Saturday, January 30, 2010

Giveaway winner

Thanks for your comments on this post. According to Mr Random dot Org, Marie is the winner of that copy of Scrapbook Trends magazine.

Blogger Marie said...

That is wonderful news, Kathie. I'm thrilled to hear that it finally turned up for you. :)

10:30 AM

Congrats Marie, let me know your address and I'll send it off to you.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29

The commute home from work

Day 28

The commute home from work

Inspired by....

My inspiration this month from Etsy:

Also inspiring me are these little snippets:

As we are getting out of the car to cross the car-park:
"Mummy? It's waining!"
He trots next to me, his hand in mine.
"Mummy, the wain won't get me! I imbizaball!"

As we drive to childcare:
"Mummy, will given be at chide-care?"
Huh? After much super-sleuthing, I have discovered he has a new friend, Griffin :)

I enter the room to collect him from childcare:
"I shepa-ate, mummy!"
Apparently he got separated from his friends because they got a bit too carried away and rough...

Ah, he makes me smile.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I had several scrapbook projects in Scrapbooking Memories Issue 11(11), that came out a couple of months ago. Here they are:

My Week
This was the Masters challenge for that month. We were supplied with the gorgeous K&Co materials and asked to make a layout and a card.

I loved making this layout. And I enjoy being able to look at it now, and recollect that week. To be able to remember what my schedule was at that time. Because it changes all the time.

Lots of distressing and paper tearing and inking and stuff. I actually used the little journaling cards to create the background across the centre. I just distressed a heap of them, then adhered them one next to the other, to span the entire page.
And this is the card. Using the remaining journaling tag.

These next two layouts were in various of the galleries in the magazine. The one below is a firm favourite of mine. He he he. I still love seeing those photos.

Getting to Ho Ho Ho
Journaling: You made the cutest little Christmas helper in your festive t-shirt and hat! Christmas 2006.

Winter Wonderland
Journaling: Walking in a Winter Wonderland back to Auntie Roschi's place. Luebeck Germany. Dec 1982.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27

I had many opportunities to take photos yesterday, but I completely forgot to take out my camera. So we will just skip yesterday and move straight on to today, with the 365 challenge :). And today's isn't even a photo, lol. It's a scan. This is what Jamie came home from kindy with:

His name! I'm so proud of my rabbit!

He was telling me about the "m". "I went up then down then up then down, mummy!"

He was particularly proud of the "e". Apparently "e"s are tricky. Yes, they are.

It was the first day of kindy for this year today. I was a bit worried about it, seeing as he started with the "I don't want to go to kindy" from early this morning. By lunchtime I was having an anxiety attack, lol!

But by the time we dropped him there at 12.30pm he was right as rain. Quite happy to go in and join in with the play-dough making.

When I left he was busy telling his teacher all about his holiday.... He probably then went on to tell her how he put his head under the water all by himself.... Then he probably told her about his latest conquest in Ben10 happenings.... Seeing as that has been the dialogue whenever we've seen anyone at all lately. I know almost word for word what he would have been saying :D.

So that was good. And he got another sticker on the sticker chart this afternoon when he got home. He has put in an order for a bakugan when he gets his next four stickers. Oh, and a DS. Hahaha, give the boy full marks for trying!

I am back at work tomorrow. Speaking of which, I'm outa here. Got to get to bed.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blog Award

One of my regular readers, Penny, has given me a blog award. Thank you so much Penny!

This award requires me to name 5 things that I love, and then to pass the love on to 5 other bloggers I think are FABULOUS. So, here goes:

1. The sound of sprinklers on a summer's evening
(sadly, with the drought and water restrictions, that is now a thing of the past)
2. Niederegger marzipan (but not any other kind)
3. Blue skies with whispy white clouds
4. Black/brown mascara
5. Children's giggles

Who to pass it on to? Well, I will leave it up to you to tell me who YOU think should be awarded. Whose blog is FABULOUS, in your opinion? I'm always on the look out for new blogs for inspiration.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Doing a happy dance

Oh happy happy joy joy!

You may remember this layout of mine:

Or then again, you may not. Because it was an awfully long time ago.

