Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paper piecing

This week I have an article in the Shop and Crop newsletter. If you haven't already subscribed, go and head to Shop and Crop and sign up on the RHS of the main page. The newsletter comes out weekly and is full of tips on techniques, organisation and storage solutions, tools to use, ideas on what's hot right now, plus colour and sketch challenges.

Anyway, my article is on paper piecing. Me? Paper piecing? LOL. The article takes you through two examples of piecing. The first one simply uses the patterns in a collection of patterned papers to build a embellishment.

Love the DaisyD's Chloe Marie papers for this. Wonderful vintagey sorts of papers.

The second example I talk about is where you use a sketch of an image and create something. I take you through how to create this lovely elegant lady on the layout below.

The lady in the photo is my super elegant mother :)

OK, it's time for bed. I have a feverish child atm. I had today off work as we had to go and visit a surgeon (good news - no operation necessary! Yippy!) and Jamie has been sick and feverish since last night. Sigh. Winter! I think that I will have to take tomorrow off work too.

Have a lovely weekend.
This week our theme at Shop and Crop was to scrap the "less than stellar photos". Well, I have quite a few of those ;). Although, I have to say that by the time I'd photoshopped the crap out of these two, they actually didn't look too bad. The papers are "Zach's Life" from Little Yellow Bicycle. Great papers if you have a big boy or two in your life.

Journaling: Over the last three or four years I've seen the way your work has slowly encroached on the rest of your life. The long hours, the frequent trips interstate, the late nights in front of the computer. I see the responsibilities, the demands, the challenges. I see that you do it for us - for Jamie and me. So that we can live the life that we do. So that we can invest for the future. I see you worrying about that future and I wish I could ease your worries. But I know I can't. It's your nature. So I just want you to know that I'm proud of you. For all you do. For all you achieve.

My poor DH. He hates having his photo taken. I have so few photos of him. This is one of the rare photos. I snapped it late one night when he wasn't aware I had the camera out. The flash had created shadows and the colours were all off - the walls were grey instead of cream, lol. Plus, there was all this clutter in the foreground - papers and more papers. With some major cropping and a lot of playing with levels and colours in photoshop, it's come up OK. I would never have scrapped this photo without this week's challenge. And it's important that I did, for the journaling if nothing else.

This is a photo that I love dearly but probably would never have scrapped, as it's just not in focus. My poor old point&shoot has its limitations when it comes to swings. The autofocus is just too slow. I could hear it churning away, trying to get a fix on Jamie, but then by the time it focussed he had swung back away out of focus again. I've photoshopped the photo a bit to pop the colours and increase the sharpness and contrast (to try and make up for the general fuzziness ).

Go check out the DT Gallery - so much good inspiration there for those less-than-perfect photos.

I have an article in the S&C newsletter so I'll be back tomorrow to share some layouts from that! Til then. Have a good day :)


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Tatum and Julie have given me an award:

This one's been going around for a while now and I honestly think that anyone who I would have nominated has already had an award. And I'm bound to forget someone if I start trying anyway.

Deb has tagged me:

Q1: Ten years ago I was working really long hours, running 5km 5x a week and going to the gym after work, had not even met DH.
Q2: Five things on today's to-do list.... playgroup, doctor's appointment, cook casserole, washing, upload layouts at Shop and Crop.
Q3: Snacks I enjoy.....chocolate, and more chocolate ;), muesli bars, dried pears.
Q4: Things I would do if I was a millionaire...... dabble in art, learn the violin, set up a yoga studio down the back garden, travel to tropical islands, hire a nanny, move into a new (completed) house..
Q5: Places I have lived......Adelaide and, err, Adelaide

Is there anyone who still hasn't done this one? If so, consider yourself tagged.

Belinda tagged me. I have to share 7 random and/or weird facts about myself on my blog. Hmmm. I remember doing this a while back and I had trouble with it then. I wonder what I can come up with this time.
1. I hate the sound of someone sucking on a facewasher - since a girl did it in, like grade 2 at primary school. It wasn't a debilitating thing, in fact I'd forgotten all about it, until I had a child.
2. I play with my fringe when I'm thinking. Annoying, I'm sure.
3. If I don't drink enough water i get cranky.

