Saturday, October 17, 2009


Congratulations to Janine Koczwara and Louise Nelson, who have also been announced as new members of the Aussie Scrap Source design team. The three of us join the exising team that comprises: Carole Janson, Caroline McLachlan, Donna Wild, Melissa Goodsell, Nic Howard, Nicole Finlayson, Steph Devlin, and Suz Doyle. Awesome!

There's much excitement in the scrapbooking world at the moment, with the announcement of the top 50 shortlisted entrants in the Scrapbooking Memories Masters competition. I can't believe it was nearly a year ago already, when I found out I had been named a Master. This year has flown by. So, congratulations to all 67 scrappers who made the top 50 (lol, yes I know, someone's maths doesn't add up!) and I can't wait to see the magazine when it appears in December and we get to find out who the ten new Masters are.

Today I have a sore throat and a husky voice, lungs that feel on fire, and a general feeling of aching and tiredness that makes me want to just crawl back to bed. Unfortunately I can't. I have appointments and chores all day long, pretty much and then a 40th birthday party tonight. I will just take it slowly, I think. Grizzle. Sigh. Cough.

Til later.


amanda73 said...

congrats on your endeavours kathie, you are so talented so its no wonder you get all the recognition, and also congrats to the other girls too...............
and lol @ jamie in the previous post,

Alison Shearer said...

Congratulations Kathie - you are such a great addition to an already wonderful will knock their socks off!

Alison XXX

Christine said...

What a fantastic team! Have lots of fun won't you!