Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Heartfelt Journaling

I've just uploaded some new pages at the Shop and Crop gallery.

Our theme this week is "heartfelt journaling". I got to work with the beee-eautiful SEI Dill Blossom line. Love these papers! They're all double-sided which makes them wonderfully versatile. And the line includes some co-ordinating plain sheets too. Perfect!

28 months
Journaling: At 28 months you are an absolute joy. Your language skills have exploded this month and I am delighting in being able to talk with you on this new level; to start to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and how you think. As we sit across the breakfast table, you and I, discussing what we're going to do that day, it strikes me that I can't imagine my life without your companionship. You fill up the moments of our day with joy and boyish activity. I catch myself laughing with you at some piece of mischief and realise that you've allowed me to slow down and exist in the moment; to take delight in the simple things we do; to find fun in our everyday activity. You recite to me, with a beaming smile: "mom, daddy, jak, jar-jar!" and it catches me by surprise, this collection of us into your verbal declaration of our family. "Yes" I reply, "we're your family" and my heart swells fair to burst.

Photography by....
Journaling. Ironically, they were reading a story about death on Playschool at the time Phil rang me this morning. I remember because I thought it was a deep topic for a pre-school TV program. Was it an omen? I don't know. All I know is that my mind was already on death and dying when Phil's voice told me you'd lost your battle with cancer.
Even so, I wasn't ready for the news. How can this be? Of all of us, you were the fittest; the healthiest. You didn't smoke and hardly drank. You worked out and ate well. We we went out you were always the one who left early to go home to bed. You were only our age, for goodness sake! How can this have happened. Why? Why you?
Grant, you were such a good friend; a genuine down-to-earth good guy; a great mate.
I hd this photo lying around, ready to create a page about my favourite wedding photos, or how I miss my Grandma. I never could choose... and so today it becomes about you - about you; our fantastic photographer, sharing and documenting our special memories. And, as the tears fall, we remember our times with you and we feel blessed to have been your friends. For me, this photo will always be Grant's photo - if I try very hard, I can almost see you there, on the chair, capturing the moment.
Goodbye dear friend.

I hadn't planned on doing this page but I sat down and created it the afternoon of that telephone call. Grant's death has been a real shock to us. We still can't believe that he's gone. And that we're still all here. It just defies logic. The lottery of life, hey? It's confronting.

Not a good note to leave you all hanging on, but there you go. I have struggled to post this week. I guess I'm just flat. Jamie's been sick too, which has made life, ummm, interesting. Just a cold. But he's been really grizzly and unsettled with this cold - more so than usual.

OK, enough from me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Right now

Little munchkin. He's into his family, right now. When he's cuddling on my lap at night and I'm singing him lullabies (a sign of the times - it's usually the Bob the Builder theme song, lol) I hear him whispering to himself:

"Mummy, daddy, Jak, Jar-jar"

Over and over. Jar-Jar is what he calls himself. Jak's the dog.

His family. It makes my heart swell, to hear it.

I'm sure Jak would be pretty rapt too, to be included. Jamie just adores Jak. He always wants to play with him. He insists that Jak goes outside with him to play. He begs with me to make Jak go outside with him. I watch them outside. Jamie talks to Jak, follows him around the backyard; generally idolises him. And I feel really sad that he doesn't have a little brother or sister to play with. I know it's just being silly emotional, but sometimes my heart gets sad that he's still an only child.

But anyway, not to dwell...

This afternoon I picked him up from his grandma's, as I'd spent a wonderful morning with the girls from Blue Bazaar (bliss!). Anyway, at one point I could hear him in the toilet with Grandma (he was supposed to be using the toilet - we are trying to get him a bit interested in toilet training). And I could hear him pointing out to his Grandma the ducks on his toilet seat:

"Mummy duck, Daddy duck, Jar-jar duck".


