Monday, November 29, 2010

A five year old perspective

We were decorating our Christmas tree this morning. I gave Jamie the camera. As well as numerous photos of the corner of our carpet square, here are some of the gems I found on the memory card after:

I didn't realise I looked so tall to my five year old! Gulp. It gives you a whole new perspective, doesn't it!

And here are a few I took:
And finally....
I love finding little scenes like this around our house :)

Kathie xx


amanda73 said...

love looking at pics from the kids perspective, puts everything in a whole new light hey, he took a great pic of you and the cars and the potato heads lol........i just remembered another tradition of mine, every year since Connor was born i buy one tree ornament, and when he turns 18 i will give them all to him, (dont know if he will want them at 18 lol, but he will know he had a mum that cared enough to do it for him lol

Binxcat1 said...

m... great idea amanda BUT I would keep them until he turns maybe 38... then he will appreciate and understand! ;)

Great idea Kathie... definitely going to do it with my kids this year... thanks for sharing... BTW I LOVE the one of you at the tree... reminds me of Will Ferrell in the movie Elf... have you seen it??? He was a human child adopted by an elf so of course compared to all the other elves he was a giant! ;)hehehehe

Joanne said...

Kathie you look gorgeous Love that photo!! Thanks for sharing all your Cristmas things with us.

Leanne said...

What a great idea...I really must relax and hand over the camera to someone else for a change! hee hee!!! Thanks again for some awesome inspiration...x