Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pinky Pinky Pider

For the last few days I have been listening to the song "Pinky Pinky Pider" (otherwise known as eensie weensie spider) over, and over, and over, and over....

Jamie: "Pinky Pinky Pider gimbed up da bawter bout"
Me (with a smile): "Pinky Pinky Pider, hey?"
Jamie: "No Mummy! Not pinky pink pider. It's (slowly and with great care, for my benefit) PEEN-KY PEEN-KY PIY-DER!!!!"

LOL, I could have that conversation over and over again.
In fact, I do.
But not too much.
Too much would be cruel...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Some of you asked...

... for a picture of my new haircut. Well, I finally have one, care of my friend Shelley's facebook page, lol. We had a baby shower yesterday for a friend and Shel took a photo of me. Here it is:

Ignore the hand movements I've got going on. What was I doing???

Pretty short hair hey? I'm still not sure I like it, even now three or so weeks later. Which means that I don't think I'll be getting it this short again.

Well, that's three posts from me today. I'm off to tackle the housework. Bye!

A sneak peek of one of the layouts I'll be teaching up in Newcastle this weekend.

Mummy, he says...

"Mummy!" he says.
"Mummy, my freddo frog tattoo's coming off!"
I look, and it doesn't look like his tattoo is coming off at all...
"Uhuh" I say absently, and continue washing him in the bath.

"That'll be a sad day" he says

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hello! I have had a busy week. I have been trying to get on top of things so that I can get away next weekend for the Shop and Crop Escape.

I have told Jamie that I won't be here next weekend and that daddy will be looking after him. He just changes the subject. I don't think he understands me. To be honest, I'm a little apprehensive about going away and leaving him.

But I am trying not to get anxious.

Here is a sneak peak of just a few of the things I will be packing in my suitcase.

Have a great week!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

40 months old!

Dear Jamie

The thing I'm loving the most about you at the moment is that you talk all day long. You give a constant narration to what's going on. I can tell exactly what's going on in your head, that's for sure.

You tell me all about what we’re going to do during the day: “I have beckbast, den I geen by deeth, den I botch piderman, den be go in mummy's dar, den we see gandma gandad, den I play out-tide, den I play wid Jak, den I eat diny deddies, den…den…den… It’s hilarious and I love listening to all the things that you’re going (wishing, lol) to do.

You have a brand new bellybutton this month. You went into hospital for an operation to repair an umbilical hernia on 10 March. You handled it like a trooper. I was a basket case. But that’s another story. You had a waterproof bandage on your bellybutton for 10 days. They told me at childcare on Friday that you were continually lifting up your top and showing everyone the bandages. We took the bandaging off on Friday night and your new belly button is so neat and tidy. I’m so glad that it’s healed up so well.

You spend a lot of the day climbing just like a typical three year old boy. You make an obstacle course out of the lounge suite and climb, jump, hop, tumble, around and around and around. You often announce to me “I do dime-ing now!” Or you say “I do dum!” which is your way of saying you’re going to run around and around the dining table like a maniac.

When you came out of hospital we told you that you couldn’t do any running or jumping for a few days, because you had to take good care of your belly button. And you were so good! You really did take such care not to injure yourself. You'd say to me "Gan I do dime-ing and dumping now Mummy?" and I'd have to say that you couldn't just yet. I was so proud of you for taking it easy!

We have been flying around the lounge room a fair bit this month. You pile all your “luggage” - usually all the books out of your book basket, plus a few select toys - into a pile on one of the arm chairs and direct me to squeeze myself in next to it. Then you take your spot on the couch and “drive” our airplane. You have the cutest steering hand movements happening. We talk about what we see from the airplane windows. Usually we go to Wiggleworld and exclaim as we see the Wiggles, or Captain Feathersword, or whoever else takes our imagination at the time.

The favourite game for a few days was “dinosaurs”. You would ask me to “Bay de di-saur busic Mummy?”, so I would put the radio on and find some music that was playing, and we would march like dinosaurs around and around the dining table. We would have big long necks to eat all the leaves from the big tall trees. We would have little wagging tails – and you were quick to point out when my dinosaur tail stopped wagging, you really are quite a task master. We crawled through tunnels, we swam through rivers, you got stuck in the mud and I had to push you, we were fantastic dinosaurs.

We had a bit of a break with the swimming while you were healing from the operation, but you start again next week. You are doing really well. You can doggy paddle with help and do wonderful big jumps into the pool. Daddy took to rewarding you with a small toy after swimming lessons, and now you’ve grown accustomed to it enquiring “daddy, doo got a dew besent for be?” when we get home. LOL. Daddy will have to think up an exit strategy for that, or go broke!

