Tuesday, September 30, 2008


1. we booked our holiday to the Gold Coast. Woohoo! The countdown starts (big smile).

2. my best friend moved back to Adelaide and (get this) is now living THE STREET BEHIND ME!!! Woohoo!

3. I am sore from my gym class yesterday, but I'm proud of myself for joining up with the gym again and getting back in there. Go me!

4. Visited with mum and dad when I dropped J up there for the day.

5. Had coffee with Karen Scrimes (Shop and Crop DT) and Kelsey down at Glenelg in the sunshine. Hey Karen, it was so fun to meet you! Thanks for the coffee and chat! Let's do it again, huh?

6. Finished off a project for Creative Cardmaking and Papercrafts, and packaged it up to send.

7. Almost finished an article for Scrapbook Creations. Almost! One more layout and a bit of writing and it's done :)

8. Wrote up another project, this time for Creative Paper. Now I just have to package it up and it can go in the post too.

9. Finished off two layouts for Shop and Crop. Beautiful products!

10. Drooled for several minutes over the new Sassafrass Lass products that just arrived at Shop and Crop. I want some!

11. Cleaned two bathrooms, washed the floors, did a couple of loads of washing.

Whew! Good day!

And, while I was busy being busy, my little boy was busy doing this:

Hope your day was a good one.

Friday, September 26, 2008

We had suspected...

"Mummy, is Jak a dog?"
"Yes, Jak is a dog. Jak's a little white dog."

(silence except for the sound of a nearly 3 year old brain ticking over)

"Mummy, is Jubby a dog?"
"(smile) No, Jamie's not a dog. Jamie's a little boy!"

Yes, I have suspected for a while that, in Jamie's eyes, Jak is not a dog. It's just something about the way that he treats Jak, compared to the way he treats other dogs when we seem them out on our walks.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beautiful old photos

This week at Shop & Crop the DT theme was to scrap heritage layouts. I found some beautiful shots from my grandmother's early adulthood (I have zillions of old photos scanned onto my PC). She would have been about 20, so that would date the photos in the 1920s or 1930s. Have a look:

This is the acting/dance/music troupe she belonged to as a young woman. Such old photos! Look at the decor of the hall - I'd love to get my hands on that old lacey curtain! The original photos are quite small and I've left them like that, as that's how they printed their photos back then it would seem. The group one even has the heads cut off, lol.

But don't you think they've got character? I imagine someone taking the photos with one of those old cameras where they had to stick their head under a sheet to get the view and saw everything upside down.

This stripey paper in BasicGrey's Ambrosia line conjured up visions of circuses and troupes for some reason and reminded me of these photos.

In this next page I've tried to keep the focus on the photo. The butterflies on the Ambrosia Winsome paper were really the only ornament the page needed, I thought.

My grandmother with a friend, sometime in the late 1920s (?), judging from the fashion. My grandma is the one with that beautiful stylish hat on - the one that's completely hiding her face.

The original photo is a bit overexposed and quite grainy. It's slightly smaller than a 6x4 and I have left it at that size, although I would have loved to have enlarged it, but the quality just isn't there unfortunately. I guess that's what you got with "snapshots" back then. And that's what adds to the charm :).

That's it from me for today. See you soon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Holiday, holiday, here we come...

Yipee! I am in holiday planning mode. :D

We are planning a trip to the Gold Coast. Now, I know that a lot of you, my readers, live up that way. Geesh, but there's a zillion hotels up there! My mind is boggling.

If you have any recommendations for apartment style accommodation that is suitable for the three of us, please let me know.

So, what have we been up to this week?

Well, on Monday I joined up at the gym. Yesterday I did a body attack aerobics class. "Not for the faint hearted" the brochure said. "She'll be right", I thought. "I used to power through aerobics classes and then I used to run 5km nearly every day".

I conveniently forgot that was five years ago....

Ouch. I am feeling every muscle today. And, laughably, I was clearly the least fit one in the class.

Oh well. I am looking forward to the yoga class on Saturday.

But, just quietly between you and me, I'm sorta dreading next Tuesday.

Back tomorrow with some scrapbooking!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I snapped these shots late yesterday afternoon, just before I dragged the little guy in (protesting loudly and unhappily, lol) for a bath before tea.

Look at this little grin. He loves nothing better than playing outside in the water.

Love him dearly! As each month goes by and a further pregnancy seems more and more unlikely, I realise how much of a miracle he really is. I really am so lucky to be his mum.

Have a happy Tuesday people!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Interview with a little boy

Me: "What's your name?"
J: "Jubby Dink!"
(yes, he has gone from referring to himself as Jar-Jar to Jubby. At first I wondered who on earth he was talking about, lol)

Me: " Where do you live?"
J: "Bedbawnbark!"
(lol, Jubby Dink from Bedbawnbark is not gonna be a lot of help should he ever get lost, but it's darn cute!)