Ooh, I can hear a voice from Jamie's room. Sorry, only three will have to do. Or I won't get this done for like another two weeks.
Gotta run.

Back tomorrow with some new layouts.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Catch up

I have completely lost track of where my published layouts are up to. I think there's a few that have come out in recent mags that I've forgotten to share here. So, here's a catch up:

At Two (CK Aust edn 13(5))
Journaling: At two you love Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine... love music. You bobble your head around to whatever music is playing. to take me by the hand and “show me” things...prefer to be playing outside than anything else...your favourite toys are your Thomas the Tank Engine train set, Bob the Builder toolbelt and books, especially books with flaps and interactive panels....pretend to be a train, complete with train hand movements (you clasp both hands in front of you and move them around in a circle away and towards you) to play ring a ring a rosey on the rug in front of the TV and blow raspberries on my tummy when I fall down on the ground....have learnt to blow out candles and blow watching playschool and say “maw?” when it’s finished; lately I’ve even spotted you doing the hand movements to some of the songs. Very cute....are trying to jump “like a frog”, but haven’t quite got the hang of it. Every time you see a picture of a frog you get down on your haunches and launch yourself upwards with a shriek of glee. You are also trying to jump down off the garden my cooking books and smack your lips “yum yum yum”....liesurely flick through advertising brochures while standing at the counter on your little red IKEA chair. This can occupy you for quite some picnics for Mummy, Jak (the dog) and Teddy. We each get a spoonful of food all the while you’re smacking your lips and nodding your head at us...get excited when Grandma and Grandad pop by to visit...cry inconsolably when Daddy drives away in the car...get shy when strangers smile at you at the shops, but wave goodbye once we've had a chat with them...are as cheeky as, with the absolutest cutest giggle.

16.01.08 (CK Aust edn 13(6))

The Treat (CK Aust edn 13(7))
Journaling: Auntie Sonia and Uncle John bought you a special treat when they were here recently. A big, sweet, colourful treat. And, boy did you enjoy it!

At the Park (SC 56)
This was a product challenge and had to be completed within 20 minutes. Whew! What a rush ;)

Second Birthday (SC 56)
Journaling: This year it was all about the cake, the candles and blowing them out. Oh you got spoilt, but to you that was secondary. Grandma made you cupcakes and they were a hit. As were the cute candles. Happy 2nd birthday!!!

OK, I think you're up to date now :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's a close call, but...

but, Prima may be my alltime favourite manufacturer at the moment! It's a close call over my longtime favourite, Fancy Pants. So, look what Prima have just given us a sneak peek of on their blog:

Are these not just too fun? Christmas! Sigh.
I haven't done a lot of Christmas layouts in the past - I generally don't get inspired by Christmas lines, but these are different...

Now, I may be being hasty, seeing as Fancy Pants have not really announced very much at all about their CHA-Summer release.

I may just be eating my words in a couple of days ;)

Friday, July 11, 2008

I want, I want, I want...

Has anyone else been looking at the sneak peeks for CHA summer in the United States?
Oh my. Squeal. Look at these...

(images from which has an excellent coverage of product sneaks)

Cosmo Cricket


American Crafts

Pink Paislee

Three Bugs
Maya Road

Scenic Route

My Mind's Eye

I hope I matched up the right images with the right manufacturers, lol!

Anything here that takes your fancy?

A special Bond

Journaling: You love your Grandma and Grandad. When they call in to see us you race to greet them at the door with squeals of excitement. Then you run 'round and 'round the room, beside yourself with glee.

This layout was in Scrapbooking Memories a couple of months ago. It was a product challenge using October Afternoon papers.

Hope your weekend is a good one :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New layouts

This week at Shop and Crop the DT was challenged to scrap in the style of one of the members of the team - Fiona Leehane.

I love Fiona's style - big beautiful photos, lots of colour, lashes of inking, glorious sprinkles of embellishments and quite often strip journaling.

I hope I did her justice.

Baby Grin
Journaling: When I look back at these photos of you as a baby, I just want to reach out and stroke those chubby cheeks, rub that soft bald little head and hear that baby giggle all over again.

2 months
Ah, my gorgeous little boy, I had forgotten how tiny you were; how you used to snuggle into my shoulder.

Yes, I was on a trip down memory lane this week :)

Have a fun Thursday!