And that on his arm? That's a freddo frog tattoo. It's been there fully two weeks. I'm starting to think it really is permanent. I must say though, he is rather the envy of the other kids at childcare with his tattoo ;).

Work tomorrow. A one day week for me! Yipee!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Funny face

This layout in Scrapbook Creations 53. An oldie but a goodie:

And all I wanted was a Smile.
Journaling: Jamie, you have the most beautiful smile. We first glimpsed it when you were 7 weeks old. Now, at 4 months, you smile at me all the time. But do you think I can capture it on film? No! As soon as I put the camera to my face you grow serious. Today I was determined to keep taking photos until I captured your smile. Look at these :)

Awww. Love that middle photo in particular.

The inspiration for this layout came from Ali Edwards - love how she uses grids to showcase lots of photos.

I look back at these layouts and they make my heart happy. Just the remembering.

If you'd like to make something similar to this, I've put some instructions here. This is an ideal layout for a beginner, as it's not technique heavy, it just requires a bit of measuring really. And it's so effective!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Computer transfer

Well, I think I'm finished. The new computer is operational. The emails seem to be working.

Only one glitch. I could have cried tonight. Phil had just finished re-formatting the old computer and wiping off all our information. And...

I went to run an action in Photoshop...
Wait. No actions...
I left them in the pre-set folder on Photoshop on the old computer.

My ittybitty actions!!!

I. did. not. make. a. backup. disk. of. my. actions.

Or my brushes.

Gone. All gone.

I could cry.

I guess I'll just have to go and buy them all over again. And this time I'll burn a backup disk. Doh!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New page

A layout I did with the new zoo animals from Scrapware.

Journaling: "Dear Zoo" is his favourite book. We read it, oh, 20 times a day. Because I want to encourage his love for books, because I want to foster his love of animals, but to be honest, mostly because sometimes, just sometimes, he still agrees to sit in my lap, just like he did when he was little.

I've painted the animals with acrylic paints and they come up so well. Don't you think?


Friday, April 18, 2008

Technology ctd.

Well, my email problem wasn't going to be resolved easily. If you sent me an email in the last three days, there is quite a likelihood that I didn't get it (unless, of course, I responded to you!).

So can you send it again. Please?

As I ask that, I am holding my breath, crossing my fingers and crossing my toes that I will actually get emails this time. The tech guy assures me I will.

Hmmm. We'll see.

Thanks to Chris for being my test bunny :)


Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've been having troubles with emails bouncing the past couple of days. Sorry if you were trying to get in touch with me.

I think that the problem has been fixed. Hopefully!

It's one of those glitches with transferring to a new computer.... Grrr... the leeetle things that can go wrong and completely stuff things up. I think I'm in the home stretch.

Yay a nice speedy computer. Just as we exceed our broadband download quota for the month and drop back to dial up speed. Murphy's Law. So I will need to wait until next month to truly appreciate the speed of my new machine.

If you're still having troubles emailing me, just leave me a comment here. Coz otherwise I'll never know ;)


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cute Zoo Animals

Check these out:

Are they not the cutest little zoo animals that you've ever seen?

Available now from Scrapware. Check out the site - there's so much new product up there! Nag your LSS to order some in :)

And Cheryl! You need to email me your address. So I can get some goodies in the mail to you.

OK, I'm hitting the sack now.

New Shop and Crop gallery

The new DT gallery has just gone up at Shop and Crop. This week the theme's "white space". I admire many, many scrapbookers who do white space so creatively. Me, I find white space difficult. I keep wanting to add more. And more. And more, lol. Until the space is all used up. Gone. Oops! So it was a great challenge for me to just "stop!" before I added stuff.

Tennis Anyone?
Journaling: "It started with Wii tennis at Christmas. Then there was the Aust. Open. You were transfixed. You evern preferred the tennis over your beloved Wiggles. Swat! What a forehand :)."