Me: "What's your favourite colour?"
J: "Bed!" (red, and it's true, it is by far his fav colour)

Me: "What's your favourite food?"
J: "Gapes!" (grapes, - we don't have any at home atm, and his response? Buy some at shop Mummy! Life's so simple when you're two, lol.)

Me: "Who's your favourite dog?"
J: "Dog!"
(this is a fluffy toy we got from IKEA a few weeks back - it's actually a rabbit; Jamie named it Dog. Go figure ;) )

Totally cute conversations we have.

When I arrived at childcare last night to pick up the kid, his carer says to me, with a big exhalation "Well!"
And I thought "oh oh".

It turns our our little angel had such a happy day at childcare yesterday. But he also misbehaved the most they've ever seen. Apparently he threw all the toys off the balcony. And then proceeded to spill all the water from the water container onto the floor. Oops!

And the sad thing is that I wasn't at all surprised. Because he's been doing exactly that at home too. Did I say recently that Jamie's easy going and no trouble? Well that would have been at least a week ago. Because, I swear, someone came in to our house the other night and replaced my boy with another.

This new child only knows two responses:
"No!" and
"Don wanna!"

And damn, he's gonna use those responses wherever and whenever possible and at the top of his lungs. I think the terrible twos have arrived in the Link household.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mammoth share and instructions

It's a very windy 15 degrees here today. A far cry from the balmy 26 degrees on Saturday. I have a stack of housework calling me and I'm procrastinating by blogging ;)

OK, it has been sometime since I shared any of my published layouts. I have to admit that I'm not very good at keeping up with what layouts have been published when. So, here's a catch up. I've also added instructions for each of them; find the links below. Enjoy!

Scrapbook Trends (USA) July 2008

Journaling: I've had this photo in a frame on my desk ever since I went back to work six months ago. This photo made me feel better about our separation in those rough early months. You've grown up so much since this photo was taken - you're more outgoing, confident and you're even starting to enjoy being at childcare. Yes, it's time for a new photo. 12 Jan 2008.

Instructions here

Creating Keepsakes Aussie Reader Gallery Issue 13 No 8

New Loungeroom
Journaling: After 18 months renovating our house, I finally ahve the loungeroom I've dreamed of. The 80s peach-gree-dusky pink colour scheme is gone. In it's place is a neutral sand-clotted cream-white that opens up the dark old room. The billiard table-green ceiling is white and seems a million times higher than it used to be. The heavy old lounge-suite has been replace by a leather three-seater sofa and the cutest little tub chair. The floor-boards gleam. The fireplace still works - although it tends to only get used for special occasions because neither of us can be bothered normally. The old green-red persian carpet has been replaced with a plush chocolate-brown rug. The pile is luxurious and it's become Jamie and my favourite place to play. We build towers with blocks, read books or simply tumble around being silly on it. A large plasma screen TV dominates one wall of the room, sitting on the low slung entertainment unit I bought a few years back. Have you ever found that one piece of furniture that you simply have to have? Because it's perfects. That you pay two or even three times what you normally would? Yep - that's our entertainment unit! Then there's all the little details - the rattan basket/pot that stands in the corner, the houdstooth magazine rack that holds spare cushions. And the cushions, oh the cushions! Faux fur, embroidered cotton, warm, comfy, textured. Yes, texture, texture, texture. Even Phil's old oriental statues finally look at home on the mantlepiece. They never looked quite right before. But you know the kicker? You know what? After all this time, it's perfect. And we're moving. Yeah. In 4 weeks we move. and start all over again.

Instructions here

Scrapbooking Memories Issue 10 No 4

Journaling: You love bouncing in your jolly jumper! Your face lights up with the biggest smile and you shriek with glee as you bounce, swing and twril. This particular day you had your daddy and me in fits of giggles because you looked just like a little Cossack dancer with your hands tucked under and your knees bouncing up almost to your chin. With your beret and your stripey pants, you make the cutest little Cossack dancer!

Instructions here

Scrapbook Creations Issue 58

Journaling: "mummy, daddy, baby, teddy, dak (Jak), wii! (Wiggles), ree (read), boo' (book), gop (dog), aw-bwee (strawberry), waa! (wet), war-war (water), dee (tea), ba' (bath), paper, choc-lor (chocolate), Bobber! (Bob the Builder), detty (dirty), bubble, cat, wiaow (meow),tv, poo, tigger, Ja-yee (Jamie), me"

Instructions here

Scrapbook Creations Issue 58

Instructions here

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 12, 2008

More Pink Paislee

It was my turn to set the colour combo challenge for Shop and Crop this fortnight: pink and blue. Here's my sample:

My sister and I, about 35 years ago (eek). D'ya know, I still remember the feel of those cute little polka dot dresses? They were our "best dresses" and we wore them to church and sunday school.

