Saturday, January 31, 2009

Challenge pages

I have had a fab time as guest designer over at Lotus Paperie this month. Here are my final layouts for them.

Using Frames - I used a Fancy Pants bigboard frame as the basis for the layout, and also journaled around the photo to create another kind of framing effect.

Journaling: In November 2008 we went on holiday to the Gold Coast. We split our time between the pool, sightseeing, the water parks and the beach. You took a while to warm up to the water, but once you had, you loved it!

The top of the page is transparent - see?

My take on the sketch for that week.

Journaling: This is what happens when I take your photo. I barely have time to squeeze the shutter button before you're there in front of me, demanding to see.

Summer Evening - challenge to use texture paste - I've used it to create the sand and the fluffy clouds here. The rest is glimmer mist and square masks. Love this effect!

Journaling: On Australia Day we went down to the beach after tea. Up til now you haven't really liked the beach. But this time you surprised me. It was a perfect summer's night. you and Daddy played in the sand and kicked your ball around in the water. You enjoyed it so much you keep asking to do it again.

Can you tell I've been hot? Look how subdued and cooling that layout is! No bright colours this time. My poor hot eyes needed quiet and dark and cool, lol.

Well, that's it for me today.
I'm feeling slightly worse for wear from trying to sleep at night in this heat. Sigh. I need a good nanna nap, but unfortunately there's housework and shopping to do this afternoon. Phil is putting an airconditioner into our bedroom window as I type this. Yay! He was damn lucky to be able to track down a unit here in Adelaide, as most anything that does any cooling activity has been sold out of the shops! So hopefully we'll sleep a bit better tonight.

See you

Friday, January 30, 2009

More newsletter pages

I have an article in this week's Shop and Crop newsletter on distressing the edges of your paper. I used to do this years back, when I made a lot of vintage and heritage papers. And now that Jamie's a little bit older, I'm finding that I've reverted back to it because it's the perfect way to grunge up those bright papers I'm partial to. So, here are the layouts:

Happy 3rd Birthday
Journaling: At the time your birthday arrived this year, you'd just discovered the movie "Cars". You were obsessed with "Lightning McQueen", "Sally" and "Mater". So the choice of theme for your birthday party was rather obvious. You had some objection to giving away all the Lightening McQueen invitations, but by the time the day arrived, you were captivated by the racing car theme. When the cake came out you were beside yourself - a big picture if McQueen and candles!! What more could a three year old ask for. Happy Birthday little boy!

Thanks to Nicole for the great photos :)

Journaling: "Mum?", he says as we're filling the car with a "drink" of petrol... "Mum? Jubby don't like petrol." "No?" I ask. "No. Jubby like freddo frog!"

Wishing you all a great weekend. We are busy with swimming lessons, toy library, a movie (for me, yippy!), shopping and other bits and pieces. It's still forecast to be around 40C. So we will be trying to stay cool.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Changing it Up

Sasha is changing things up a bit over at Shop and Crop this year. The newsletter is going to be bigger and better than ever and she's introducing some new features.

The first of these is a regular "5 product; 5 ways" challenge. Each of the five DT members gets five products to do with what they wish. The results of the first challenge are up in the DT gallery at the moment. It's fascinating to see everyone's different styles coming through!

This is my layout:

Where's Jak, Mum?
Journaling: "Mum?" you say. "Mum?" "Mum?"... You have nothing to say. You're just checking. Sometimes you continue with "Where's Jak, Mum?" "Mum?" "Mum?" "Where's Jak?" Usually Jak's sitting right next to you. Or he's sitting at the window staring in at you. You know where he is. You're just checking; connecting. After the third or fourth time you get tired of your game and go and find something else to do. You know, Rabbit, you don't need to test me - you have my attention. Now change the question!

And a huge big welcome to new DT member, Evana. Can't wait to work with you girl :D

OK, I'm off to sit in the freezer. LOL. It's sooo hot here. I can't believe it. Enough grizzling though. I'll be complaining about the cold before long ;)


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Man, it's hot!

From today's AdelaideNow:
NB. Edited to show fahrenheit conversions.

"SOUTH Australia will suffer six consecutive days of 40C-plus temperatures in the hottest such stretch in a century - and today the mercury has topped 45C (113F).

Not since 1908 has Adelaide recorded such a long run of temperatures over the 40C mark.

The stretch includes yesterday's top of 43.2C (110F) and today's excruciating temperature of 45.7C (114F) at 3:31pm.

So far, today is the third-hottest day ever recorded in Adelaide. The other two were in January, 1939 - when the mercury reached the all-time of 46.1C (115F)."

It's been hot! Public transport was disrupted today when railway tracks buckled due to the heat. I'm off to work tomorrow. It's usually a fridge there and no doubt I will look very odd walking up into town with a jacket over my shoulder - the forecast is for 44C (111F). I don't think that I'll be venturing outside unless I have to. Hopefully I won't have any meetings offsite!