This month you were diagnosed with a severe speech disorder. I discovered that you are eligible to go to kindergarten a term earlier to give you some speech support, so we have been visiting kindergartens in the area to try and see which one will be the best for you.

We have our homework to do for your speech and we spend a half an hour or so most days doing your “special sounds”. At first it was tough to encourage you to do the exercises. But now I’ve learnt and I have several special toys that we do in the middle of doing the individual exercises. We do your Winnie the Pooh jigsaw book and the Buzz Lightyear colouring in book. You love the attention and the special games and now it’s not at all hard to convince you to do the homework.

You love to sing. You can sing the entire Spiderman theme song. You're still going, long after I've stopped at the first verse. LOL, it's totally hilarious to hear you singing "piderman piderman, dub waa-er a pider dan... pin de beb a-y bibe..." The melody is unmistakeable. The words are there, sort of...

Today you recited the entire “Hey Diddle Diddle” nursery rhyme (well, all of it except the first line, that is). Later on tonight you got out the nursery rhyme book and were wandering around spouting phrases from "Humpty Dumpty". I love hearing you sing and say things that you’ve learned. You seem to have a great memory for things like that.

I still sing the Wiggles' “Fruit Salad” song to you just before you go to sleep. It's a weird choice, but you've been asking for it for sometime now. I had to actually google the lyrics, because I didn't have a clue what they were. We also sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and “Twinkle Twinkle”. Strangely, you have been requesting different colour sheep the last few nights. The night before last we had to sing “Baa Baa Green Sheep” and tonight we had to sing “Baa Baa Yellow Sheep”. You are an interesting little boy! And I love you so very much :).

You are a total cuddle bunny. Even more so this month, because of the upset of the hospital and being sick. You quite often come up to me and hold your arms up with the request "I bawnt a duggle Mummy!" You love kisses too. We do great pantomimes of blowing and catching kisses. I have yet to find a child who doesn't delight in that. After we waved goodbye to Grandma and Grandad tonight, you exclaimed with great delight: "I gawt Gamma's giss in by hand!"

But, I tell you what. This month you totally melted my heart. Totally melted it into a goo-ey little puddle. I was kneeling on the ground helping you get dressed when you turned to me, pointed at me and looked me straight in the eye. And then you said, with considerable emphasis “I luv DOOOO!”.

I love you too, Rabbit! I love you more than I could ever say.

Lasse redn

I have been delighted to join in with the girls at Scrapping the Music - Germany this month. Such a talented bunch; thank you so much for inviting me to participate as guest designer girls!

This is my layout for the song "Lasse redn" by die Aertzte.

Let Them Talk
"Journaling: You talk constantly these days, providing a running commentary to our days. Sadly, much of it is really difficult to understand. Last week you were diagnosed with a severe speech disorder. You have all your sounds mixed up. You try so hard to be understood and sometimes it fair breaks my heart to see your mouth twisting as you try so hard to create your sounds. Please don't get frustrated, we'll get there little boy. Keep talking to me - I adore our conversations."

This is one of my favourite layouts, I think. I love the colours in this. And, of course, the subject matter is something that is pretty focal with me at the moment too.

Less than two weeks until the Shop and Crop retreat. Who's coming? If you're a reader of my blog and you're going, let me know!

We're off to a girly birthday party tomorrow morning. I spent a very pleasant afternoon today at Target looking through all the girlie toys. I was totally out of my depth. What do three year old girls play with? I had no clue whether she was a Dora lover, a Hannah Montanah kinda girl, a Little Princess follower, a My Little Pony rider. Argh! Give me Bob the Builder and Buzz Lightyear and I'm at home these days ;). Who would have thought it?


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kit Challenge

Shop and Crop sells several different types of kit. For those people that purchase the "Crop Kit", there's a kit challenge every month. To enter the challenge, all you have to do is to upload your layout(s) created with your own design, using the kit and you could win next month's Crop Kit free! There's a maximum of two layouts per person. For this month's challenge, layouts using the March Crop Kit have to be uploaded here by 15 April. (There is a catch for this month - you need to have already purchased the kit, as they've all sold out already.)

Every month two DT members get to play along with the challenge. This month I got to be involved. Here's what I created.

Journaling: We are like chalk and cheese, Shelley and me. I love her for her extroverted nature, her sense of fun and her sheer confidence and sass. She's easy to be with. She's my sounding board and my confidante. She's my best friend.