I used Pink Paislee's Pop Fashion on here and a few other bits and pieces from my stash, including some really really old Sassfrass Lass.

If you want to join in the challenge, head over here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vintage Moon

Swoon. I am in love with the colours and vintage inspiration in this new Vintage Moon scrapbooking line from Pink Paislee. I jumped at the chance to play with it for this week's upload at Shop and Crop. Our theme was "masculine layouts". A perfect excuse to get some of the zillion layouts about Jamie out of my head and onto the page!

OK, this first one is one of my milestone pages. I write at least monthly entries into my journal with observations of what Jamie's been up to. This is him at 32 months of age.

I love the Pink Paislee transparent overlays - they make the page all by themselves . All I needed to do here was add some ribbon, a couple of splashes of colour and my story. Simple! I layered some paper under the transparency scribbled my journaling onto the background paper, and then added the photo, ribbon and chipboard on top.

Journaling: I watch you as you're engrossed in your task. You're 32 months old now and can occupy yourself for quite long periods of time. This day you were playing with playdough, making "turtles" or "snakes" or some such thing. I love seeing your imagination develop. You are in love with jigsaw puzzles this month and I watch you, fascinated, as you place the pieces exactly where they belong. You have an amazing memory. Far better than mine. You love to act out little scenes. "Jar-Jar go shop!" you declare as you pick up a bag and head to the door. On your "return" we discuss what you've bought: "rock-ben, bwee-bwees, binebabble and pears". Ah yes, you love your fruit. You count everything in sight: "bun, doo, dee, bibe, bik" you say. You always, always skip four. What is it with that? And you spontaneously break into "happy birthday to you" at various times of the day. It's always your birthday. You insist on that. You really are gorgeous. I love you!

Edited to add a pic of the original overlay- just so you can see how lazy I was and how Pink Paislee have taken all the hard work out of making a scrapbooking page with these things:

And this next page - well this is the second try at scrapping these photos. So glad that I saved them when I ripped up the other page ;) because they were perfect on this:

Journaling: Grandma took these photos of you when you went to the park with them. It was the first time that you showed an interst in the camera. Normally you just run around, doing your own thing, and we have to run after you with the camera. However, Grandma tells me that this day you just lay there on the play equipment and posed for the camera. Like a supermodel.

LOL, can you tell that I was watching Make me a Supermodel is that even what it's called?) when I was making this?

So, what's new in the Link household? We're sick. LOL. Nothing new in that. I am delirious at the sign of nice weather - twenty two degrees and sunshine here today - hopefully all our bugs and viruses will dry up. I have had conjunctivitis for about three weeks - several doctors visits and three lots of drops and I am hoping that the red-eye look I've been sporting is finally going away.

Jamie and I headed off to see a speech pathologist at the beginning of the week. I am a bit concerned at the lack of clarity in his speech. His use of consonants is all over the shop and, while I'm aware that is to be expected at this stage in his development, his language just seems unclear when I see him with children of a similar age. He has so many words now and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to understand what he's saying. Anyway, we went off to see if there's anything that we can do to help.

The answer turns out to be yes. He is having a little more difficulty making his words than is expected at his age. So, we are now on a waiting list to see a speech pathologist and I am investigating getting started seeing a private provider while we wait (as long as we don't need to take out another mortgage on the house to do it!).

Have a sunny Thursday!

Monday, September 08, 2008

A tag and a congratulations

A huge congratulations to three very creative scrappers who have just been announced on the Chatterbox international design team - Janine, Kristine and Christiane, I am so thrilled for you and know that you will do awesome stuff on that team! WTG.

And congratulations to Jolene too. She has just been named on the Fancy Pants design team.

It's great to see Aussie scrapbookers (und Deutsche, Christiane ;) ) being recognised!

OK, Kristine tagged me a few days ago.

I am now supposed to pass on the award to another seven bloggers whose blogs I admire, but to be honest, I visit so many blogs that I find totally inspirational and to try to narrow it down to only seven would not only be difficult, but would force me to leave out far too many great blogs. So, I'll just say that the girls who do inspire me know... because I keep coming back and saying hi ;)

Have a great week!

Monday, September 01, 2008

September Shop and Crop kit

I was lucky enough to get to create one of the September kits for Shop and Crop this month. It uses the new BasicGrey Offbeat range. So cool! Very retro. Very colourful. Very very lovely.

Here's a couple of peeks, taken from the Shop and Crop site:

Suitable for gardening, recipe, retro, outdoor themes. If you don't want to put a lot of journaling on the page, then it also works with minimal writing - all that lovely white space :)

If you're interested, get on over here and order yourself a kit, but be quick, they usually sell out super quick.


This month's inspiration

These are some of the things that are inspiring me this month:

This little trunk comes containing train and train tracks.
When it opens up it forms a little trackside scene. How cute is that?


Roadside Projects

Blue Valentine Press

Luster Studio

Hope you find some inspiration here too!