Sunday, January 22, 2012


Even though there is little time to sit down and scrapbook or create anything arty at the moment, I am still trying to keep up with the memory-keeping. I've joined a 366 photo group on Facebook and am committed to taking a photo a day for this year, and recording the story behind it. If you are interested, you can friend me on Facebook (see sidebar) and follow my photos.

I find though, that sometimes it's difficult to choose just the one photo. My photo for yesterday was a good example.

 This is the photo I posted. Phil and Jamie at the beach flying a kite - well, trying to if the full story be told ;). I chose it because of the interaction between the two of them.

But this was a pretty close second. There is something about a photo of a little boy gazing out to a boat sailing into a setting sun. Don't you think?



Sarah Lou said...

I stink at just choosing one. love those photos!!!

Marelize said...

Lovely pics Kathie! :)