Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas artwork

We're getting into the Christmas spirit around here...

Artwork by Jamie, age 5

This is his first homework, hee. Here he is, at the kitchen table. I love this scene.

As part of Jamie's homework we had to list our Christmas traditions. I hadn't really listed them before and didn't think we had any, but after thinking about it we actually have a few:

- We have our friends over for a party on Christmas Eve - Phil is of German parentage and that is when they celebrate.

- We have an Advent Calendar that we use to countdown to Christmas. I made one last year, as one of my Masters challenges in Scrapbooking Memories magazine, and I'm looking forward to getting it out again this year.

- We visit Father Christmas with Jamie's Grandma and Grandad leading up to Christmas, and then go and have afternoon tea with them.

- We always have Christmas lunch at my parents, with a hot roast midday meal.

- We always, always wear our silly Christmas paper crowns out of the bon-bons :)

What are your Christmas traditions?


Joanne said...

That's so sweet what a lovely blog post.
We wear the x-mas hats as well and tell the corny jokes.
I always make a triffle for x-mas day dessert.
We have x-mas lunch and swap between my sil houses and mine.
My dh always got a box of quality streets chocs but I dont see them any more.
We put our tree up on Dec 1st.
Yes once you start thinking there are quite a few. Great idea for a lo.

Heather Jacob said...

OoooHH!! Kathie how gorgeous !! just beautiful .. he is quite the artist by the look of his drawing.. colour sense is great too. I have added your blog to my list so I can access it easily.. love your work Kathie. hugs x

aussiescrapper said...

Isn't it funny, until you start to write them down you don't think you have traditions, I just wrote a couple down to tell you and Nate always opens his stocking on Christmas Eve, we sing carols together and leave out biscuits for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf. What a gorgeous tree and homework and just love the pic of him sitting at the table. Love to you, Melxx - Thanks for prompting my listing of our traditions too.

amanda73 said...

love jamie's artwork, hes quite the little artist............ we always put the xmas tree up on the 1st december, and leave it up the whole month of december, we take connor to the shops for his santa photo(last year was the 1st cooperative one).....we drive around the streets looking at xmas lights, and go to Pat's parents for xmas............i really didnt think we had any traditions, but i guess these count

Christine said...

Oh, isn't he precious! What gorgeous traditions!