Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 53 - 57

Day 53: Helping with the vacuuming

Day 55: The making of a ladybug

Day 56: The ladybug (dress up day at childcare - come as something from a garden)
I suggested a bee
Jamie decided a ladybug

Day 57: The Adelaide Fringe Festival is on.
This was the scene in Victoria Square (our main city square) as I walked to my office in the CBD this morning.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daddy's boy

This morning he says to me with a whine to his voice "mummy I want daddy to stay home"
(We had just waved goodbye to daddy as he drove off to work.)
"But daddy has to go to work" I said.
"I want YOU to go to work, and daddy to stay home!" he said.

Oh dear. I fear daddy is much more fun than mummy. Because when daddy is home, he just gets to play. When mummy's home she's busy doing housework and cooking. A real bore, really.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sneak: March class

A sneak peek of one of the layouts we'll be creating in my upcoming class at Seriously Scrapbooking. The layout isn't even in the shop yet, so you're getting an early preview here. The two pages will be suitable for summer photos (beach), and autumn photos respectively. There will be distressing, curling and.... wait for it.... paper piecing! We'll be using the new Prima papers that are just out. With a masculine twist. Although they'll be equally as beautiful with photos of little girls too.

I'm aiming to make this class a bit more relaxed than the last one which was pretty full on, lol. I really have to restrain myself when I'm making class layouts, because I'm such a detailed scrapper. But I think I've done well with this class.


Final Masters project

I thought that I'd share with you my final Masters project from the Christmas issue of Scrapbooking Memories. We were asked to make Christmas related BTP projects using gorgeous vintage Pink Paislee products. I made a 3D advent calendar. Here's the page from the magazine, because the photography of these projects was simply stunning, and I couldn't possibly do a comparable job.

This layout was also included.

I think I already shared this one with you, because I got muddled and thought it had been in an earlier issue. It wasn't. Oops. Which means, that I previously forgot to show you this layout:

This one was in issue 11(10) of Scrapbooking Memories. It has a transparent background which doesn't really show up all that well in the magazine. Pic is from our holiday to the Gold Coast eighteen months ago.

OK, that's it from me today. Gotta run. Lotsa things to get done!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 52

OK, so just forget that I have skipped a rather large series of numbers in getting to 52. Right?

This is what we spent our weekend doing:

Looking after a poor sausage in hospital.

On Friday night Jamie had the signs of a cold. By Saturday morning, all he could do was lie on the couch, whimpering. His breathing was quite laboured. So I made an appointment with the GP.

You should have seen the GP's face when I carried Jamie in to the surgery, limp in my arms. He told me to take him straight to emergency. Which we did. And got seen immediately. I cannot speak highly enough of Flinders Medical Centre here in Adelaide.

The nurse took one look at him, stuck an blood saturation monitor on his finger and said "you've got one sick little boy here, haven't you?" Whew. Because I was worried that they'd say that he just had a cold and that I was panicking over nothing.

From there we had about six staff ferry us through into the resusc. room and it was all action stations. My pale, limp little boy looked very small up on the hospital barouche, and I had a moment where I really did start to panic. But the staff were very professional.

After an x-ray to rule out pneumonia, and some treatment, the little guy was starting to look a bit healthier and back to his normal self (well, in saying that, I am meaning that he tried to engage everyone in the room in a discussion about Starwars once I mentioned that he looked like a storm trooper in the nebuliser mask). A vast improvement! LOL, even if he did bore everyone to tears. Apparently the ventolin they were giving him makes you hyperactive. I would never have guessed!

From there it was up to the ward for an overnight stay. Hourly ventolin. Three hourly saline nebuliser. We didn't get much sleep.

After thinking he had asthma, the diagnosis ended up being just a serious chest infection that had plugged up all his airways and wasn't letting the air into his lungs. Poor little chap. 24 hours later and he was racing up and down the ward corridor, and I think they were probably glad to see the last of him....

At the moment he's running around like a maniac, giggling in the backyard with his dad, so I think that he is totally back to normal. He hardly even has the signs of a cold anymore.

So it is with children!

Me? Well it will take me a little while longer to recover.

Day 45

Valentines Day

Day 43

Blue skies

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet layouts

The Cropaholic kit at Shop and Crop is sold out this month already. Wow!

But it does mean that I can share all three of the layouts I created for it. You would have the instructions for making these if you were quick and got in to buy a kit :)

A Dream Come True

I seriously loved the felt flowers that came with this kit :)

And the little cardstock die-cuts.


