Sunday, January 29, 2012

School holidays

Jamie goes back to school tomorrow, to Year 1. We have had such a fabulous summer holiday. It's been just how a summer holiday should be. Lots of sleep-ins. Lots of lazing about watching cartoons. Lots of friends over. Lots of visiting. A sleep over at Grandma and Grandad's... It was good.

 Bayblades was popular

 Lego with Dad

 Trips to the beach

 Visiting friends

 Indoor fun when the weather got too hot

 Lunch out with friends

 Friends sleeping over

 Bouncy castle in the back yard

 More fun with dad

 Time to laze about playing electronic games

 Talking the latest Wii games with friends
 Flying a kite at the beach

 More friends over

 Pool parties

 Hanging out at the swimming pool

 Picnic lunches inside, just for something different

Beachside fun parks

I have gotten used to my boy being home with me for the last six weeks. I've gotten used to the lazy pace of summer days, to beautiful weather, to friends and activities to look forward to every day.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow.
It feels like Jamie's starting school all over again.

Kathie xx

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Jamie still loves his collection of soft toys. I wanted to pack them up to make room for his cars or Starwars collections the other day. But, no, he wasn't having a bit of that.

Sweet :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Even though there is little time to sit down and scrapbook or create anything arty at the moment, I am still trying to keep up with the memory-keeping. I've joined a 366 photo group on Facebook and am committed to taking a photo a day for this year, and recording the story behind it. If you are interested, you can friend me on Facebook (see sidebar) and follow my photos.

I find though, that sometimes it's difficult to choose just the one photo. My photo for yesterday was a good example.

 This is the photo I posted. Phil and Jamie at the beach flying a kite - well, trying to if the full story be told ;). I chose it because of the interaction between the two of them.

But this was a pretty close second. There is something about a photo of a little boy gazing out to a boat sailing into a setting sun. Don't you think?


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Story teller

It's a warm morning here, and Jamie has been leaping about being silly. Here he is telling me a story about his new Rayman Wii game.....


He cracks me up. You really cannot help but laugh with a small child around the house. Their enthusiasm for life is catchy :)

Have a great weekend.
Kathie xx

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Favourite pages from 2011

Every year I look back through my creating and choose my top 10 favourite projects. It's become a tradition, and it's a nice way each year to reflect on the journey I have been on as a scrapbooker.

For 2011 my favourites are a real mixture, although there are definite trends that I see appearing, in terms of what I was trying and how my work was evolving. 

This is by far my favourite project all last year. I altered a vintage book to create a book containing the wonderfully quirky quotes from Brian Andreas, that I've illustrated. It would seem that it was your favourite project too. This page has by far received the most hits of all the pages on my blog, and the project is still being pinned on Pinterest. The internal pages can be seen here.

Nawww. I love this page for the bright happy photos. The entire page is so reflective of the little kid that Jamie was during 2011. I reckon I created half a dozen pages from this Toy Box line (Crate Paper) last year. It was totally my favourite product. And it showed, as all of the pages I made using it were picked up for publication.

2011 saw me introducing more mixed-media techniques to my work. One of my resolutions at the start of last year was to incorporate more stamping into my pages. On this layout the background is stamped. I love how it worked out.

More mixed media work here. There are a few reasons this page made my top 10. The memory of Jamie as a little guy running around the garden picking flowers, the painting on the background, the cute chipboard, and my favourite letter stickers all in combination on the same page :).

Aaaah. I love it when I get a chance to do a girly scrapbook page. This layout draws comparisons between the hobbies that mum and my sister and I had as children. I love this page for the story I captured, the old photos, and of course the chance to use flowers, flowers, flowers! I also used  walnut ink to paint around the edges of papers to age them and loved the look.

A journaling heavy page! This one compares Jamies childhood toys with mine as a kid. I love the memories on here. I also love the colours, the vintage feel, and the gorgeous embellishments.

This layout was so simple! And it's one of my favourites. A bit of glimmermist slapped on with a wet paintbrush, a printed frame, a Prima vine and voila! The title and the photo really say it all! I love this clean and simple look. It is a look that I think I might be trying more of in 2012.
A mixed-media canvas for my sister. This project was a delight to create. Tissue paper covered canvas. Acrylic paints. Stamping. Misting. Patterned paper hearts. Loads of charcoal shading. Embellishments. Handwritten title (another thing that I enjoyed adding to my pages last year!).I am inspired to explore hearts as a motif in 2012.

One of the last pages I made last year. Stream of consciousness journaling about what was happening in my life at that moment. I created the chipboard window frame from an old piece of chipboard (you know, the piece you get on the back of a note pad). Just ruled it up and cut it out with a craft knife. Nearly everything on here started out as a nude beige colour. Then I misted and coloured, and misted and coloured.This would be one of my favourite colour combos!

And last but definitely not least... this one! Jamie playing with his trains. Splatter painting, chipboard to create a scene... capturing the story. Love!

So there you are. My favourite 10 layouts last year.I discovered some new techniques that I've added to my toolbox and will take with me into 2012. Painting with glimmer mist, mixed-media backgrounds, splatter painting, walnut stain, handwritten titles, stamps, charcoal pencil work, heart motifs.

Did you introduce any new techniques into your scrapbooking last year? Do any of the techniques I tried in 2011 interest you? Are any of them something that you'd like me to devote a post on my blog to? Let me know!

Kathie xx

Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 - a pictorial review

I've been doing some reflecting......
Web board tempate from here.

2011 in pictures. Lots of good memories there.

Kathie xx

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scrapbooking pages to share

Hello there. I thought it was time I shared with you a couple of pages that appeared in Scrapbooking Memories magazine 14(1) a couple of months ago. The first is one of Jamie digging in the garden:

You know, when I look back at pages of him as a little tacker, I am just so appreciative of this funny little hobby I fell into. I have so many wonderful memories collected.

The pages I love the most are the ones where he is doing stuff. Where he is interacting with his environment. I see him here, playing with his little garden spade and I can recall how he used to play out in the pine bark for hours, tipping bark chips into his wheelbarrow with his little shovel.

 Sweet, sweet boy.

The other layout is one I also did a while ago. It was created for a class I taught at Seriously Scrapbooking. (In fact, now that I think about it, both of these were.)

Jamie and Phil at the beach while we were on vacation in Perth a couple of years ago. I indulged in a teeny bit of paper piecing here - using a very very old stencil :). I love getting out old stuff and repurposing it for today. It makes my little heart happy!

Kathie xx