See you soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beach photos

We headed down to the beach last night after tea. We don't get to the beach all that much; I need shade or I burn readily. We tend to only go there in the evening, after tea. And that means a very late night for a three year old.

Last year I had tried to take him to the beach a couple of times and he hated it. Screamed bloody blue murder and wouldn't let me take him onto the sand. So, I was hesitant how he would be this year. This year, he is delighted with it. So it goes with toddlers, lol.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!!

Happy Australia Day! We had a lazy day and then spent the evening at the beach complete with huge ice-creams. Jamie is so funny, when we came home and I was getting him ready for bed he said to me "Mummy I had a good time at the beach..... and I had a good time with my chocolate and ice-cream............ and I saw spiderman!!!!!!"

LOL, he made a beeline for a spiderman towel in a shop window on Jetty Rd at Glenelg and nearly knocked over a whole posse of passersby :D.

Jaimie has given me this award:

Thanks Jaimie. Mwah!

Here are the rules:

"Pay It Forward":

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Provide links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

I'm going to pass this on to the following super creative people:

Janine Koczwara
Steph Devlin
Louise Nelson
Leeann Pearce
Lynette Van Barrelo

Lea also gave me a Proximity Award. Thanks Lea!
I have already passed on this award here

Bec gave me a "Your Blog is Fabulous" Award. Thanks Bec :)
I already passed this one on too, a while back.

I am always surprised and flattered to get these - of all the inspirational blogs out there - that someone would choose mine. Thank you! I have another one to share tomorrow, but for now it's already midnight and I want to go to an early aerobic class tomorrow morning. Yikes it's going to be 41 degrees! And we have our first speech therapy session tomorrow morning too. So it's time for me to be in bed.

Talk soon.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

On a Saturday five years ago

Time flies!

Photograph by our friend Grant Walkley who we miss every day, but most especially when we look back through our photos. RIP mate.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Do I really say that?

This morning, driving into the city to work, we got to a train crossing just as the boom-gates started to lower. I went into my usual pantomime about the excitement of a train coming. Ah, being the mother of a little boy ;).

Then, as the train came into sight Jamie says:
"Oh goog-ness. A dain!"

Oh Goog-ness?

Where did he get that from?
Do I say that?
I suspect I do.

About five minutes further down the road, I hear him "reading" to himself in the back seat:
"Oh goog-ness, what's dat?"

Oh Goog-ness.
It's today's word.

And I really, really am starting to sound like my grandmother...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


My endeavours to take a photo a day came seriously unravelled this week. Several times this week I found myself thinking that I should run and get the camera, but I really couldn't be bothered. I wanted to remain in the moment, enjoying the activity that we were involved in. And so it is. That's me.

However, I will still try to at least post some photos every week. I think I can manage that :)

We have not been able to persuade Jamie to use the peddles on his trike before now. He preferred to use a little push-around cart. This week we perservered and finally, finally he's peddling all around the back yard. (Although, now that I look at these photos, I realise that not one of them shows him actually peddling, lol! He would still prefer to do anything but... It's much more fun for Mum to push, after all!)

One day to the weekend :)
Yippy! I made it onto the catwalk at SIStv this week :)
Gotta be happy about that!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CHA 09 - more inspiration!

This time, the products are a bit more sophisticated than those in my last post. See, I can do classy. Sometimes. ;)

Images are from (watermarked) or from the manufacturer's blog/website.

My Mind's Eye



Fabric houses!


And the best til last? Printed burlap!

I love new releases! Even if I never buy any of it, I just love looking at the colours and the designs.

Is anything inspiring you?

Monday, January 19, 2009

CHA 09

There are some sneak peeks starting to flow through in preparation for CHA Winter next week. I have just been browsing on and a couple of manufacturer blogs....

I can imagine making some "Jamie" pages with these:

Cosmo Cricket Snorkel:

Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday:

Fancy Pants On a Whimsy:

Crate Paper Little Sprout:

Cute huh?

*All images from (watermarked) or from the manufacturer websites.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

38 months

I haven't posted one of my monthly letters to Jamie recently. However; I was just looking through my posts from last January, and I found my letter to Jamie there, with the photos of what he was doing that month. And I got all nostalgic! So here goes...

Dear Rabbit,

“Mummy goyak!” I hear these words four or five times a day. It’s music to my ears. Yes, I think that you are toilet trained. You are now the proud owner of those “big boys’ Cars jocks” that were your motivation behind getting to the toilet each time.

You loved Christmas this year. You totally understood about Father Christmas and presents. You pored over toy catalogues beforehand and pointed out all the things that you'd like Father Christmas to bring you. You weren't afraid of Father Christmas this year. You marched straight up to him, pulled out your Thomas brochure and proceeded to point out all the toys you'd like. We were quite stunned. Father Christmas was tickled pink. Or red. Or white. Or whatever.

This month we started swimming lessons. You are not impressed though. I thought you would love it, after seeing how you took to the pool at the Gold Coast when we were on holidays. But you haven't enjoyed it at all. Yesterday we had your third lesson and you sobbed the whole way through it. I think it's a combination of the loudness of the pool, the strangeness, and the fact that I can't come in the pool with you. But, gradually, you are becoming familiar with the feel of the water, and you are learning to kick your legs and to blow bubbles and all the things that are going to make Mummy feel a lot more relaxed whenever we're near the water in the future.