You are Here
Journaling: You really were the cutest little baby. Look at your smile - look at those little white teeth. Look at those little red cheeks - funny how I would never see them at the time, only later in the photos. Look at those sweet bunny rabbit slippers - they were always falling off! Sweet, sweet boy!

And, you might remember this project that I had in Creative Paper Issue 73:

Well, I have written some instructions for how to make something similar over on the Scrapware blog.

That's it for me tonight. Have a happy weekend!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Crop for Kids

For my visitors from the Melbourne surrounds:

Crop for Kids is a fundraiser for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal in Melbourne. It's been running for a couple of years now and last year the scrapbooking community raised $12,000 for this cause. That's an awesome achievement!

This year, Crop for Kids will be held on April 4th at Springvale Town Hall from 10am to 5pm. The cost is $30 per head. There will be raffles, make 'n' takes, shopping, goodie bags, a scrapbooking trash and treasure and lots more. Food is available (including a healthy option this year) and all money raised goes straight to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

There will also be exclusive embellishments available for purchase, which can be seen on the Crop for Kids blog

To book tickets or buy embellishments email cropforkids@gmail.com

It's a bit too far for me to travel, but it's a worthwhile cause so I'm glad to promote it on my blog. OK, I've got a floor to mop, bathrooms to clean. Yawn. Sigh. ;)
See ya

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This week

sharing some photos:

and at the park:

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday morning.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Found it!

Whew. This morning I spent ten minutes in the spare room rummaging through scrapbooking albums and, sure enough, there was an album squashed into a far corner that I hadn't looked through. Murphy's Law. That was where the layout I had misplaced was residing. So now I can share. These projects were all in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 10 No 11.

Masters Challenge - Fancy Pants Designs - "Dear Rabbit"

Journaling: Jamie, you're twenty nine months old and a real little character. you have a favourite game at the moment - you like to copy whatever we're doing. Tonight I was sitting on one of your little chairs while we were playing. Next thing, you'd gone and fetched the matching chair. You dragged it over, right next to mine and sat down next to me. Then you proceeded to copy whatever I was doing. Hands on head. Hands on knees. Stamp our feet :).
You are learning to count. Give you a collection of goodies and you'll start counting them: "three, four, five, six" you say. You always start with three. Why is that? What happened to one and two?
You love Jak. He is your mate. Sometimes, as I watch you playing with him, I feel sad that we haven't got a brother or sister for you. You would love a playmate. Jak just doesn't get it; you know, the whole concept of playing. This afternoon you stood in the living room and pleaded with him to go outside. You stood there with him and I heard you say "Jar-Jar want Jak go out-tide!" He wasn't listening though, was he?
You resist daytime naps a bit these days, but when you do nap you sleep for two, and sometimes three, hours. So I figure you still need it. You go to bed with teddy, popcorn, turtle, baby, bunny and pj. If baby's hat should come off while you're trying to fall to sleep (hmmmm.... how does that happen, huh?) you cry out until I come back and put his hat on. You look so cosy in your bed with all your friends. Sometimes we hear you, in your room chatting away long after you should be asleep. I assume you're telling stories or holding tea parties or something. Love you cheeky!

I love being able to look back and have a snippet of what he was like at that age. He's grown up soooo much!

Masters Challenge - Fancy Pants Designs - "accent"


Journaling: 'tide" the act of being outside, preferably with Daddy, a hose, a bucket, watering can and bowls of various sizes and shapes.

Chillin' at home

As I said yesterday, I decided not to put Jamie into childcare this week. It would have only taken a push or a shove from another child to inadvertantly opened up all those stitches in his belly button (well, I'm assuming that's where they are, lol. I can't actually see because of the bandaging.)

So, we've been chilling at home yesterday and today. I took two days of carer's leave from work. Woohoo. What a lady of leisure I am. I am shocked actually at how relaxing it is, to be a total SAHM. I have so much more time to do things!! Wow.

It's been lovely actually to have these two days to relax. I have been working flat out in the evenings on scrapbooking projects and I have been quite tired. Well, I guess that the stress of the anticipation of Jamie's surgery at the start of the week had something to do with it also. As did my tenants deciding to be complete a*&^%les the day after the operation, when I was already feeling frazzled. But, hey, you get that. I'm bouncing back people! My batteries are feeling recharged.

And it helps that my scrapbooking projects are coming along nicely. I am three quarters of the way through the artwork for an article in Scrapbooking Memories. I have done my Masters challenge for this month and it's all ready to be sent off. I have done a couple of projects for Scrapware's new release at SIA in a few weeks time, and have ideas for a few more, time permitting. I am up-to-date with all my Shop and Crop assignments. Hell, I may even get my artists' trading cards done for the S&C retreat! Yay me. Go! Go! Go!

