Monday, February 28, 2011

Get Picky February inspiration

February is the month of love, and the inspiration picture over at Get Picky right now is the ultimate in romance.

The inspiration picture reminded me of the magazine clippings I collected when I was planning our wedding seven years ago. I went off in search of them (yes, I still have them!) then scanned them into the computer, and created a layout using them.

Journaling: Vintage, orchids, feathers, fascinators, beads. Ah, I loved planning our wedding!

Obviously I have been inspired by the pink colour scheme. The strewn rose petals inspired me to use the romantic rose images from the Pink Paislee Sweetness collection kit to create little clusters on the page. They also inspired the garland of confetti and hearts that I strung across the top of the page.

I confess though... creating with a pink colour scheme is difficult for me. Man! I'm just not used to it!

Onto scrapbooking in general now... my increased commitments with work and family have led to me choosing not to renew for another term at The Color Room. I have so enjoyed being part of the Room and would like to thank Janine, Lydell, Steph and Jing-Jing for giving me the chance to be part of an international playground. I will miss playing with the colour palettes.

Kathie xx

Friday, February 25, 2011

Start Go Park

The Echo Park range "Little Boy" makes creating bright, vibrant pages a cinch. I used it for my layout that's up on the Aussie Scrap Source blog at the moment.

Journaling: Ah, we had some fun mornings at playgroup. All our friends were there. Toys for you. Coffee for me. We had a blast. Like this time - you and Lucas in the little red cars. April 2010.

I've cut the road map from one of the patterned papers, and then used other papers from the range to create my little streetscape - cars, boats, houses and even a couple of little street signs.

It's perfect for the photos I took at playgroup one day of Jamie and his mate scooting around in the red peddle cars.

Ah, I miss playgroup.

Kathie xx

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's a beautiful day...

Aussie Scrap Source is starting off 2011 in the spirit of all things handmade and upcycled – with a ‘make it yourself’ challenge. Each week readers will be issued with a challenge to create a layout using different handmade items.

There will be little prizes each week featuring ready-made versions, from some of your favourite brands, of whatever the weeks challenge is (so you don’t have to ‘make it yourself’ all the time!). These will be awarded for the most innovative solution, and if you manage to send in something every week for the whole eight weeks of the series, you'll get a prize pack at the end as well.

So, this week's challenge is to make your own patterned paper.

Journaling: These days at home with a preschooler have been so precious. I didn't want them to come to an end. But as Jamie starts school, they have.

I have been inspired by Christy Tomlinson's mixed media work lately. The challenge was just what I needed to get out my paints, inks, stamps and templates and get to work. Using just a plain text paper, I made my own patterned paper background and accent strip. Then I teamed it with handcut images from another sheet of purchased patterned paper.

I've used stamps (some purchased and some found around the house), templates, paints and inks.

The page is about my sadness that Jamie is off to school and I am off to more days of work. I'm struggling with it. I have so enjoyed being at home, being a mum during the days (well, three days a week - I have always worked the other two). While I'm over the moon for him, and the joy he has at being a schoolboy, I'm not enjoying the change in focus in my own life.

The page evolved because I have loved being home where I can look out the window and see my beautiful green garden and hear the birds singing. I can sit inside with the patio doors open and feel the breeze. It's been so lovely. I work in the city in a multistorey building and I look at at other high rise buildings (well, as high rise as you get in Adelaide, lol!). It's not nearly as pleasant.

So it is a re-adjustment and I've been having a little temper tantrum about it all this last two weeks. This page is my reminder to not let the joy that I have enjoyed during this five year period of my life to slip away. I have been blessed to enjoy the experience of mothering a small boy.

So are you inspired to join in the challenge? Check out the blog to see what the other DT members have been making, and to find out more details about how to enter the challenge.

Kathie xx

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Color Room palette 46

I have finally had some time this week to play with the new Color Room palette.

I planned on doing a page about Jamie starting school, but was inspired by the frame in the picture above, to use one of the stamps provided to us by our sponsor this month - Layers of Color Stamps. And this is what I made:

I have had this photo of Jamie and me printed out to scrap for ages. It's over a year old. Every time I see that sweet smile of his in that photo, it makes me smile and I've been itching to scrap a happy page with it.

It's a simple layout this week. I'm finding myself pressed for time right now. I've painted plain white cardstock with glimmermist to create the background, cut the outer rim out of my stamped image and glued it on top to create a little frame into my "world". My joyful world, complete with little heart balloon floating up into the sky :).

Check out the other pages, and maybe give it a go yourself? Here.

