Friday, October 21, 2011

Home renovating

As you know, we are gearing up to renovate the back section of our house. Which includes bathrooms. I have been inspired lately by these images:

I love the combination of light airy rooms with timber fittings.

I find it incredibly difficult to choose home decor. I mean, I can look at a series of bathroom tiles and know which ones I like. I can choose a bathroom sink. But when it comes to putting it all together? Urgh. I am so bad at being able to imagine what it will look like. And I second guess my decisions.

Anyone else have the same problem?



Anne P said...

YES. We are in the process of doing a house design for what we are going to build. I stare at the tiles we are trying to choose between and I know I like them but it worries me that this decision is going to influence my choices in the bathroom, kitchen, design of the outside of the house. Sooo scary if I get it wrong.

Joanne said...

Yes I second guess everything,then cant sleep at night, I think that is why I keep the same old

Althea Tumlin said...

It’s true that home renovation isn’t an easy task. A friendly tip is to plan ahead. Take your time to know what is necessary for your home. You can be creative and daring in the design, but always keep the ideas functional and efficient.