I am going to go make a cup of coffee and snuggle up on the couch with Jamie to watch the end of Madagascar.

I took some photos yesterday, so if I get a chance to download them, I'll come back and post some. Back soon.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Us 2008

I don't often have photos of Phil and myself to scrap. This one has been sitting around, printed out, for a while now and when Sasha sent me this week's 7gypsies product kit, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

This is just one of the layouts in this week's Shop and Crop newsletter. If you don't subscribe and you want to, you can by completing the subscription window here.

And, no, I didn't make it into work today. Jamie will stay home with me until next week now.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A layout to share

Nope, I still haven't found my missing layout; however, today I got my contributor copy of Scrapbook Creations in the mail and it reminded me that I have a layout in there that I can share:

This was done a while back, while I was on the DT for SketchesOz. It was a challenge about "beauty" or something like that. The journaling is about some personal growth I did back, oooh, six or seven years ago. I went through a rough patch and had to think about who I was, who I wanted to be. You know, all that fun stuff :)

On the home front, Jamie is making a good recovery but it being very clingy. To be expected, I suppose. I have to work tomorrow, so we'll see how we go with the separation thingy. Thank you all for your emails and well wishes. They are appreciated.

Back tomorrow with more work to share.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I just wrote a whole vent post, and now I feel better.
So, I'm not going to bore you with my rant. I've deleted it.
Suffice to say, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.
Largely because Jamie had minor surgery this morning to repair an umbilical hernia
And it has come on top of a range of other things that are getting to me.

And then, I came here to post some projects I had in Scrapbooking Memories a couple of months back, only to find that I've lost my favourite layout (for the Fancy Pants Challenge if you're wondering). And that was the straw that broke the camel's back, lol.

I will be back soon, hopefully with my Fancy Pants page, and also hopefully with a better frame of mind.

Thanks for listening ;)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Das Haus am See

Forgive me for the lapse into german, lol. This month, I am so excited to be contributing to the German Scrapping the Music challenge site! Goodness though, my German is rusty! It was quite an assignment to work through lyrics of this week's song, and I am crossing my fingers that I translated it correctly.

Journaling: "You look so cute in thiese photos of your first trip to the beach. In your little overalls and sunhat, you are the perfect beachcomber baby searching for treasure in the sand."

This is my layout, inspired by the lyric "Ich grabe Sch├Ątze aus im Schnee und Sand", which I have translated to mean "I dig treasure from the snow and sand" (please don't anyone tell me now that I have it totally wrong!).

Have a look at the other inspiration from the design team. Amazing!

Hope you're having a fab weekend.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Any given morning...

New Shop and Crop creating this week:

Any Given Morning
Journaling: This morning it was the entire Potatohead family. Every day brings something new. I wonder who's coming to breakfast tomorrow.

I love catching these little moments in my life as mum of an imaginative toddler!

Journaling: Passionate about my Family. These days I lead a quiet life with my little family. No hectic career, no juggling of a social calendar, no late nights out, no partying. And it's exactly how I like it. Who would have thought?

I made this layout from one of the My Mind's Eye page kits available in the shop. This kit is so colourful and fresh. I loved playing with the little die-cut goodies :).

On other news, Jamie is doing SO WELL with his speech exercises. He even asks to do his "special sounds" now (presumably because Mummy makes it so much fun, hehehe).

Some of his words are just so adorable that I really don't know how I'll feel when he says them properly. From tonight:

"dibbo-bobogas" (hippopotamus)
"dabidals" (animals)

I smile to myself everytime I hear him say these two words. OK, I admit it, I even engineer it so that he says them ;)


This month's inspiration

from Etsy:

Buy Handmade

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What the camera sees

Sometimes the camera sees those things that we miss with our eyes. Tonight I was searching my PC for a photo, when I saw the thumbnail of the following photo, and got a glimpse of what my son will look like in 10, even 20 years time. Something about his expression in this photo - he looks much older than three years old.... to me.

Do you ever find that the camera captures images that you don't see?

And, on a slight aside, I have discovered that Jamie can wink with no effort. Which is amazing to me. Because I have to screw up my entire face to coax one eye to close.

We both have new haircuts. I gather that mine is a little radical for Phil as I got grunted at tonight when he got home. Never a good sign, lol. It's short. I'm not sure if I like it. Forgive me if I don't post a photo just yet. At least hair grows. And, my goal was to cut down styling time in the morning, because I'm feeling time poor at the moment.

Back soon with more scrapping.