Kathie xx

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am pretty thrilled to have had a layout in the January issue of Scrapbook Trends magazine (US). It's one I did a while back, but it's still a favourite because of the memory it records.

Journaling: “Peach-Gates!” That’s the cry at our house every morning when I ask you what you want for breakfast. And at lunchtime. And at tea. Yes, peaches and grapes. You would exist solely on a diet of peaches and grapes if you could. You love them. You refuse to eat cereal for breakfast any longer, but you’ll happily devour a piece of toast with a mountain of fruit. When I put your bowl down on the table you take one look and exclaim “Peach-gates!!!” Yes, it’s just the one word in our house – like we have some new species of exotic fruit. Although, when it comes down to it, any fruit that is orange in colour is a peach, in your eyes. And anything that is small and round is a grape. I am so loving watching your speech develop Jamie!

I am so glad that I scrapbook when I look back through layouts like these!

Kathie xx

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine

I was talking about Valentine's Day with Jamie yesterday. I was explaining that I had bought Phil a present, and we talked about how Valentine's Day is a day when we tell the people we love, just how much they mean to us.

Quick as a flash, he asks "And what have you bought me Mum?". LOL. Oh dear. I hadn't made that connection. He's quick, this one!

Some fast thinking while he was in the shower, followed by some rummaging in the cupboards and he was greeted with this card and a lollipop when he was clean and dressed:

I made the card ages ago. Thank goodness I it lying in the cupboard. It was always meant for Jamie - the quote on the front is one that I tell him all the time :). And what better time to give it to him?

I have a huge stack of emails in my intray. I love to respond to my readers here. It's my way of showing how much it means to me, those of you that take the time to talk to me. I'm sorry! I will try to get back to you. Working more days is really meaning that I have to look more closely at where I spend my time. Argh!

Kathie xx

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get Picky February sketch

There is a new inspiration sketch at Get Picky this morning. This month Pink Paislee is our sponsor and generously provided a Sweetness Collection kit to the DT to work with.

This is February's sketch:

And this is my interpretation:

I have used a circle to frame my two photos instead of the block of patterned paper shown in the sketch.

The collection comes with a beautiful brown ledger paper, which I fully intended to use for the background but, would you believe it, I stuffed it up right at the end by putting a bit splotch of paint on it. Unsalvagable. Don't you hate that? Thankfully it doesn't happen often these days. Grrr. It comes with my attempt to be more adventurous with paint and stamping in my pages. At least I'm trying!

So, anyway, I had to rip everything off it and go with one of my trusty BasicGrey basics pieces from my stash. I kinda like how they work together though.

Enjoy your day!
Kathie xx

Monday, February 14, 2011

February Cropaholic kit pages

The February Cropaholic kit from Shop and Crop was full of BasicGrey's Hopscotch line. If you were lucky enough to snaffle one before they sold out, you would now have the materials and the instructions to make these three pages:

Awww, I adore this photo of Nic's little girl, Jacinta with her doll.

And, just to show that you can use the collection for pages about little boys too and especially as there is a lot of cute school-related imagery in this line:

Journaling: You had your first homework for kindy. I smiled to see you sitting there studiously and thought I'd better get used to it!

And another girly one:

Kathie xx

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cross Roads

A couple of months ago, I was at a bit of a cross roads as far as my life was going. I work as an occupational health & safety adviser. These days I work part-time and love it. But I'd just been approached to take on a job. A great job. But it meant more hours. I was torn. It was a fantastic job offer...

Years back, before Jamie, I worked long hours in a very demanding job. I'd much rather what I have now. I have more balance. I can focus on my family. I have a lot less stress. And I enjoy life more. Anyway, all these thoughts poured out onto a layout that's featured on Aussie Scrap Source at the moment.

"I have a sense that I am at a cross road. Jamie is growing up and will start school next year. So it had already been on my mind, that my role will be changing. The last five years have been devoted to him. But then this week I was headhunted to take on a new job. A very attractive new job, if I wanted to progress my career. But do I? I'm actually really comfortable where I am right now. I'm not ready to intensify my work life. I don't want to put Jamie into more childcare just in the very last term I have home with him. I also found out though, that the unit I work in currently will be closing in 2013. So... do I make the change now? Before I'm ready? Or do I hold out, let Jamie settle into school, and hope that there's another job out there just as ideal.

The page features Jenni Bowlin's Family Tree line.

We all have moments that force us to re-evaluate where we're heading in life. I've decided for the moment to stick my head in the sand. I like things the way they are. I will worry about my choices down the road a bit, when Jamie's been at school for a while and maybe, maybe I'll be looking for more of a challenge. I hope I made the right decision.

