Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Published pages to share

I had two layouts in the December issue of Scrapbook Trends (US). I do love this magazine. 

This is the first page. A real Christmas page!

Journaling: Know what it is to be a child? It is to be so little that elves can reach to whisper in your ear. Francis Thomson.

That little face. Nawww. It just makes me smile.

And this page. I created this page when I started working more days a week last year, because I was struggling with the general lack of time.

Journaling: Now that Jamie’s started school we have all new routines. I’m working more and trying to squeeze everything else in too.

I found it a real challenge to get the balance in my weekly schedule. I almost can't remember the relaxed, pleasant days of being  stay-at-home mum. We seem to rush everywhere these days.

I am grateful though. At least I'm not fulltime! I still do get a chance to do my housework during the week. And get to the gym once or twice. Gotta be grateful for those little things :).

Kathie xx


Kylie said...

Lovely pages Kathie, I especially like the routines one - such a clever idea to do this :)

Penny said...

Thank you for being another working Mum struggling with the time factor - and for displaying it so beautifully in a layout!

Also loving the Xmas page - you're right...that face is completely angelic! And the quote is the cutest Xmas quote I've seen. Beautiful!

mandysea said...

Gorgeous!! And congrats! Love the pic in the first one.. beautifully embellished!
Love the gingham and the whole idea of the second one... thats fabby! said...

You did an outstanding work!It is really detailed, and I love colors that you have used. I do not understand why my grandmother does not like when images of boys are used with pink color. It looks so nice!