Monday, October 27, 2008

More sharing

These two layouts just appeared in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 10 No 6. They are really really old, and although I can see that my style has changed quite a lot during these last two years, I still find I like the layouts because of the moment in time that they captured.

Journaling: You were sitting outside on the lawn at Grandma's house when a car went up the road. Look at how it caught your attention and you're only seven months old! You're such a little boy already. June 2006

Journaling: When you were really little, you fitted in Grandma's laundry sink. This proved to be very handy if you were unsettled or suffering colic pains. Gradma just loved giving you baths in that sink. She was so sad when you didn't fit any more. This was the last time you fitted in that bath. Ah, you were so little! February 2006

I'll post instructions for both pages here.


Friday, October 24, 2008


I have an article in this week's Shop and Crop newsletter on the latest trend of hand-cutting elements for your scrapbook pages. I created a couple of simple, happy layouts to use as illustration:

Journaling: A bit of rain? Cold? Windy? So? You are completely unfazed by the Winter weather. As long as you have your Bob the Builder beanie, your Thomas the Tank Engine raincoat and your spiderweb gumboots you're happy to splash around in the backyard all morning.

Journaling: My wardrobe - love these! polka dot shift with big bow. padded jacket with fur hood. Vintage flare jeans with front pockets. Lee Rider stripe 3/4 top. Purr smock with big stripe pockets. Happy clothes!

Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mixed Media Challenge

This week at Shop and Crop the DT was challenged to make some mixed media art.

OK, so I love the idea of mixed media. But the reality? I find it hard to do. For a start, I'm such a perfectionist, I hate that my paper crumples when I paint it.

Then I agonise over stamping in case I stamp a couple of milimetres to the left or right of where I should, or on an angle. God forbid that my stamping should not be straight!

Anyway, I had to put that aside for this week and JUST PLAY!

Here are my projects:

First up, I remembered I had this sheet of chipboard monograms, which I'd already painted in preparation for doing this page. Of course, in my mind it looked totally different to this, lol. But the best thing about chipboard is that it doesn't wrinkle when you paint it. So I could proceed with some confidence .

I had the Sassafrass Lass Fawnd of You, Too line to work with. When you first look at these they don't really scream mixed media, but they're really really versatile. And beautifully vintage.

So, I've mixed some old vintage bookpapers with the Fawnd of You papers, adhered them all over the background; then popped out and sanded all the numbers back. (Labour of love ). Once they were sanded, I've added them back into their spots, then washed some paint over them. Then I sprayed some Glimmermist (Aaaah, Glimmermist, my new love!) over the top of it all.

And then I started my layout lol.

Journaling says "One two three... five six, you say. Never four. What is it with that?"

This next project is a little wallhanging. I am thinking that I will give it to my mother for Christmas. The photo is one of hers - of my grandmother and friends back in, I think, the 1930s.

The Fawnd of You, Too products actually lend themselves to vintage projects really nicely. I've used one of the papers at the background - just glued it onto chipboard and then layered heaps of calico, braid and lace on top.

The flowers are just your ordinary garden-variety white, pink and yellow flowers that I glimmermisted within an inch of their lives. With a couple of them I then went around and touched up the edges with a sponge dipped in another glimmermist colour. Love how they've turned out. The leaves are from the Fawnd of You In Love paper - I just cut them out and adhered them on, then gave them a sprinkling of Kindy Glitz.

And finally,

We are running a Handmade Christmas challenge at Shop and Crop. Participate in the challenge over the next month and I think that there is a prize involved :). First up is handmade Christmas cards.

That's it for tonight. See you!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


While doing a jigsaw puzzle, as part of a running monologue:

“dis one be goes dere”
“dis piece…. no…dis way…no…dis way…”
“dis one be goes dere”
“dis one… mummy…what dis one mummy?”
“where dis one go mummy?”

While rocking to sleep at night:

“Ginkle ginkle gickel gar
Howya wowya waya are”

In a very sleepy lispy voice, with much rubbing of eyes, and to a remarkably accurate tune of twinkle twinkle little star.

The other afternoon we were driving back from a friend’s place, when Jamie started calling out "bine-babbles!” from the backseat. Puzzled, I looked back at him and asked “pineapples? And he pointed: “bine-babbles mummy!”. I looked around, back at the road. And, sure enough, the island strip up the road was lined with palm trees as far as the eye could see. Palm trees that looked just like enormous pineapples. I love seeing things with a new perspective that only a small child can give.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More lifting... and a new favourite

This week the girls on the Shop and Crop DT have been challenged to create two layouts each inspired by my style. I am amazed by their creations.

I was interested in how they would define my style, because I personally find it so difficult to do that. I believe that my style is all over the place, depending on where I'm finding my inspiration at the time. But, I guess that there are some ol' favourites that I resort to.

And by looking at what the girls have come up with, it would seem that they are handmade accents and little paper piecings, a love of vintage books and whimsy, multi small photos, distressing, office/ledger paper, handwritten journaling onto the background (usually patterned) paper. Yep, I would agree.

Don't you find it interesting when someone defines what is you?

Now, on to something totally different. First of all. WHERE HAVE I BEEN? How did I not know about this company? They have just released a new line "Hello Beautiful" and (at the danger of being labelled fickle, lol) I think I have a new favourite product. Mmmmm.

ETA: And, just now, Fancy Pants have announced two new lines. Drool. What's a girl to do with all these beautiful products? I could wallpaper. Seriously. One room Websters; one room Fancy Pants; Jamie's room Sassafrass Woodland Whimsy; kitchen BasicGrey Offbeat.... aaaah.

Hope you're all having a great day. I'm at my day job for the next two days and looking forward to the weekend already ;)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love pizza boxes!