I made this page six months after I went back to work, which was in June 2007. I had this photo on my desk when I first returned to work. It's a special photo.

Well, anyway, it was picked up for publication in Scrapbook Trends (USA). It appeared in the July 2008 issue. Cause for much celebrating. Etc. Etc.


I never got my layout back.

I chased Scrapbook Trends.
I emailed them several times.
They were always apologetic.
They offered to send a goodie box with another copy of the mag.
It never turned up.
They offered again.
It never turned up.
I tried to track the parcel through the mail system. Dead end.

I gave up.

Fast forward eighteen months. I get a knock on the door. It's the courier with a pizza box for me. Nothing unusual in that. Except, I'm not expecting a pizza box. Except that, this box is from the US.

It's my layout!


Ah. That photo!

That sweet face :)

Thank you Scrapbook Trends.

Also in the box are two copies of the magazine. I am in such a good mood that I am going to send one copy of the magazine to a lucky Australian reader. Bear in mind though, that the issue is the July 2008 issue. A bit dated by now.

But, if you would like a copy, post a comment to this post by midnight Friday 29/1/10, to be in the running.

I know there are some of you out there that have had things go missing in the post - have faith. Maybe someday they will turn up too :)


Day 19-22

Day 19
Household chores

Day 20
Preparing for the playgroup get-together at our house this morning.

Day 21
We got some new toys at the toy-library yesterday

Day 22
Jamie is in childcare today and I have the day off - and I'm creating! Love love love.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

He says he did not cry...

Further to my post this morning... Jamie got quite upset with me tonight when I told his father that he had cried when I dropped him off at childcare.

Apparently tears dripping silently onto your cheeks is not crying. Wailing and howling are crying. Silent tear flow is, according to Jamie, not crying.


Anyway, he got a sticker. Because he tried. Because he really did try to be brave.
Because I'm soft, lol. And he DID try. I could see that.

And, yes, I did pick him up early ;)

Because everyone loves a bargain

Shop and Crop has started a blog!
Go here for details of a special discount for readers :)

Not even a sticker chart...

Not even a sticker chart could help this morning.

I have decided that this January we will achieve "childcare drop-off without tears". We have a sticker chart. Four stickers, and Jamie will get a "new present" (a cause for much celebration!). We have two stickers already.


This morning we get to childcare and as I put the bananas in the fruit basket I feel frantic scrabbling at my elbow. I turn to see my child wearing a look of absolute despair. No tears. Yet. Just a look of unbearable dread.

He pulls me down into a huge hug. And his mouth turns into a pressed line and his chin dimples. Then it starts to wobble. Then two huge tears drop out of his eyes. Soundless. He just looks at me with such sadness that my heart breaks in two.


Like. every. single. time. for. the. last. two. and. a. half. years.

Although, we did make progress I suppose. If you can call soundless sobbing progress to the heart-wrenching bawling that usually goes on.

Somehow though I found it even harder, this soundless grief. Like, he was making such an effort and even still could not contain his sadness.

The memory of those two fat tears plopping over onto his cheeks is haunting me today.

I think I may go and pick him up early this afternoon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 14 - 18

Day 14
ABC Kids with a friend

Day 15
Sticker Chart: I will not cry when mummy leaves me at childcare

Day 16

Day 17
Mac Cafe coffee with my best friend from highschool, while Jamie climbs

Day 18
Going curly (natural). Should I keep it or straighten it again?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More pages to share

I see that the new Scrapbooking Memories magazine is out, or just about to hit the shops. Congratulations to the girls who have been named Scrapbooking Memories Masters! And to all those people who have achieved honourable mentions in the competition. A great achievement.

The issue of Scrpabooking Memories prior to the Masters issues contains my final Masters project. I made an advent calendar that I just adore (and it got a fab workout during December!), but I'm not at liberty to share it here just yet. Instead, I will show you the projects that I had in issue 11(10) a couple of months ago.

The first is our Masters challenge page - we were given the entire range of Kaisercraft Playtime and invited to create a layout. This is the result:

Journaling: Your grandma knitted a plump pink elephant. You were enchanged. When you visited her, the elephant would always come out of play. So sweet!