I got to use the Love Elsie 'Cody' line. At first glance it's a sporting themed line, and it just fit perfectly with this photo I had of Jamie "playing tennis". A good thing, as this is the only photo I have of Jamie playing sport, lol.

Perfectly You
Journaling: "You were mucking around, playing peek-a-boo over the couch.. I'm so glad I got these shots... they capture your cheeky personality so well."

I cut the middles out of the Love Elsie journaling blocks and used them as the frames for this layout. I wanted to show that you don't have to do just single photos on white space layouts. They do accomodate multi-photos. And the line is quite versatile for non-sporty pages too ;).

Thank you all for your kind words about my last post. It's a terrible loss, to lose a great friend in the prime of his life. So thank you so much for your comforting thoughts.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We received news this morning that a good friend of ours has lost his battle with cancer.

Ironically, they were reading a story about death on Playschool at the time Phil rang me with the news. I remember, because I thought it was a deep issue for a pre-school TV program.

Was it an omen? I don't know. All I know is that my mind was already on death and dying when the phone rang; when I heard Phil's voice and he told me that Grant had lost his battle. Still, I wasn't ready to hear the news.

How can he have died? Of all of us, he was the fittest, the healthiest. He didn't smoke. He didn't drink very much. Whenever we went out, he was usually the first to leave, to go home and get some sleep. He worked out religiously. He ate well. He was only our age, for goodness sakes! How can this have happened? Why him?

My heart goes out to his family. I can't imagine their loss.

My heart aches for my husband who has lost one of his great mates.

Grant was a genuine, down to earth good guy. A truly great mate. He was our wedding photographer. He was our photographer of choice when Jamie was newborn. Those precious photos, and memories of his friendship, are his gifts to us.

Photography by Grant Walkley

Photography by Grant Walkley

I'm surprised how upset I am. I guess that even when you know one of your mates is really, really sick you still hope for the best. Like, they're too young. They're too healthy. They'll pull through.

Cancer makes me angry. Cancer made me angry when I researched it. Researching cancer made me angry, because it showed me how painstaking and slow the research is. And in the meantime, so many lives succumb. It's just cruel.

So Grant, if you can hear us: Rest in peace friend. You are missed. It's just so unfair.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Shop and Crop March kit designs

I haven't posted my layouts yet, that I did for the March Shop and Crop cropaholics kit.

I loved working with this kit. Loved the Daisy D's WonderYears goodies I got to play with. So bright and whimsical and fun.

2nd Birthday
Journaling: For your second birthday we gave you outdoor climbing equipment - complete with a slippery dip. You loved it!!

Always be Yourself
Journaling: This is what we see nowadays - you with your mouth open, chattering away.

Fairy Land
Journaling: Here I was, at 2 years and 9 months, with my brand new haircut, ready to play flowergirl at my auntie and uncle's wedding. All the preparation was to no avail though, when I refused to participate on the day.

Don't know if there's any kits left. If you're interested, get over to Shop and Crop and have a look. There's so much goodness in the shop at the moment as all the new releases from CHA are arriving.

See you!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rabbit Helps Out

This layout is in this month's For Keeps magazine (issue 65) in the Easter gallery.

Jamie got this little bunny suit when he was born. It was soooo cute. Pity babies have to grow up hey! Anyway, I'm glad that I got these photos of him in it. We were in the midst of serious renovations in these photos and Jamie decided he wanted to help daddy with the painting. He was very industrious, rolling the paint roller along the floorboards, lol.

Sometimes (most times) I am very glad I'm a scrabooker and think to record these sorts of moments to look back on later.


Friday, April 11, 2008


The Shop and Crop newsletter is out and I have a layout in it, showcasing the beautiful Crate Paper Sweet Branch line. These papers are awesome - and perfect for either a little boy or a little girl.

[removed for publication; back soon!]


Journaling: It's a sign of the times that when I see the frog on your hat I think of the nursery song about the frog who sings "d'glumpf". I used to know all the songs on the hit-parade. These days it's nursery rhymes in my head.