I got home this morning to a pizza box propped up against the back door. When I opened it, there was a copy of the November issue of the US CK inside. When I opened the magazine (to page 101 specifically), this is what I saw:

My page!!

I won't post the actual page because I'm not sure about CK's rules for waiting until the mag has been out a certain time and I don't want to do the wrong thing! But I wanted to share my excitement :).

Busy today. Betta get cracking.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catch up share

Here are a couple of projects that are appearing in the latest Scrapbook Creations magazine.

Our Year 2007
A collection of the notable things that happened in 2007

Sandcastles Mini Album
This is published as a project with full instructions. The album and much of the embellishments are from Scrapware, and it was such fun to make!

What else... a few of my layouts are currently featuring on the Aussie Scrap Source Blog. They have a great article on patchwork backgrounds up there at present. Lovin' Carole Janson's work. That girl can really work the paper! Stunning stuff. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

And imagine my jaw dropping surprise when I dropped into Aussie Scrapjack a couple of days ago and found that I'm the one they're jacking! Me! (Yes, I do visit challenge sites from time to time, just never seem to have the time to actually get around to doing any of the challenges at the moment.)

They've picked a fun layout to jack too. All that stitching. Oh boy. Can't wait to see what everyone does with it. Head on over if you're tempted...

Sending out positive thoughts for Kate and family, with little Chelsea's surgery having just happened. Thinking of you Kate and sending healing vibes out for your little Chels.

And congratulations to Kerry for being the scrapper in the spotlight in SC this month. WTG girl!

What else... I'm lamenting my lack of fitness (again!), having just come back from the gym. Ah, I'll get there. This morning I caught up with friends for coffee while the kids played on the playground. Bliss! Isn't the weather perfect? Tomorrow we're off to the zoo. I love spring time!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. What's on your agenda?


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Old photos

This week the Shop and Crop DT was challenged to scrap travel or city pages.

The new Mr Campy line from Cosmo Cricket is so vintage, with just a hint of kitsch - all those caravans and little marshmallows on sticks, lol. Anyway, they just screamed out to be paired with some photos from old holidays.

Journaling: When we were little, our holidays were spent on a friend's farm down at Robe. My dad had worked there before he met Mum and he'd take us down there to visit. We'd explore the vast fields, watch sheep, visit the pigs (eeww, the smell!) and eat fresh farm food. We'd see the cows being milked and admire the emus. It was a perfect childhood vacation.

This first set of photos is taken about the time I was five years old. I have just reprinted them, as they were. I wanted to keep the look of them - my dad used to say you had to include a bit of background in photos so you could see where you'd been, lol.

The next layout uses a photograph of me sitting somewhere in the great outdoors. I don't recall where. I do recall it was a camping trip, that it rained, that we were out in the middle of nowhere and that I got scared by what I thought were marrauding wild boar circling our tent in the middle of the night. Turned out it was just koalas... lol!

Journaling: I don't recall where this photo was taken. But I do remember it involved much walking and climbing. And several nights camping. And I still remember that view: stunning!


Friday, October 03, 2008


I even love the name of this scrapbooking product line. When I was asked to create two layouts with instructions for the September kit at Shop and Crop, I was delighted. The papers are so colourful and fun and the die-cuts are simply wonderful. Here's my two layouts:

Journaling: To you, Jak's not just a dog. He's your fluffy companion for playing in the garden.

Journaling: "Peach-gates!" That's the cry at our house every morning when I ask you what you want for breakfast. And at lunchtime. And at tea. Yes, peaches and grapes. you would exist solely on a diet of peaches and grapes if you could. You love them. You refuse to eat cereal for breakfast any longer, but you'll happily devour a piece of toast with a mountain of fruit. When I put your bowl down on the table you take one look and exclaim "Peach-gates!" Yes, it's just the one work in our house - like we have some new species of exotic fruit. Although, when it comes down to it, any fruit that is orange in colour is a peach, in your eyes. And anything that is small and round is a grape. I am so loving watching your speech develop Jamie!

I don't know if there's any more kits left. If you're interested, check out Shop and Crop.

It's a long weekend here this weekend. I'm going to enjoy it. Hope you have a good one too :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Haha! Me again.
I just had to let you know that Jamie and I had our first "why?" conversation this evening.
And so it starts...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sassafrass and KI

The new Sassafrass Lass papers arrived at Shop and Crop this week. Sasha asked me on Monday if I would like to make two layouts to showcase one of the lines in this week's newsletter. Would I? WOULD I? I adore Sassafrass.

Here's what I did. They're fairly simple because of the tight deadline, but I hope I did the product justice.

Journaling: Sweet yellow gym boots. your first shoes. I think you only wore them once or twice and then your feet grew too big. Pity, because I quite liked them.

Journaling taken from Tuesday's blog post.

I was also lucky enough to be assigned to write up an article for the newsletter on the new KI Sheers. These are gorgeous! Thick, flexible and beautifully translucent.

The first page uses a sheer as the background. Beautiful for baby pages :)

The next shot shows the transparency better:

On the second page I cut up one of the sheers (if you bear to cut off the beautifully shaped and scalloped edges!) and used it in much the same way as a transparency.

Well, that's it for the scrapping that I can show atm. Just got my contract for an article I have in Creative Paper Issue 73. I also have a project in the upcoming Scrapbook Creations, articles in Creative Cardmaking and Papercrafts Issues 14 and 17, an article due out in Scrapbook Creations Issue 63 and a project in Creative Paper Issue 74. Plus a variety of individual pages in all of the mags. Yes, I've been busy :). I'll share when I can.

See ya!