Friday, February 10, 2012

Six Years of Blogging

Six years ago I started this little blog.

Since then I've written over 1020 posts!

But time moves on. Increasingly I've started feeling like I'm talking to myself. And it's not felt like the fun it used to. Even worse, I feel like I've got nothing to write about.

So, I am posting my last post tonight. To say goodbye, and to thank my readers for walking with me in friendship for the last six years.

Take care
Kathie xx

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Happy birthday dad!

Today I'm sending out happy birthday greetings to the best dad in the world. Happy birthday Dad!

And, while I'm here I have a couple of scrapbook pages to share. These were in the Aussie Reader Gallery of Creating Keepsakes magazine a couple of months back. 

Journaling: This is what makes you happy - a good set of play equipment. You rate everything based on the quality of the play equipment. Childcare fails miserably; kindy is fabulous. You even relate everything to the available equipment - one nearby school is the "Shrek School" as it has a wooden bridge like the one in the the movie; another school is the "Pencil School" due to the large wooden pencils in the playground.

My happy, smiling son. Jamie is such a happy child. Always smiling. Always bouncing around the place. Always chirping on excitedly about something. Singing. Jumping. Running up to me "Mummy, mummy!" and telling me some new conclusion about the world around us. Ah, I love being a mum :).

Since this page was made, he has mastered the monkey bars with excellence. Here he still needed his dad's help. Nowadays he can speed across the entire monkey bar in a couple of seconds.

And this page:

Journaling: Forty five – it sounds so, well – so middle aged! I don’t feel middle aged, but sometimes these days I see it in the mirror. I look at these photos and reflect how I’ve grown as a person. At 45 I’m comfortable with who I am and where I am in my life. 45 is a good place to be.

I used a heap of photos from when I was a baby through until now. I kinda like them all grouped on the one page like that. It's true, I don't feel 45...well I've had another birthday since I made that page... so, 46. Do we ever feel our age, I wonder?

Every now and then I catch sight of myself in the mirror and see the new lines on my face and the onset of crepiness on my neck... and I realise that I am indeed becoming middle aged. Well, OK, have become middle aged :).

I hope I can grow old with grace. Somedays I think I can. Other days my vanity gets the better of me.

Kathie xx

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Published pages to share

I had two layouts in the December issue of Scrapbook Trends (US). I do love this magazine. 

This is the first page. A real Christmas page!

Journaling: Know what it is to be a child? It is to be so little that elves can reach to whisper in your ear. Francis Thomson.

That little face. Nawww. It just makes me smile.

And this page. I created this page when I started working more days a week last year, because I was struggling with the general lack of time.

Journaling: Now that Jamie’s started school we have all new routines. I’m working more and trying to squeeze everything else in too.

I found it a real challenge to get the balance in my weekly schedule. I almost can't remember the relaxed, pleasant days of being  stay-at-home mum. We seem to rush everywhere these days.

I am grateful though. At least I'm not fulltime! I still do get a chance to do my housework during the week. And get to the gym once or twice. Gotta be grateful for those little things :).

Kathie xx