I used glimmer mist to create the background. I cut out some clouds from cardstock and used them to mask the background - where the clouds were lying on my background appeared whiter than the background that I misted. I added some muslin or some patterned paper to some of the clouds and left some of them bare.

And more hessian! :)

And the other projects are part of the article I wrote about making double page layouts. I confess that I don't find double pages easy to create, although I invariably rate them amongst my favourite pages when I go to the effort. So, my article was from a self-confessed "I am no expert" standpoint and then gave some tips for making it a little bit simpler if, like me, you have troubles.

Li'l Mates
Journaling: Jak is your little playmate. When you go outside to play, you love it when Jak comes too. You chase him 'round the backyard, arms outstretched, trying to catch him. Jak yaps and backs away, bottom in the air, tail wagging. Encouraging the game. I hear your laughter peal across the garden as you run after him. Ah, happy times!

Journaling: At the end of a hot summer day, as the sun's going down, daddy brings out your wading pool, your slippery dip and the hose. What fun! What a perfect end to a hot day.

Journaling: Aah, I love this time of year... The days are warm and there's a feeling of festivity in the air - a promise of Christmas celebrations and summer vacations by the sea. The jacaranda trees that line our street are in bloom and the entire suburb is tinged with purple. Friends are starting to arrive for their annual Christmas visits - they arrive from overseas and interstate. Today Shelley and I caught up with Kay, who we used to work with 20 years ago. Such fun. Just like old times :). We've put up our Christmas tree now. Jamie helped for the first time. I love evenings - we turn off the lights and sit in the glow of the tree's fairy lights. And I feel the giddy excitement of a child - Christmas is on its way! I have decided to take advantage of the warm weather and am toilet-training Jamie. So far, so good - he plays happily with his trucks outside on the paving stones dressed in a top and his much prized "big boy jocks". He's obsessed with the movie "Cars" at the moment and has his eyes firmly on the prize - a pack of "Cars" jocks that he saw at the shops the other day. Sweet motivation :). Yep, December is my favourite time of the year. Sun, vacations, Christmas festivities, parties, family and friends. Life's good.

The Tractor
Journaling: Like a pimple on a pumpkin, you perch on the huge tractor - little farmer James!

Wow, that's a lot of sharing :)
See you

Monday, January 11, 2010


I made this layout for the Aussie Scrap Source Blog recently.

Journaling: Looking back, I realise I had a blessed childhood. My sister and I grew up in a happy family and always knew we were loved dearly. But it's only been as an adult, as a parent myself, that I see how much my parents sacrificed for us. I see how they put us first and made sure we had everything we needed. Whilst material things might have been difficult to come by, we were given an abundance of love, security and opportunities that I wil always be grateful for.

Recognise the little girl? Me! :)


The layout was inspired by packaging.
For more details go here.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy new year!

Hi friends. We're back from a little family vacation interstate. We visited with my sister and her family. Jamie got to know his cousins. We had a perfectly relaxing time: beach in the mornings, pool in the afternoons, sitting about on the patio sipping wine and enjoying great company in the evenings. It was just what I needed.

I have decided to see, once again, how far I get with this photo a day challenge. I tried it last year and didn't last too long. Seeing as we were on a plane today, and i only just decided to join in the challenge today, there's no photo for Day 8. But I am aiming to be back with a vengeance tomorrow.

I have had six or so weeks off from scrapbooking and need to get stuck back into some projects. I feel a bit rusty, lol. I have some work that I want to share with you too. I just have to take a photo of my layout in Scrapbooking Memories a couple of months ago - I realised I sent it off in such a hurry so as to meet the deadline, that I never got to photograph it. Ah, I have enjoyed not having scrapbooking deadlines. I don't know that I want to knuckle back down again to it all. But I'll see how I go.

I have been reading books! Bliss!!

OK, so tomorrow I have to get the larder re-stocked, the dog picked up from his grandparents', the laundry done, the Christmas tree taken down, etc etc etc. But I'll be back soon.

Happy 2010!

Day 7


Day 6


Day 5

The Pool

Day 4


Day 3

The Beach

Day 2

My sister

Day 1


We're back from a trip to Perth, visiting with my sister and her family for a couple of weeks. It was blissful!