We are all lined up to start with a speech pathologist next week. You talk constantly. In fact, Daddy and I hardly have a chance to speak to each other any more. As soon as we talk, you do too. I find myself having to yell at your father, just to have a conversation.

It's not that you don't have manners. Because you do. Your manners are fantastic. You always use please and thank you. But I do think we'll have to start concentrating on not interrupting conversations and using your "excuse me" this month.

Your words are gradually becoming clearer, but it's still quite difficult to understand you, so I'm glad that we're finally getting to see the speechy. Although, I quite like your special words. I will miss them when you learn to say them correctly! Some that I can think of, off the top of my head:

Dabidals (animals)
Dibador (dinosaur)
Boolk (milk)
Bibished! (finished)
Kangapoo (kangaroo)
Bibber-dicker (whipper snipper)
Boby (probably)

In fact, thinking back, you had me completely stumped when I first heard you say "kangapoo". I think it was because you were sitting on the toilet at the time. All of a sudden you started to carry on about a kanga poo. I thought it was something to do with going to the toilet! Wrong! Completely unconnected. I love how your mind jumps from one topic to the next.

That's the lovely thing about you talking more and more: I get to see how you are thinking. And it's delightful. On Friday night, coming home in the car from childcare you told me that you were going to make tea for daddy when we got home. I asked you what you were going to make him. "Botatoes, caldower, bocli, darrots" you informed me. Vegetables, I exclaimed! Lovely! And then you continued "and birfday dake and choclet dake". Wow! What a meal. Lucky Daddy!

You make us laugh with your funny things you say. You are not averse to a bit of drama. When we lose something, whenever something goes wrong like, God forbid, you should drop your cards or your bike should come up against an obstacle, you exclaim: "Oh No! What we gonna do? What we gonna do Mum?!!!" You throw your hands up in the air "What we gonna DOOOO?!!" Occasionally you throw in an extra bit of drama and slap your knee with a mournful shake of the head...

You are loving to sing at the moment. I hear you frequently, as you burst spontaneously into song. “Jingle Bells”, “Old MacDonald’s Farm” and several others that I don’t know – you must have learnt them at Childcare. The words are still a lot of babble, but the tune is unmistakeable!

The other thing we hear a lot at our house is "I do it!" You are very independent. I find myself constantly fighting a battle in my head between letting you learn to do things and helping you become more independent, and doing things for you just so that we get places on time and actually get something done! Having a child is teaching me patience because you only have one speed. And it tends to be a rather slow, drifting speed...

If you have nothing better to say, you'll just say "Mum?" Nothing else. "Mum?" And if I don't respond (which I learnt early on was not a necessity), you keep repeating it "Mum?". It does my head in some days.

And then, just for something different, there's the question: “Mummy, where’s Jak?” Over and over and over. Sigh.

You have become a bossy britches too. This morning daddy was sitting in the armchair watching TV. You piped up from your spot at the kitchen table, where you were eating breakfast "Daddy, you CAN'T sit on that couch. That's MY couch!" And then, when Daddy didn't appear to respond you repeated it "Daddy, you CAN'T sit on that couch. That's MY couch! Daddy, you CAN'T sit on that couch. That's MY couch! Daddy!!" Of course, it's not your couch. It just happens that yesterday you and I sat there to read your new books I'd borrowed from the library. So, now it's your couch.

You amuse me. You make me laugh. You make me glad to be your mum.
Love you!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Recent layouts

Hi everyone! I'm vegging on the couch tonight. heeee. I thought I would share some layouts I had in a recent Scrapbooking Memories issue.

Journaling: Life is amazing. I trained as a biological scientist: genetics, biochemistry, immunology etc. and Nature astounds me. I marvel at how it all works. The infiniteness. The patterns that repeat. The way everything fits. The rhythms. The sense of it all. It's just amazing. DNA replication, meiosis, the creation of new life; why bubbles have rainbows in them; the theory of relativity; gravity and genetic code. Fascinating, isn't it! And how about the way nothing is totally perfect. And yet, in it's entirety it is. So totally, wonderfully perfect.

I've included instructions on how to make this layout here.

Journaling: At the airport yet again. The smiles hide the all too familiar sadness. Missing you already!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Never a truer word was spoken...

At the petrol station, discussing the petrol cap and the petrol bowser...

Jamie: "Jubby don't like petrol"
Me: "No?" (thinking maybe he doesn't like the smell?)
Jamie: "No. Jubby like Freddo Frogs."


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today's photo

14 Jan 2009: Buzz Li-yoo

Jamie is in a Toy Story phase at the moment. He would watch it over and over if we let him. This is his "Buzz Li-yoo" car. The Buzz Lightyear voice says "Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!". Jamie takes that to be his entire name, hence "Buzz Li-yoo".