Mmmmm, flowers and pearls.... and ledger paper. Swoon.

And handstitching.


Joanne, you could use this for a boy's page, couldn't you?

Even with a butterfly?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44

Granny's biscuit jar

Do you remember me writing in a recent post about my memory of my granny's biscuit jar? It is one of my most significant memories about Granny - going to her house with mum and Sonia, sitting at the kitchen table and having cocoa and biscuits out of the biscuit jar. She kept it above the kitchen counter. It's such a happy memory. Do you remember me lamenting that I wish I had photos?

Well, I now have the biscuit jar!

I took Jamie up to my parents' house this morning and Mum asked me if I wanted it. She had kept it for me from Granny's belongings. I could have cried!

I have some Nook and Pantry papers in the cupboard, and I feel the need to scrap a page about this memory. A memorial page to my Granny, as it were. I think I'll try out a challenge.

Tell me, what's your favourite scrapbooking challenge at the moment? I'll go check it out and use my favourite to inspire me for my new page.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42

Scrapbooking Class, Seriously Scrapbooking
March 13

Tonight I am writing this while my little printer sits beside me, busy churning out photos. In front of me is what you see above. Prima papers. Yes, I'm printing out photos for sample layouts I'm about to make for my next class at Seriously Scrapbooking. Two single boy pages using new Prima :). Soooo nice!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41

Whew, it's HOT today. 39 degrees or something? We've been out all day and only just got home to the cool of the airconditioner. And I tell ya, I'm not moving for the rest of the day!

Here's my photo for day 41:

Health supplements

As part of looking after myself this year, I have started seeing a naturopath. And I am currently taking a range of health supplements. Some heavy duty multi-vitamins to help with my sluggish energy levels.

I also had a whole battery of blood tests done. Basically I am a healthy chook - thyroid functioning could be a bit better, but my cholesterol, iron levels, white blood cell counts etc. etc are all very healthy. My fertility hormones are abysmal though - definitely perimenopause. Sigh. My dream of two children playing in the backyard is definitely over. It's so hard to let go though. Harder than I ever thought it would be.

But, this is part of me taking control of my life; part of me stopping marking time; part of making something else than having a baby the focus, when that has been so much the focus of my life for the last 2 and a half years. I refuse to just drift for another year. I am making new goals.

We also talked diet today, and I realised today how rigid I am with my eating - what I eat and what I don't eat. Trying to substitute some of my less healthy food snacks for healthier alternatives that will increase my energy levels is going to be a bit more difficult than I would have anticipated. I could feel my face growing more and more sour as the naturopath talked to me about alternatives, lol. Rice crackers with hommus and bean sprouts. Or a small tin of salmon.... For an afternoon snack? For goodness sake! Each to their own. But, personally.... blergh.

I'm turning into a grumpy old woman I told her, when she noticed. Blame it on perimenopause! ;)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I know that Christmas is over, but I forgot to share with you a couple of layouts that were in Creating Keepsakes magazine Aussie Reader Gallery around Christmas. Here they are:

Silly Hats
Journaling: The one thing about our house at Christmas time is that you'll always find us wearing those silly paper crowns you get out of the Christmas bon-bons. I never thought anything of it until I met my husband and realised that he didn't share the enjoyment. Ah, he's still in training ;), but Jamie's getting the hang of it.

Journaling: Christmas 1974. But really it could have been any year at our house. You would always, always find a fresh pine tree.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day
Journaling: A bit of rain? Cold? Windy? So? You are completely unfazed by the Winter weather. As long as you have your Bob the Builder beanie, your Thomas the Tank Engine raincoat and your spiderweb gumboots you’re happy to splash around in the backyard all morning.

Have a great evening!

Day 40

A haircut.
Just as well, as it's 38 degrees Celcius and humid here today. Yucky hot weather!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Day 37

A special Saturday night treat:
staying up late to watch Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones with Dad

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Special Sounds

We are still working on Jamie's speech. At the moment he's just learnt to say "pl" and is feeling pretty pleased with himself. We are working on "s" still, as it comes out a bit like a "sh" sound. So, we're trying to sharpen it up.

