Sunday, January 29, 2012

School holidays

Jamie goes back to school tomorrow, to Year 1. We have had such a fabulous summer holiday. It's been just how a summer holiday should be. Lots of sleep-ins. Lots of lazing about watching cartoons. Lots of friends over. Lots of visiting. A sleep over at Grandma and Grandad's... It was good.

 Bayblades was popular

 Lego with Dad

 Trips to the beach

 Visiting friends

 Indoor fun when the weather got too hot

 Lunch out with friends

 Friends sleeping over

 Bouncy castle in the back yard

 More fun with dad

 Time to laze about playing electronic games

 Talking the latest Wii games with friends
 Flying a kite at the beach

 More friends over

 Pool parties

 Hanging out at the swimming pool

 Picnic lunches inside, just for something different

Beachside fun parks

I have gotten used to my boy being home with me for the last six weeks. I've gotten used to the lazy pace of summer days, to beautiful weather, to friends and activities to look forward to every day.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow.
It feels like Jamie's starting school all over again.

Kathie xx


Sarah Lou said...

im heartbroken they have all gone back.......
good luck for the first day back

Marelize said...

Sounds like the perfect holiday Kathie! Good luck for tomorrow!
I'm not looking forward to school starting either. My youngest will be in Year 12 this year. Makes me feel old. :(

Penny said...

What a great snapshot of a perfect summer holiday. How was Jamie's first day back? My eldest started high school this week - nerve wracking! But I think we Mum's worry more than they do!