Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A birthday boy

We have a fifth birthday boy in the house. Wow. My little boy is five.

Oh what a face. I cannot get a photo of him these days. He just looks away. Or puts a totally goofy look on his face.

He got totally spoilt all day, little possum.

I had given him the choice of what he wanted to have for tea, seeing as it was his birthday. And this was the reply:

“corn, carrots, broccoli and peas…”.

That was it! A plate of boiled veggies. What a precious boy, lol. What more could we want – a little boy who, when given the choice of anything in the whole wide world for his birthday tea, asks for a plate of boiled veggies!!!!

We ended up settling on pizza and garlic bread. Oh, and a birthday cake. Yes, he did remember to ask for a birthday cake!


magical_m said...

Can't believe it's been five years - happy birthday Jamie!!

V. impressed at his choice of birthday tea... I don't know very many 5 year olds who are that healthy (apart from my nearly 5 year old god-daughter whose favourite snack is frozen peas!).

Big birthday hugs from me please!


Jules said...

hehe... how precious kathie! altho my dd#2 always asks for 'corn meat and veggies' for her birthday dinner!! hope he had a great day... x

Belinda said...

Happy Birthday Jamie! Wow He is looking so grown up Kathie!!
Great family pic :)

amanda73 said...

wow cant believe its been 5 yrs... Connor was 5 in spetember, and we just cant believe how quick they grow hey......

lol i would kill for a kid that actually wants boiled vegies lol

BabyBokChoy said...

Poor child, BOILED veggies, seriously?? what about STEAMED??? LOL LOL LOL, but thankfully there was cake :) :) :)

kathie said...

LOL. Well.. actually the corn and peas get boiled - the rest are steamed on top. Can you actually steam peas or do they fall through the holes in the steamer?

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your son Kathie. What beautiful big eyes he has.
How lucky are you to have a son who eats veges, my 16 yo will only eat potato. Thought he might grow out of it but he hasn't yet and funnily enough whenever we go overseas he is the first one to eat all of the strange and different food (omitting the veges of course)

aussiescrapper said...

Wow 5 years, I am so sorry time travels beyond belief for me, I have just blogged re: my baby is now a little man, you must feel the very same way, my boy loves his vegies too, nice hey to hear this. I cannot wait to see the cake, guessing buzz or trains?? I am so glad you spoiled him and he had a wonderful day. thanks for the message on my blog re:Jamie doing things like Nate does. Having just the one, I have nothing to compare to re: milestons, so you are 1 yr in front I can see what maybe in store for me. Love to you, Melxx

Natalie Elphinstone said...

Must be birthday season at the moment. We just celebrated our baby's 1st birthday today. She doesn't get a choice - she gets her vegetables shoved down her throat *lol*
But I can gaurantee you that my 4 year old would choose anything BUT veggies!!
Happy Birthday Jamie :-)