Have a great weekend

My Family

More Scrapware goodness. Those little trees that you were all admiring before.

Journaling: This is us. My little family. Me and my two guys. Jamie's about to grizzle, itching to slide down the slippery dip he's balanced on. It's his second birthday. Mum and dad are taking photos just before guests arrive. you know, ten years ago I didn't dare dream that one day I'd have a photograph like this in my photo album. It seemed like events were conspiring to make me a single career woman. And ten years ago I had no idea how insanely happy I'd feel to look at a photograph like this and think "my family".

You'll have to hassle your LSS to get some Scrapware in.

I think I have yet more things that I can now share with you. Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Five Days Minialbum

I've teased you enough with the sneak peeks. Here are the scans of the Scrapware mini album, showing this month's new release products.

How's this gorgeous 6x12 chipboard minialbum? I love this size! So easy to work with. Gush Gush. The covers are wood, so the album's really sturdy.

You might remember the week where I participated in the photo a day challenge? Well this is the collection of photos. Five days of ordinary life for Master James. I used up a heap of papers I had sitting in my collection and some Daisy D's Wonderyears stickers and rub-ons. Love em!

Journaling: Wed. I took up the challenge: a photo a day and post it on my blog. Of course, I took so many more than just the one. And now, looking back through them, I realise what a wonderful picture they make - a colourful snapshot of you, age 26 months, and all the things you love to do.

These new chipboard journaling bits are incredibly versatile. Made of chipboard, you can use them as they are, ink them, or paint them. I chose to paint mine a neutral colour, with bright titles to match the colour of the album.

Journaling: Thurs. You love Thomas the Tank Engine and you also adore doing puzzles. So this puzzle that we borrowed from the toy library keeps you occupied for quite long periods of time. I love watching you figure out and learn where all the pieces go.

Journaling: Fri. Look at you, you cheeky monkey! You found my sun-glasses and had a great time putting them on and taking them off again. I went out and bought you your own pair the very next day.

And the date blocks. Aren't they so delightful. I could easily imagine having one on each of my layouts from now on. With the layout's date. Yum.

Journaling: Sat. After tea Daddy decided to wash the cars. You love doing stuff with your Dad and are such a good carwash helper. You copy everything your Dad does and get wet as wet as wet!

Look at the little fish journaling block! The fish is cut out of the chipboard. I've slipped a piece of green pp in behind it.

Journaling: Sun. On Sunday we walked down to the park after breakfast. Of all the play equipment, you love the slippery-dip the best. I'm not sure whether the attraction's the slide part or the climbing the ladder. You love both!

Back soon with more sharing.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They look GORGEOUS , Kathie.!!


1:53 PM

Cheryl, email me your contact details and you'll shortly be receiving a nice little bag of Scrapware goodies in the mail.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

More Scrapware sneaks

These are wood!

Love the fish :)

Hope you're all having a great weekend. We're off to spend the day with Jamie's grandparents while Phil does some work around the house. Have a lovely day!


Friday, April 04, 2008

One more day...

Don't forget to leave a post here to be in the draw for a bag of goodies to the value of $20 from Scrapware. You have until tonight.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gallery's Up!

The new gallery's up at Shop and Crop. This fortnight our theme was multiple photos.

For my first layout I was inspired by a series I had of Jamie going up and down on the slippery dip. I had about five or six sequences of him. Up and down. Up and down, lol.

Journaling: "One more slips" you say. "one more!" And up you climb. And down you slide. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. The climbing and the sliding. Up and down you go, your blonde hair flying, your face beaming. "One more slips Mom!".

I've replicated a bit of a snakes and ladders board game look. Can you tell?

The next layout is inspired by the look of polaroids. Some of my wedding photos. I've kept it neutral. In line with the general look of what is becoming my wedding album.

Happy Friday!