment :)

Scrapbooking Memories 10(1)

Journaling: Oooh! I have lost count how many times I've heard you say that lately. Anything and everything that's exciting or interesting gets an animated "ooh!" - a truck while we're out in the car; an aeroplane flying overhead; spying a toy in an unusual spot - it all gets greeted with an animated ooh! You walk around hooting like a little owl :).

This layout's in the birds gallery. I printed out a little owl from Tia Bennett's digital kit and then embellished it with patterned paper and sequins.

Journaling: I spend an hour a day doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. It mounts up - the time taken to do breakfast, lunch and tea dishes, not to mention when I cook up batches of food to freeze. I rally resent the time it takes. One hour a day over a year is 365 hours; 21900 tedious minutes. OMG, I really should't have done the calculations... 365 hours! That's, like 30 days for 12 hours a day... I spend a month of my life doing dishes!!!!

I made this page before we moved last year. Without a doubt one of the things I'm grateful in our new house is the dishwasher! Yes, it's fantastic. Really.

Scrapbook Creations Issue 52

What edition of Creating Keepsakes is out at the moment?

And For Keeps?

I've lost track. I think I have something to share in both of them too. Let me know what issue no. we're up to, and I'll post some more layouts


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Scrapware projects

Here are my first design team projects for Scrapware:

"Sandcastles" mini album. This cute little chipboard album was the perfect way to document Jamie's first trip to the beach a year ago.

I've used mostly BasicGrey papers on this, and cut out shapes reflective of the beach. I left off the heavy chipboard door in favour of a piece of transparency stamped ramdomly with a script stamp; so that you can see through and get a sneak peek of the photos inside.

"Magical" This photo is my mum, when she was about 18 months old. She just looks so cute and elfin to me in this shot.

I cut out the background and perched her on a mushroom (from a Tia Bennet digi kit). Lots of glitter on this, although it doesn't really show in the scan.

And I did the calculation - she was born on a Monday. I was quite rapt that she was so obliging in fitting with my quote ;)

Aren't the new Scrapware butterflies just stunning? Again, mine has glitter on its wings, but it just doesn't show in the scan. Shame.

Hope you're having a good day.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sending out congratulations

A huge congratulations to Nic and her family who've just announced the birth of Jacinta Grace.
Isn't that the cutest name for a little baby girl. Congratulations Nic; hope we get to catch up with you soon.

Last Friday night I caught up with Cherill for some scrapbooking. Now, I don't scrapbook very often with other people. And I discovered that I'm not very good at being entertaining while I scrap, lol. I tend to forget the time, and that there's someone else around. I fear I was extremely boring and not very entertaining at all. Sorry Cherill!

Plus the fact that I have about 3+4+1+3+2 (how many is that? 13? crap!) projects to get done in the next three or so weeks. I fear I was a bit preoccupied.

Gulp. Is that a lot? It is for me! I wish I hadn't added them up.

Oh, and my little boy had his first proper haircut this week. He looks so grown up now! I must get a photo tomorrow.

OK, gotta get myself to sleep.