Kathie xx

Saturday, February 12, 2011

OA Seaside - Beach

Can I say now that I think October Afternoon's Seaside collection is so darn cute? And summery. And vintage. And perfect for all those summertime photos I'm accumulating. This layout is up on the Aussie Scrap Source blog at the moment.

Well, OK, this is not a recent photo - it's actually of Jamie on his first trip to the beach :) a few years back. What a little possum....

But I do have a stack of summertime photos that need to be scrapbooked...
Now I just need to find the time!

Kathie xx

Friday, February 11, 2011

The school bell

I was at home today, doing housework when I heard a siren sound in the distance. I looked at the clock and it was 1.50pm. I realised it was the school bell, announcing the end of the lunch break.

And all of a sudden, I missed him.

My big schoolboy. Wonder what he's doing.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Get Picky Design Team call

Get Picky is looking for new design team members. They are looking to extend their design team and also secure artists interested in appearing as a monthly guest designer.

If you are interested, check out the details here.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

February's Creating Keepsakes

Wow. I was just browsing some of my favourite blogs - and look here at the Creating Keepsakes blog in the US. Scroll down a bit. It's my page!

The layout was featured in February's issue of the mag, but I didn't realise it had also been featured on the blog :). It was so much fun to make and is featured in the article on creating scenes on your page.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Days 3, 4, 5

I signed up for "The Joy of Love", an e-course that children's photographer Willette is running through February. Here are my photos for days 3, 4, and 5:

Day 3: Then and Now

He is growing up so fast. It seems like it was only last week when he was a big eyed infant staring solemnly at the camera. Now look at him. Excuse the bed hair. We were having an early morning game of kiddy Monopoly :).

And this one... an inbetween one that I found when I was searching through for a "then" photo. Awww. he was so goddam cute!

Day 4: What they Wear

When I met Phil he didn't wear glasses, but he often mentioned that he thought they looked professional and distinguished. He is the only person I know who got excited when he had to start wearing them. Now he has discovered that it's no fun being dependent on your spectacles and regularly grizzles about them. I have to admit, I find it rather funny :)

Day 5: Love to Hate
What they do that drives you nuts, but it just wouldn't be the same if they didn't...

OMG. This child of mine and cardboard boxes. He LOVES to construct with them. I am not allowed to throw any out. He sees towers, bridges, houses where I just see a huge big jumble.

And the trouble he gives me if I clean up!!! It's really going to drive me insane before long ;)

Kathie xx

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Thanks for the comments on my last post. He is still liking school, after day 2. I am waiting for it to dawn on him that this is every day for the next twelve years, lol. I'm sure it will come in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I am busy working working and working. I haven't had a moment to miss him or think about it. I drop him at his classroom at 8.45 and race back to the car, drive like a maniac through to the CBD, work my hours then drive like a maniac back to the school to pick him up.

Needless to say, scrapbooking is taking a bit of a back seat for a while.

But, to keep me occupied ;), I thought I would sign up for "The Joy of Love" e-course that children's photographer Willette is running through February. As the owner of a brand new DSLR camera, I wanted to have a focus for my photography this month.

Each day she emails us with a theme for the day, and some tips for photography:

Feb 1: Day 1 - What they Do

This photo is typical Jamie hanging at home. We had a lazy morning on Tuesday, seeing as it was his last day at home before he started school. I went for a run on the treadmill and he was just playing. When I finished, he wanted to check my heart (lol!), with his doctor bag. And I snapped off a few shots. Apparently there was nothing wrong with me that a shot of medicine couldn't cure. (Or a good lie down....)

Feb 2: Day 2 - How they Look

Oh my. How he looks. How he looks as I see him for the first time ever as a school boy. How he looks in his new uniform. How little he looks with that huge school bag on his back. (Surely much too little to be going to school already?) And how he looks when he's being an adorable, excited little boy.

I hope to do some photos of my husband as well. I warned him last night ;). He thinks he's safe from the camera though, because he's hardly ever here and usually only during night hours when I photograph reluctantly due to my distaste of the camera's inbuilt flash. But come the weekend.... well, he's going to have to run and hide. He has been warned!

Kathie xx

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Jamie starts school

Jamie started school today. I got these shots before we left home this morning.

He was so excited! And in the classroom....

He happily waved us goodbye. You know, after all the first day at school tales I expected it to be at least a little bit traumatic. But it wasn't. I guess I have to remember he has been in childcare since he was 18months old. That shy little 18 month old has blossomed into a self-confident little five year old.

He hit me for canteen money within a couple of minutes of me picking him up this afternoon, lol. So I know that he'll be just fine :). So proud of him!

Kathie xx