He's making really cute substitutions still. While I think of them, I want to get them written down:

Bishketti (spaghetti)
Skeletope (telescope)
Buzz Lightyou (Buzz Lightyear)
Memember (remember)
Paybound (playground)
Bittar (guitar)
Fimished (finished)
Annugga (another)
Adult (advert)
Fall to part (fall apart)
Pickly, pickly, pickly(quickly, quickly quickly!)
Gamma and gandad (grandma and granddad)
Shane (train)
Shamwidch (sandwich)
Fimmished (finished)
Bepooter (computer)
Amimals (animals)

Day 36

Take your favourite book to childcare
....and read it in the car coming home again.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Jamie at 39 months

Journaling: You are 39 months old. You are in love with Toy Story, and Buzz Lightyear is your hero (or, as you call him - Buzz Lightyou). The Wiggles are still popular and I have to sing the Fruit Salad song at bedtime. Or Baa Baa Black Sheep - although you've taken to requesting different colour sheep - tonight it was Baa Baa Yellow Sheep. You love to climb and you'll announce to me "I do gime-bing now!" or you set up an obstacle course in the lounge room and proceed to climb, jump, hop and tumble around. Sometimes you and I pretent to be dinosaurs with big long necks. Sometimes we load our "luggage" onto the couch, click our "seatbelts" in place and pretend to fly places - usually Wiggleworld. You're doing really great at swimming lessons. You can doggy paddle with help and do wonderful big jumps into the pool. Daddy took to rewarding you with a present after lessons and you've learnt: "Daddy, you got new besant for be?" Oops. Poor dad! You are such a little character.

I have this layout on the Aussie Scrap Source blog at the moment. It uses seriously cute Paper Loft paper. As followers of my blog would know, I write regular notes to Jamie, outlining the things that he has been doing, and all his favourites. These letters often form the basis of the journaling on my layouts.

The neutral colours of the Slug Bug range worked really well with this heavy-journaling based page. And the simple background really allowed the monogram letters to have centre stage.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Day 35

sombre... funeral... family... memories
(and the crazy hack-job I did on my fringe!)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Day 34

Jamie has a friend over this morning.
We are all walking down to playgroup together in a moment.
But in the meantime, the boys are playing with home-made swords.

The present wrapping yesterday moved onto sword making.
It's amazing what you can do with butchers paper and sticky tape ;)

Day 33

Wrapping "presents". We love presents.... and sticky-tape :)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


My Granny died yesterday.

It's hard to lose a grandparent. Although, I really lost Granny ten years ago. She had dementia for such a long time, and the granny that I loved disappeared many many years ago. She had no idea who I was in recent times. When I gave her the invitation to our wedding she looked at it, puzzled and made a vague remark. She had no idea why I was giving it to her.

She always told it like it was, my Granny. When I introduced her to Jamie she asked again who I was. She said to me "Now, sit down dear and tell me who you are. I don't remember so well anymore. But I do want you to sit here and tell me." LOL.

I remember packing my bags after a fight with my mother one afternoon, and heading off to Granny's house. I was going to live with Granny. She was much nicer than mum. I was five. To continue the story... because it's quite amusing...I didn't make it past our front fence. I got scared and hid in the shrubbery, waiting for mum to get worried that I'd gone to live with Granny and come looking for me. I didn't realise that she could see me quite easily from the dining window :).

Cocoa and Arrowroot biscuits out of the retro kitsch biscuit barrel. Granny had a kitchen cupboard full of retro kitsch. Ah, I wish that I could see it all one more time. I wish I had more photos. But I don't. Just a few memories. I must write it all down before I forget even more.

Granny, I loved you to bits. You spoilt us rotten. You always listened to us and made us feel important. You always said you'd support us, no matter what we ever did. I hated that dementia stole you from us. I hated visiting you then, and I always felt guilty that I didn't visit you more. Sorry. I hope you always knew that I loved you. Rest peacefully. xxx

Day 31

I wanted a "back to kindy" shot.
This is what I got.
"Take a picture of the bag, mummy!"

Day 30

Etcha Sketcha - A Favourite

February cropaholics kit

I have been busy designing with Shop and Crop's February "Cropaholics Kit". The kit is now up for sale and I can show you just a couple of pictures. Above is a sneak peek of one of the layouts.

The kit is just gorgeous - BasicGrey Sugar Rush, with some Jenni Bowlin vintage papers thrown in, some pearls, trim, paint, embroidery thread, yummmm.....

Another layout from the kit. The little cutie in the photos is Nic's little girl, Jacinta.

The kit's on sale at Shop and Crop right now. Included in the cost of the kit is instructions for creating three layouts, including the ones above, all of which were designed by me.